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This is what failure looks like

Failure on Sindragosa ice tombs


Failure on Sindragosa ice tombs 2

Why Sindragosa Sucks

I used to think that Sindragosa was a fun boss. I never understood why people complained about not liking the fight.


Now, after working on All You Can Eat in 10 man, Heroic 25 with my alliance guild and seeing normal 25 for the first time with my Horde guild, I’ve changed my opinion. Sindragosa is a real bitch. Here’s why:

Voice acting

::shudder:: Now I know why some people play with their game sound off.

It’s very easy to cast blame

This is a fight where it’s difficult to hide your mistakes. It’s very obvious when someone gets hit with a Frost Bomb or Blistering Cold, gets Ice Tomb positioning wrong or fails to drop Mystic Buffet stacks. You may as well have a big red arrow over your head saying “Look at me! I screwed up!” Being aware of every mistake results in me having some rather uncharitable thoughts about my guildies (and I’m sure it goes the other way when I make mistakes). This creates a rather negative raiding environment. I think of all the fights in ICC Sindragosa gives the most opportunities for error.

Doing nothing sucks

Having to stop casting in order to not blow yourself up is an interesting mechanic, but this fight takes it too far. RNG, especially on heroic, dictates how much I enjoy the fight. Getting Unchained Magic 3 times in a row means I get to stand around and do nothing for 90 seconds. This is not fun. Of course, from the hunter side of things, this fight rocks – I only have to stop dps to drop my stacks once in a blue moon.

Frost resist

This one doesn’t impact me too much, but expecting tanks to trade out their shiny ICC gear for crappy 213 frost resist gear is lame.

The whole fight just seems backwards

Sindragosa, the frost wyrm who’s been annoying people on the sign-in screen for months, the penultimate boss of Icecrown Citadel, the last obstacle between you and the Lich King. This fight should be epic. When you break it down though, being successful requires 3 things: stopping dps/healing, running away and hiding.

What do you think of Sindragosa?

Sindragosa dead, on to the Lich King!

This weekend my alliance guild had two days of 25-man raiding for the first time in ages. Everyone was rewarded for showing up by having Sindragosa roll over and play dead for us. Yay!

Frostwing Halls 25 achievement

It’s funny how big of a difference a full raid group and a solid block of time can make for progression fights. After we killed her, we took a quick look at the Lich King before calling the raid early.

Obligatory shot of me and Arthas:

Jasyla and the Lich King

We only did one attempt (holy tank damage, Batman!). We managed to get through phase 1, then the RL told us to rush Arthas as we transitioned into phase 2, and everyone died a horrible, blistering cold death. That was fun.

After ICC 25, we formed a 10-man hard mode group. We cleared the first wing, then ran into an interesting bug. Deathbringer Saurfang died, and the door to the upper spire wouldn’t open. A soft reset of the instance didn’t fix it, so that put an end to raiding for the night. Regardless of that little annoyance, I’m ecstatic that we had 25 people show up on Saturday and managed to get a new boss kill.

Failing Video Cards and the Importance of Raid Buffs

Last weekend my alliance guild killed Blood Queen Lana’thel for the first time in 25-man. I thought it was a really fun fight. It took a few attempts for people get comfortable with the bite mechanic and spreading out during the spinny, bloodbolt-throwing phase of death. Eventually everyone figured it out, but she was enraging and wiping us at 10% health. It was puzzling. We had done everything right, no one had died, all the dps were bitten, but our dps wasn’t enough. I consider our raid dps to be quite decent, so it was strange to see her hit the enrage. We kept trying and managed to get to 7% before enrage. Then the raid leader put his finger on it. We usually have 4 death knights in the group. This raid they were all away (is there a secret death knight holiday I don’t know about?). We also didn’t have a moonkin in the group, and our one warlock was using Curse of Doom. Our very caster-heavy group was having their damage severely nurfed by not having the debuff on the boss that increases spell damage taken by 13%. At that point, one of the death knights signed on (talk about timing). He came in, specced unholy, and the boss dropped like a sack of potatos. Hurray for proper raid buffs!

This week my 10-man group killed Sindragosa for the first time. Last week we had wiped on her numerous times. We kept getting our butts kicked by phase 3. This week we go into ICC, clear the trash and start our warmup attempt. Most people didn’t flask, no one dropped a feast and we didn’t even discuss the order we were going to use for people to hide behind iceblocks in p3 to drop their debuff stacks. We one-shot her. The most amusing part of this kill was that my video card was throwing an absolute hissy-fit during the whole fight. Any part of the screen that had players on it was covered with artefacting. I couldn’t even see my own character. Once we got to P3 I completely tunnel-visioned in on grid and my debuff stack while chanting “please don’t chain ice blocks, please don’t chain ice blocks”. I guess it worked.

Sindragosa kill with a dying video card

My Horde guild also got a new kill this week. Rotface finally went down in 25-man. Unfortunately I wasn’t there for the kill, but still, Yay! Blood Princes, here we come.