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Updated feed

I’ve redirected my blog feed to Feedburner in preparation for my eventual move to WordPress (if I can ever figure out how to do a second WP installation).

Cannot be Tamed RSS feedIf you subscribe, please update the feed URL to:

If you don’t subscribe, there’s no time like the present.

Bad Blogging Habits

I subscribe to and read a lot of blogs. I really like being part of the blogging community but there are some things (which I’m sure a lot people don’t even realise they are doing), that just get under my skin and make me less likely to read a blog. Here are some of the things I consider bad blogging habits:

Only showing excerpts in your RSS feed.

I know I’m not the only person who is bothered by this one. Zelmaru featured this prominently in her post about Things Every Blog Should Have. A lot of people read blogs from work through a feed reader, myself included. When I see only an excerpt of the post and am forced to click through to the site to read the whole thing, most of the time I will skip it. A lot of sites are blocked in workplaces (tumblr is completely blocked for me). Do your readers a favour and let them see the whole post through their reader.

Making it hard to comment

I’ve been to a few blogs that only allow you to comment by signing in with Google, OpenID, Facebook or something similar. This is a giant pain. If you want comments on your site (and who doesn’t?) make it easy for people and allow them to link back to their own blog is they have one.

Posts consisting entirely of Twitter updates

These really aren’t interesting. If people are interested in your Twitter updates, I’m sure they’ll follow you.

Just another WordPress site

Seeing this as your blog’s description does not instill a lot of confidence. It’s not just another blog, it’s your super-awesome blog that everyone should read! Here is how to fix this in WordPress if you don’t know how:

  • Go to your blog admin interface
  • Under Settings, click General
  • Change your tagline to something that describes your site
  • Ta da! No more generic description.

Anyone else have blogging pet peeves?