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Anatomy of a Raiding Guild: Extracurriculars

There’s more to a raiding guild than just raids. Yes, raids are the main reason a lot of people play the game, but they’re not always the best venue for getting to know your guildmates and at times they can be more work than play. Group activities outside of raiding are a really good way to keep people engaged with the guild and the rest of the people in it.

At the beginning of the expansion Apotheosis wasn’t doing as much together outside of raiding than we had previously, which was unfortunate. There was just so much to do to be prepared for raids – dailies, rep grinding, farming, valor capping – plus a lot of new solo things to do like pet battles. By the time people did all that, many didn’t have the time or inclination to do a whole lot else. As the first tier of raiding was winding down, people had the time and energy to arrange and participate in more events with their guildmates and it has been a blast.

Here are some of the things the people in Apotheosis have been doing to entertain ourselves.

Challenge Modes

On Saturdays we have a couple challenge mode groups running. We use rotating groups, so everyone can get in on the action and get some medals. It’s a great source of valor and it’s really fun and challenging to work as a team in smaller groups. Since the groups change from week to week we aren’t really pushing for golds, but I’m hoping we can get titles and phoenixes for everyone who wants them. I’m also hoping that the experience everyone gets on these more laid-back runs will give them the motivation to make their own consistent groups and go for golds.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (Brawler’s Guild)

Sunday afternoons a bunch of us meet up in the Deeprun Tram for some Brawler’s Guild. We all get on Mumble to chat, share strategies and cheer each other on as we try to beat everything Gizmo can throw at us. I know Brawler’s Guild was sold as a solo PVE activity, but being grouped for matches is a great bonus since we can get fully buffed up and have the spectators act as coaches. Sure, having ~10 people from our guild alone makes for longer queues, but having people to chat with makes it much more fun. These have been temporarily put off as most people have completed all ranks or have hit a brick wall but they’ll start up again soon, once people get a bit more gear. For now, people are doing old raids on Sunday instead.

Apoth After Dark

Friday night – grab a drink (or 6) and get on Mumble for some drunken ridiculousness. We rampage through old raids, have battles in the Gurubashi Arena, do scavenger hunts and races, play hide & seek (or Sardines, which is a name I had never heard before) and wake up not knowing why we are pantsless in the Dalaran sewers. What better way to get to know your guildmates than to get them drunk so they say things you can hold against them later? Just kidding.

Alt run

Monday night is the alt run. This gives some the people who want to raid more than 3 nights a week something to do and also allows some of the people in our non-raiding ranks to get in on raids.

Rated Battlegrounds

Wednesdays are RBG night. We did a lot of these in Cata, and got up to around an 1800 rating. We’re just starting them up again this week, hopefully we can do even better.


A lot of our guild members have met each other outside of the game. We’ve got a large group who live in or around Toronto, and we see each other regularly. We’ve also had people meet up at BlizzCon, or meet guildmates while traveling. I’ve met 13 people currently active in the guild (soon to be 15!)

Thanks to Sara, Serrath, Slout, Tikari, Zelix, Jaymz, Merk – the people who came up with these ideas and make them run smoothly.

What kinds of things does your guild do together?

Thursday Tidings

The last week or two in WoW have been fairly eventful for me, even with so many people distracted by Diablo 3. I haven’t put a ton of time into WoW, but I feel like the time I have spent has been productive and rewarding.


Team WaffleFirst of all, I was on the Team Waffle Podcast on Friday night. We talked about the latest changes to Druids in the beta, the new talent trees and how I feel about Heroic resto raiding in Cataclysm. The podcast is now available on the Team Waffle site, or on iTunes. (I’ve also added a new page to my blog under About, with links to all the podcasts I’ve done – Jasyla Speaks.)


Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

After killing Heroic Madness of Deathwing 2 weeks ago, Apotheosis spent the last 2 weeks doing all the meta achievements for Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider. Now all of our raiders have shiny new Twilight Harbingers (though some of our Initiates still have an achievement or two left to get). Getting the meta achievements was a lot of fun. My favourite part was doing the red-green ooze combination on Heroic Yor’sahj – I could practically feel all the healers holding their breath as the oozes hit and our ranged dps started taking 150k Searing Blood hits. We lost a few people, but got through it without too much problem. The worst achievement, without a doubt, was Holding Hands on Hagara. We attempted this a number of times on 25 and it is just so, so buggy. Kurn meticulously placed every raider around the room so the lightning would chain properly, everyone stood where they were supposed to, and then the lightning just wouldn’t chain. It would hop from person to person and then at some point, it would just stop and refuse to hop again. We ended up doing the achievement on 10-man mode which was much easier, but it was annoying that we had to do that.

Next week we’re back to clearing heroics to get everyone all the gear they want and get as many Lifebinder’s Handmaiden and Blazing Drake mounts as we can. I really, really want a mount that looks like Alezstrasza. 🙂

Apotheosis is still recruiting, so if you are an excellent player (especially a warlock or a shadow priest) and would like to come clear Dragon Soul with us and have a great place to raid in Mists, come apply.

Twilight Harbinger


I’ve been doing a lot of PVP over the last few weeks. I’ve been doing the arena pass with a Rogue and shadow Priest. We were mostly doing it for the pet and title and last night we finished our 100th game. We ended the tournament with a rating of 1640 which puts us in the top 500 on the arena ladder. I’m happy with that, though 3s always make me feel a little underpowered as a Druid. Looking through the comps of all the teams in the tournament is very telling. Out of the top 2000 teams, the healer class breakdowns look like this:

  • 511 teams have a Priest healer
  • 456 teams have a Shaman healer
  • 341 teams have a Pally healer
  • 100 teams have a Druid healer

What makes it even worse is that 80% of the teams with a Resto Druid have a rating of less than 1500 (while only about 60% of the teams with any other healer are below 1500). The only thing that makes me feel good about being a Druid in the tournament is that my mana bar seems to go on forever while the other healers go oom much more quickly – 95% of the time I give my Innervate to the shadow Priest. But other than that, I feel like being a Druid is a bit of a handicap. Here’s hoping that resto PVP is in a much better place in Mists.

In other PVP news, last night I reached 1800 rating in RBGs. I’m really excited about this one. Knight-Captain Jasyla has a nice ring to it. Now I just need 24 more wins to get my Spiky Pony – I love that mount.

Knight-Captain Jasyla

More Achievements!

Lastly, after months (or years) of spending time roaming around Northrend looking for rare spawns, I finally found Vyragosa and King Krush to give me the Frostbitten achievement.


Now I don’t know what I’ll do with myself when I’m waiting on arena/BG queues. Maybe fish for a sea turtle?

All the achievements from the last few weeks have put me up to 13380. I’m hoping I can get up to 13500 at least before Mists.

What have you been up to?