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Top 7 Best Ground Mounts

It’s really a shame that the ability to fly anywhere in Azeroth has made ground mounts a little obsolete. There are so many great-looking ground mounts. Here are my favorites:

1. Swift Palomino
Swift PalominoI always wanted a pony. Once I got my druid exalted with Stormwind this is the first mount I bought.

2. Swift Orange Raptor

Swift Orange RaptorWhen I first rolled a Blood Elf, I knew I didn’t want to be riding around on a chocobo…hawkstrider for very long. I did every troll quest I could find so I could buy this much more impressive-looking raptor.

3. Purple Skeletal Warhorse

Purple Skeletal WarhorseAgain, I like ponies. Even skeletal ones.

4. Raven Lord

Raven LordWhat a pain in the ass this mount is. I’ve read so many accounts of people running Sethekk Halls every day for months before this dropped for them. I saw it drop a number of times during random dungeon runs – and it was always won by a Pally. I finally got it completely unexpectedly while doing an achivement for Pilgrim’s Bounty.

5. Amani War Bear
Amani War BearA giant bear decorated with tusks and skulls is pretty hard to beat. Besides looking excellent, the Amani War Bear also shows off the accomplishment of doing a timed ZA run – and a bit of luck with the dice.

6. Golden KingGolden KingWhat a gorgeous lion mount. I love the big mane and the shiny armor. It’s very fitting for the Alliance.

7. Kor’kron Annihilator
Kor'kron Annihilator
Blizzard really out-did themselves with the two level 25 guild mounts. As much as I love the lion, I think the Horde mount is even better. The Scorpion is huge (especially with a tauren on it) and menacing – and it waves it’s arms in the air when you press the spacebar! Awesome.

What are your favorite ground mounts?

Reins of the Raven Lord

It figures that I’d get this while doing Sethekk Halls for something else rather than one of my numerous farming runs. I was genuinely shocked when it dropped. I am now one very happy druid!

Jasyla's new mount - Raven Lord