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How to Heal: Shannox (25N)

This is my first Druid healing guide for the Firelands raid instance. Though it’s written from a 25-man perspective, most of the tips should apply to 10s as well.

Shannox is the first boss in Firelands. He is a hunter with 2 pets, Rageface and Riplimb, and an annoying amount of trash to kill before he will spawn. This isn’t too challenging a fight for healers. For the majority of the fight there will only be 3  people taking damage at a time – the Shannox tank, the Riplimb tank and a random target who will be attacked by Rageface. It is only after Riplimb is killed that the raid will be taking any significant damage.

If you’re not familiar with the general tactics of the fight, check out the Icy Veins guide.

Debuffs you want to be aware of:

Immolation TrapImmolation Trap – People should be avoiding these, but if a player triggers one they will need some healing.

Jagged TearJagged Tear – This is applied to the Shannox and Riplimb tanks.  This debuff will stack and drop off multiple times throughout the fight. Keep an eye out for the stacks getting high as the tank will be taking a lot of damage.

RageRage – The person with this debuff will be attacked by Rageface for the next 15 seconds.

Face RageFace Rage – The person with this debuff is getting mauled by Rageface and will be taking heavy damage every 0.5 seconds. They will need lots of healing until the effect is removed.

When I heal Shannox I am generally assigned to raid heal. However, since there isn’t much raid damage, most of my healing goes to the tanks.

Phase 1 :

When the fight starts, your raid will have to deal with damage from Shannox, Riplimb and Rageface. Since the two tanks will likely be far apart, I like to position myself in between them so I am in healing range of both.

  • Keep full Lifebloom stacks on a tank (I prefer to heal the Shannox tank, but your assignment may differ). Keep Rejuvenation on both tanks.
  • Use direct heals on the tanks when neccessary (and to refresh your Lifebloom), especiallly when stacks of Jagged Tear start building up. I tend to spam Nourish on the tank when there isn’ t much other damage going on for a stream of cheap heals.
  • Heal the person being attack by Rageface (they will have the Rage debuff). A Rejuv and a few direct heals should be enough.
  • When someone gets Face Rage they will need heals quickly. As soon as you see this debuff appear, hit the person with a quick Regrowth and Swiftmend. The debuff should be removed by the dps within a few seconds, but be prepared to crank out some heavy healing if is isn’t. Nature’s Swiftness and Healing Touch are a good combo to use as well.
  • If you get Face Rage you won’t be able to heal yourself, but you can use Barkskin to reduce the damage.
  • Use Wild Growth after Shannox uses Hurl Spear along with a few Rejuvs to get people topped back up.
  • You should be able to use Tree of Life twice in this fight.Try to use it within the first 2 minutes so it is up again for phase 2.
  • You should also be able to use Tranquility twice during the fight. Though it may seem like overkill, use it on one of the first Hurl Spears. It will provide a lot of healing for a little mana and will be up again for phase 2.
  • If your raid is fairly spread out (which is a good idea to avoid traps) and aren’t taking unneccessary damage, Efflorescence will not do a whole lot of group healing during this phase. Use Swiftmend liberally as a direct heal, don’t worry too much about optimal Efflo placement.

Phase 2:

When Riplimb and Rageface are dead Shannox will start hitting the tank much harder and will start using Magma Rupture every 15 seconds. Phase 2 has very heavy tank damage (but only on one tank) and the raid damage gets heavier the longer the fight goes.

  • Keep LB and rejuv on the tank. Cast direct heals on the tank when you can.
  • Cast Wild Growth on cooldown.
  • Use Swiftmend on cooldown. The tank or melee are a good target for this to keep Efflorescence under them.
  • Fill in any raid healing gaps with Rejuv and Regrowth, especially on those who take avoidable damage (like Immolation Traps or standing in fire).
  • Use Tree of Life for the extra healing. Spread Lifeblooms throughout the raid and use your OoC procs for instant Regrowths.
  • Use Tranquility again when people get dangerously low on health.
  • Use Barkskin on cooldown.
  • Don’t stand in any fire.

Other notes: If someone gets caught in a Crystal Prison Trap during the fight, they will not be healable as long as they are in it, so don’t waste your time trying. In addition, the crystal prison traps (whether they are on a person or one of the dogs) will cause line of sight issues. If you see one get triggered check your positioning and make sure you can still heal the tanks and the majority of the raid.

Happy healing!