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Apotheosis is recruiting!

We are an Alliance 25-man raiding guild on Eldre’thalas.

We are specifically seeking healers and ranged dps:

  • Resto Shaman (seriously, I’d like to keep one for more than 3 weeks)
  • Resto Druid (someone who reads this blog must want to come play with me… please? I’m lacking a resto buddy.)
  • Mistweaver Monk
  • Warlock
  • Plus 1 or 2 other ranged dps, open to pretty much any class

We raid 9 hours a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, from 9pm ET until midnight. We are currently 1/13 heroic in Throne of Thunder. If you are an awesome healer or ranged dps and want to kill some new bosses with us, come apply

The Art of the Guild Application

I’ve seen many, many guild applications over the seven years I’ve played this game. Some great, some awful, most somewhere in-between. If you want to join a new guild, you need to impress them with your application. In most cases, your app is all the guild has to go on. You may be a fantastic player with a winning personality, but no one knows this yet, and if you don’t successfully convey it in your app, you’re not going to get a chance to prove it to anyone.

I’m going to do a step-by-step walkthrough of the application for Apotheosis, using my own application from almost 2 years ago. Of course, it’s a bit different than any other guild’s, but it’s not all that unique. Any semi-serious to serious guild that requires you fill out an application is going to be looking for similar things. They’ll also be turned off by similar things. Hopefully, this will help you ace your next application when you decide to apply to a new guild.

1) Character name: Jasyla
2) Character class and main spec you are applying as: Restoration Druid
3) Offspec (if applicable): Balance Druid

I hope no one needs help with these first three. One note on the offspec question though – you should really only list an offspec if it is something you are willing and capable of playing in a raid. A feral offspec that’s geared out in greens that you only use for dailies and don’t have any glyphs for is not really something to broadcast.

4) Armory link (please be logged out in your raiding gear and spec): http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/eldrethalas/Jasyla/advanced

Many people who read your application are likely to click through to your armory and fully dissect every aspect of your character before they even read the rest of your app. You need to make a good first impression. As it says right in the app, make sure you’re logged out in your raiding spec and gear. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing dailies or PVP or naked dwarf tossing, you need to log in your most raid-ready attire for as long as your application is active. Your glyphs, gems, enchants and reforging should all be set up for raiding. Look at your own armory and make sure everything is as perfect as possible before you submit your application. Double check it to make sure you’re not wearing a fishing pole or chef’s hat. If the guild has a certain ilvl requirement, don’t use inappropriate gear to get ahead.

5) Age: 27
6) Do you have an authenticator associated with your account? If not, would you purchase one?
Yes, I have an Authenticator.

Again, I hope no one needs help with these kinds of questions.

7) Can you attend at least 75% of raids in a given month (9/12) for the full duration? We raid Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9pm-midnight (ET) and you are expected to be online at 8:45-8:50pm for invites.
I can maintain 75% attendance but I would likely miss a couple Sunday raids per month.

Be upfront about this question. Though responding that you’ll never miss a raid may sound good, it could come back to bite you in your trial period if it’s not true.

8) Why did you choose to apply to Apotheosis?
From reading the blogs and twitter feeds of people in Apotheosis, I’ve gathered that it is an excellent guild to be a part of with great leadership. The progression level is ideal, and very close to my current raiding progression. I read in one of your recruitment ads that you’ve never had to cancel a raid due to lack of players – this makes me very happy. I also think it would be fun to be in a guild with so many other bloggers.

This question has the potential to show quite a bit about your personality and what’s important to you in game. There’s no real right answer here, but there are some things you should avoid. Answers like “I want heroic gear” can make people wonder about your motivations. Stick to stating what about the guild (the atmosphere? the people? the raid times?) appeals to you.

9) Why are you leaving your current guild?
I love my current guild and I’m quite sad to be leaving it. <aus> raids on weekend evenings which has become extremely hard for me. Having to choose between raiding and seeing my friends and family isn’t something I want to do anymore.

This is another question that can reveal a lot about your personality in-game and can help weed out potential drama llamas. Using this question as a platform to bash your previous guild is a poor choice.

10) Please detail all your previous raid experience. Yes, we mean all, dating back to pre-BC, if applicable. (Note that we mean raid experience when it was current, progression content. Firelands when you’re decked out in T13 does not count, for example, nor do “retro raids”.)
I have been a resto druid for my entire WoW career. I started playing near the end of Vanilla.
Vanilla – Completed ZG and a few bosses in MC and AQ20
Burning Crusade – Completed all Tier 4 – Tier 6 content. I was working on Felmyst in Sunwell Plateau when 3.0 came out.
Wrath – Naxx, Sarth 3D, Ulduar (most hard-modes – can’t remember exactly how many), TotC (3/5 heroic in 25s, 5/5 in 10s), ICC (10/12 heroic in 25s, 11/12 heroic in 10s), normal Halion.
Cata – 12/12 normal, 1/12 heroic in 25s.

I have also played as a hunter (during BC and Wrath post Ulduar), resto shaman (Naxx-Ulduar) and discipline priest (Cata) on another server. I still play on my disc priest who is 1/12H in 10s, but lacks an Al’Akir kill.

I led raids in T5 and T6 on my hunter.

In addition to listing which raid content you’ve completed, you should mention which character you did it on. If it was not the character you are applying on, you should include extra armory links. The most important thing is to be honest. People will be checking your achievements, including the dates they were achieved. You may think embellishing your experience will make you look better, but you’d be wrong. People will find out.

11) Please include a link to a World of Logs (or similar) parse of you in your raiding role and spec in a raid environment. Screenshots of Recount or Skada do not count. Here’s a link to help you create your own World of Logs parse if you don’t have one available. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL.
Rather than link a parse of a raid that was all sunshine and roses, here’s my last raid, which was a learning night (aka wipe fest): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/q7l80tw1bwpwg3am/

If you’d like to see some more successful examples, I have lots of parses.

The response to (or rather, complete ignoring of) this question is the number 1 problem I see in applications. I’ve had to revise this question a number of times. When I applied to Apotheosis this question was actually surprisingly succint – “11) Please include a link to a World of Logs (or similar) parse of you in your raiding role and spec in a raid environment.” But a number of people would just completely ignore it. I’m not even talking about responding “I have no logs” or “I don’t know how,” many people would just skip right on past to question 12. I’m really not a fan of using all caps, but I wanted to impress upon potential apps that when we say we want logs, we really mean it! And it still hasn’t worked. /sigh

My advice here (both for your own benefit and the sanity of guild leaders everywhere): don’t submit an incomplete application. If you are asked for a log and don’t supply one, your application is not complete. I know some people are very eager to apply, but do yourself a favour and get a combat log parse first. Also, when your logging a raid, play like you mean it, even if you’re doing LFR. Use proper buffs, don’t stand in the fire, even if it doesn’t hurt much. Until you get a trial, this log is going to inform the guild of how good a player you are.

12) Do you have a stable internet connection, a computer that can handle the game and are you able to use/install mods required by the guild? Are you willing to speak on Mumble if necessary during raids?
Yes, yes, yes. And yes.
13) What things do you enjoy doing in game that are not raid related?
I’m an achievement whore. Arbitrary point systems make everything more fun.

These are easy ones.

14) How do you gain knowledge about playing your class or spec? Do you find reading blogs or websites useful to you as a player? Which ones do you find the most useful?
I read a lot of druid blogs and I write one of my own. I enjoy seeing other people’s thoughts on druids but I mainly like to figure things out for myself. The resource I get the most use out of is the TreeCalcs spreadsheet. For a new player I would recommend restodruid.info and Elitist Jerks.

We want to know where you get your information from. The biggest mistake you can make on this question is to not list any resources. It tells us you don’t put a lot of effort into being knowledgable about your class.

15) Please give us an overview of the reasons why you chose the talents, gems, enchants and glyphs that you did. Would you be willing to change any or all of these if it would benefit the raid?
My talents fit my play style. At my current gear level I’m not finding mana much of an issue so I have dropped the usual mana talents (Furor, 2 of the points from Moonglow) and have picked up talents to boost my output (like Genesis). I also have a couple talents some people would consider outside the norm – Living Seed (now that it has been unlinked from Efflo) and Nature’s Bounty. I use Regrowth a fair bit and the almost guaranteed crit and Living Seed result in a higher HPS increase than other talents available.

I mainly use only 3 different gems – 40 int, 20 int/spirit, and 20 int/haste. I have a compulsive need to match socket bonuses, but do avoid them in favour of +40 int gems if the bonuses are really crappy.

My Glyphs are quite standard. Druids do not have a lot of options. I occasionally change my glyphs, i.e. I replace Lifebloom with Regrowth for Chimaeron.
My enchants are also fairly standard. I could use a better bracer enchant, but I’ve been waiting for better bracers (though I’m now convinced that epic leather bracers are a myth).

I’m open to changing up anything if there is a good reason for it.

Aside from your armory link and the logs you provide, this is the question that tells the most about if you know what you’re doing. The worst answer to this question is “Because Elitist Jerks told me so.” That doesn’t tell us you know anything about playing your class. Use your experience to impress us. Explain any choices that go against the grain. Tell us why you think one talent is superior to another on fight x, but not fight y. My answer above is from last expansion, so the specifics no longer apply, but the important thing about it is that I elaborate on my choices so that people think I know what I’m doing. (haha, fooled them!)

16) What do you hope to accomplish with your time in Apotheosis?
I want to be a core part of the raiding team for a long time. I hope we can help each other to progress through Tier 11 and beyond.

This is basically an extension of the question asking why you want to join the guild. Try not to come off as a loot whore or a guild hopper. You should also ensure that your goals are aligned with the guild’s.

The last three questions on our application are personality questions. Just be honest. Sell yourself! Tell people how awesome you are (without sounding like an egomaniac).

 And lastly, some general tips, some of which I’ve talked about before:

  1. Use spellcheck. Use capitilization and punctuation too.
  2. In the interest of readability, format your app so it’s easy to to tell where the question ends and your answer begins.
  3. Don’t pepper your app with random ‘lol’s and other nonsense.

I hope this helps you the next time you want to apply to a new guild. And now that I’ve walked you through Apotheosis’s application, why not come apply? We’re 16/16 in normals and 1/16 in heroics and are seeking dps. We are Alliance and raid Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 9pm to midnight (EST).

Resto Druid Roundtable

Hello everyone. My blog has been quiet lately. Not sure why I haven’t written much, as there’s certainly a lot going on. Apotheosis is still clearing heroic DS every week, we’re still doing RBGs and I’ve been making a run for PVP achievements and playing a lot on the beta. We’re preparing for Mists and I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I’m going to be GM when Kurn leaves – maybe I’ll write about that soon. (P.S. Apotheosis is recruiting!)

Team WaffleIn the meantime, I’ve been invited to participate in the Resto Druid Roundtable on the Team Waffle Podcast. It will be recording on Friday, August 10th at 10pm EST. The show will be hosted by Arielle and the other participants are Beruthiel, Lissanna and Starship. I’d love to see you there, there will be a Q & A period at the end of the show.

Saviours of Azeroth

Apotheosis kills heroic Madness of Deathwing, 25

This picture was shamelessly stolen from apotheosis-now.com since I was too distracted to take a screenshot myself.

Well, we did it. Apotheosis killed Deathwing. After far too many attempts to get down Blackhorn and Spine we got through the final boss of the instance relatively quickly. On our 8th attempt last night we got ourselves a very clean  kill that took just under 14 minutes.

I’m so happy to have cleared all of the raid content before the next tier came out. This is the first time this has happened for me since hard modes were introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. There are things left to do – make sure all the Apotheosis raiders who missed the first kill get to kill him, finish up the meta achievements and collect mounts – but it feels nice to have conquered all the bosses.

According to GuildOx, Apotheosis is now ranked 250th of all the 25man guilds in the US, which I’m pretty chuffed about.

Apotheosis is still recruiting!

If you want to join us for some Deathwing kills, get a fancy meta drake and have a great place to raid in Mists of Pandaria, you should come fill out an app.

We are particularly looking for Warlocks, Hunters, dps Warriors, Ret Pallies, Shadow Priests and a BearCat, but we will consider any strong dps.

Jasyla, Savior of Azeroth

What I Want for Valentine’s Day

I want a Dark Intent. Give me that delicious haste and extra periodic healing effect. Of course, you know what I need before I can get a DI of my very own? Warlocks in my raid! (I’d probably need lots of warlocks in my raid because our Shadow Priests totally steal all the DIs with bribery).

Where have all the warlocks gone? Are you a warlock? Do you know of one currently in hiding that wants to come out and play? You should check out Apotheosis.

Apotheosis is an Alliance 25-man raiding guild. We’re currently 2/8 HM in Dragon Soul, with a server-first Heroic Hagara kill and server-first Fangs of the Father. We raid 3 days a week – Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – from 9pm ET until 12am. We’re currently working on heroic Yor’sajh and should have that jerk down this coming raid week.

We are currently recruiting:

  • 2 warlocks
  • 1 retribution paladin
  • 1 resto shaman
  • 1 enhancement shaman
  • 2 other ranged dps (including a mage, warlocks beyond what we’re seeking, even another hunter or shadow priest)

If you are awesome and want to be part of a great 25-man raiding guild come put in an app.

Looking for a Protector (or 2 or 3)

Apotheosis is recruiting!

In the past few weeks we’ve lost a few people. Some to real life, some to burn out, and some are just scared at the prospect of seeing Rag’s legs.

In a strange twist of fate,* almost* all the classes we are in need of are on the protector token. (What’s wrong, Protectors? Don’t like fire?)

We are specifically seeking:

  • 1-2 hunters
  • 1 elemental shaman
  • 1 enhancement shaman
  • 1 warrior (Tank or DPS)
  • 1 retribution paladin (Not a Protector, but I’m convinced these don’t exist anyway)

Apotheosis is a 25-man Alliance raiding guild on Eldre’thalas. We raid 9 hours a week – Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, from 9pm ET until midnight. We are currently 6/7 heroic in Firelands and are about to start working on Glory of the Firelands Raider and take a crack at heroic Ragnaros. If you are awesome and want to work on these things with us (or even want to join us for 4.3) come put in an app. We’re a friendly bunch, we don’t bite. Well… I do sometimes.


Looking for a guild?

Alright, here comes my first shameless recruitment plug for my Alliance guild:

<aus> is a progression minded raiding guild on Proudmoore. We have a 25-man raiding group running on a weekend schedule to accomodate for our mix of Aussie, US and Asian time zone players.

Currently recruiting:
Ranged DPS: Any class
Melee DPS: Any class (a DK would be hot)
Healers: Full – although we will gladly consider any hybrid combo (Healer/Tank or Healer/DPS)

Raid times:
Our core 25 raid takes place 2 days a week:
Friday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST (1pm-5pm AEST Saturday).
Saturday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST (1pm-5pm AEST Sunday).
(above times are for first pull. Invites for raids officially start half hour before go time).

Interested applicants should:

  • Spec accordingly for the role you’re apping to.
  • Be above ilvl 333
  • Gems and enchants appropriate to your class
  • Maintain 80 percent weekend attendance.
  • Be able to follow direction.
  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Be a team player with a positive attitude.
  • Want to progress and accomplish new things.
  • Have vent and mandatory mods installed.
  • Come prepared.

If this sounds like you, post up an app or speak to any officer in game. Apply here: http://ausguild.surlymonkey.com/ (Note, you’ll need to sign up for forum access to post your app).

<aus> is a great guild that has been around for a long time (formed in 2004). We’re a large guild with people from all different time zones, so no matter what time you like to play there’s always people online to talk to or run dungeons with. In addition to the 25-man raids on the weekends there are also 10s going on throughout the week. We are 10/12 in the current tier of content. If you’re a ranged or melee dps looking for a new home, come fill out an app!