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5.0.4 and You – All Classes Edition

Last week I was talking to the guys on the Leetsauced Podcast and Logan expressed the opinion that there was a lack of good, informative WoW content on blogs lately. I disagreed and thought that while we were in a bit of a dry spell, as soon as 5.0.4 hit, we’d have all kinds of bloggers making posts about how to best play your class/spec. Here’s what I’ve found.

If you’ve written a guide and I have not included it here, please let me know and I will add it. Thanks to Ceraphus from Variant Avatar, who has also been on the lookout for class guides this week.

First, some really helpful 5.0.4 information for everyone:
Blizzard’s Patch 5.0.4 Survival Guide
Addons for 5.0.4 and where to get them – WoW Insider

If my list of blog posts link doesn’t include your class, take a look at one of these sites, as they have covered (or will soon have covered) all classes and specs:
MMO Melting Pot Patch 5.0 Class Guides
Icy Veins Class Guides
WoW Insider 5.0.4 Guides

Death Knight

Unholy Death Knights in 5.0.4 – Variant Avatar
Blood Death Knights for Patch 5.0.4 – Variant Avatar
DK talents, Just in time for 5.0 – Warcraft of the Worlds


Moonkin 5.0 Survival Guide for Mists – Restokin
Balance Druid Changes in Patch 5.0 – The Fluid Druid
Level 85 Patch 5.0.4 Survival Guide – Gray Matter

Feral Druid Changes in Patch 5.0 – The Fluid Druid

Guardian – Patch 5.0.4 Survival Guide – The Inconspicuous Bear
Guardian Druid Changes in Patch 5.0 – The Fluid Druid

What Resto Druids Need to Know for 5.0.4 – Cannot be Tamed
5.0.4 Resto Druid FAQ – Falling Leaves and Wings
Resto 85 Healing in 5.0 – Restokin
Druid Changes – Healiocentric
Restoration Druid Changes in Patch 5.0 – The Fluid Druid


The Hunter’s Guide to 5.04 – Marks 365
A mapping of glyphs from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria – Esoth
A mapping of talents from Cataclysm to Mists of Pandaria – Esoth


5.0.4 Mage – Manaflask


5.0 & You, Talents, Glyphs and Playstyle Changes at 85 – Kurn’s Corner
How to Holy Paladin in Patch 5.0 – Healbot
Holy Paladin Talents in 5.0 Part 1 & Part 2 – Blessing of Kings

Patch 5.0.4 Round-Up – Sacred Duty


5.0.4 Disc Healing for Dummies – Heal Meh
5.0.x and Mists of Pandaria – World of Matticus

5.0.x and Mists of Pandaria – World of Matticus

My Shadow Priests’ Patch 5.0 Talents and Changes in Playstyle – Bible of Dreams
5.0.4 is here, for Shadow Priests, is the sky falling? – Shard’s Thoughts


Playing a Rogue in Mists of Pandaria – Forever a Noob
Rogue Glyphs in Mists 5.0.4 – PVE Rogues
An Assassin’s Guide to 5.0.4 – Tikari’s Tricks of the Trade
Combat Rogue Guide – Sinnaabun, Accession Guild
Mists of Pandaria Rogue Guide – PVE Rogues


Enhancement Primer – Totemspot

5.0.4 Elemental Shaman Changes – Elemental Entropy
Elemental Primer – Totemspot

The Resto Shaman Pocket Guide to 5.0.4 – Life in Group 5
Patch 5.0.4 Shaman Talents Review – Spiritwalker’s Grace
How to Resto Shaman in Patch 5.0 – Healbot
Shaman Changes – Healiocentric


Warlock Changes in 5.0.4 – Spellbound


Prot Warrior Changes for 5.0.4 – Elemental Entropy

Where are all the Mages, Ret Pallies, and dps Warriors at?