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Episode 2 of Media Mavens

Today we released episode 2 of Media Mavens – Let It Be a Zombie Baby.

We’re joined by Kahlief Adams of the Spawn on Me podcast and we talk about The Walking Dead.

You can find the podcast on:

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Show notes:

Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6 start at 1:01:45

Guest intro 01:21

We start with a brief introduction to our guest, Kahlief Adams. You can find his podcast, Spawn on Me, on esn.fm or follow on Twitter@spawnonme.

What we’ve been doing 07:40

Riley – @Kaleri_

Kahlief – @kahjahkins

  • The Division
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Paragon
  • PS4 Remote Play

Pam – @jasyla_, Cannot Be Tamed – YouTube & Blog

The Walking Dead 42:00

  • General thoughts on the series
  • Best and worst seasons and characters
  • Season 6 finale
  • More season 6 thoughts

If you’ve got any feedback, questions, people or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes of the show, you can reach out atMediaMavensCast@gmail.com or on Twitter @_MediaMavens.

Introducing… the Media Mavens podcast

It finally happened! After mulling it over and considering it for months, I’ve started a podcast with my good friend Riley!

Media Mavens logo

It’s a biweekly podcast about pop culture – video games, tv, movies, books. The plan is to have the first half of the podcast be a discussion of all the media we’ve been consuming recently, and then have the second half be a more in-depth discussion and analysis of a particular piece of media or media topic.

The first episode is just Riley and I, and it’s more about introductions than analysis, but in the future we plan to have guests on to talk with us.

You can find the podcast at https://mediamavens.simplecast.fm/ or on iTunes or Stitcher.

I hope you give it a listen!