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Why can’t druids use Shadowmourne?

Druid wielding Shadowmourne

Pretty sexy, eh? Looks much better on me than a silly warrior.

This weekend my guild made our first Shadowmourne! It’s extra exciting as this is our first legendary in Wrath. Don’t ask why we don’t have a Val’anyr 🙁   Our raid leader, a fury warrior was the first person to get the weapon and as a responsible raider, was all prepared with gems and enchants for when the final shard dropped.

Shadowmourne stats and best gems

My 10-man group finally got together after a bit of a hiatus and got our first heroic Putricide and Sindragosa kills. Putricide wasn’t too bad. With the 25% buff to dps killing the adds becomes rather trivial, and everyone got the hang of the Unbound Plague quickly (although the thought of doing it in 25 gives me a preemptive headache). You know what changes heroic Sindragosa from a major pain in the ass to a cakewalk? Never getting Unchained Magic in phase 3. Druid hax! I’m sure our kill was an exercise in frustration for the other healers but I got to heal my little heart out without fear of blowing up the raid. I wish that would happen on every attempt (there were many of them). Fingers crossed that we all get shiny new mounts this week!