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Healing Tips for Terrace of Endless Spring

Here some tips on how to heal the four encounters in Terrace of Endless Spring, including the best time to use cooldowns and which talents and symbiosis targets are optimal for each fight.

First, a few general tips:

  • Feline Swiftness is the level 15 talent that I recommend for any fight.
  • Nature’s Swiftness is the level 30 talent I recommend for any fight. Remember the cooldown is only 1 minute. It makes your next heal instant, 50% bigger and mana-free, so use it often.
  • The major glyphs I recommend are: Glyph of Wild Growth, Glyph of Lifebloom and Glyph of Regrowth.
  • For the good of the raid, using Symb on a tank is probably the best choice in most cases (a Paladin or Warrior would be my last choice since, really, who wants Cleanse or Intimidating Roar on a boss fight?) If you use this on a DK or a Monk, be sure to use IBF or Fortifying Brew during the encounter.
  • Carry lots of Tome of the Clear Mind. Which talents are strongest can change from fight to fight. It you want to maximize your healing potential, you will be changing talents often.

Protectors of the Endless

This fight isn’t too exciting to heal. I’m going to go over the healing for Elite mode (Kaolan last), since it’s really no more difficult than normal.

While all three Protectors are up, most of the damage will be focused on the tanks. Keep Lifeblooms on one, keep Rejuv on both. There’s not a whole lot of raid damage, just some Water Bolts which people should be loosely spread out for. There’s also a Lightning Prison which stuns some random raid members and causes them to do damage to players near them. This should be dispelled asap.

Once Regail has been killed, Protector Kaolan will start dropping void zones on the ground, forcing the tank to slowly kite him around the room. Assuming no one likes to stand in void zones, this shouldn’t impact healing much. Asani will start casting Corrupted Waters. Be sure to get near the orb as it’s about to die so you get the Purified buff (increases haste for 20 seconds).

When Asani dies, Kaolan will gain Expel Corruption. Every 30 seconds or so he will drop a 30-yard wide whirlwind-looking thing that damages anyone standing in it – the closer to the center, the more damage you take. The melee may take a bit of damage from this, but it is completely avoidable. The Expel Corruptions will stay on the ground for the duration of the fight, so the raid needs to keep moving to find a clear spot to stand.

One thing to note is that as Protectors are killed, the remaining ones gain a damage buff, so tank damage will be increasing throughout the fight.


Level 60 – I’d take Incarnation for this so you can have LB stacks on both tanks for a time. There’s not a whole lot of group healing to do in this fight.

Level 90 – Either


I give Symbiosis to a tank to give them an extra cooldown (even if it’s a Paladin).


Tranquility – There’s no real amazing time to use healer cooldowns on this fight. While you’re learning it, it might be good to have it up for the first Expel Corruption you encounter in case people get caught in it. Other than that, I just use it whenever.

Tree of Life – Use this at the beginning of the fight for the multi-LB stacks then again whenever it’s available.

HotW – If you take this, you can probably afford to use it and spend some time doing DPS at the start of the fight since there’s not much to heal.


After Protectors, this is much more exciting to heal. This is a 2 phase fight where you alternate between killing Tsulong and healing him.

During night phase, the tanks take moderate damage and the raid takes constant, low-level damage. There is a constantly stacking debuff, which causes people to take more damage. The only way to clear the debuff if to stand in the Sunbeam which spawns throughout the phase for a couple of seconds. People should be aiming to clear their stacks when they get to around 8-10. There is also an ability called Nightmare on this fight, which makes it a good idea to have the ranged spread out a little bit. Nightmare creates a circle on the ground which you can run out of and Tsulong’s Breath should be pointed away from the raid. Don’t go in the Sunbeam to clear your stacks when Nightmare is about to happen or you risk having it spawn in the Sunbeam. Besides the constantly ticking damage, most damage is avoidable. A couple of tricks I use for this phase are to target WG on Tsulong so it can reach anyone, and to use Swiftmend on someone who is standing in the Sunbeam, so anyone who runs in there will get some heals.

During day phase, Tsulong becomes friendly and he becomes the primary healing target. If you are healing Tsulong, keep LB and Rejuv rolling on him along with a steady stream of Regrowths. Cast WG on him when people in the raid are also taking damage. One of the most important things during this phase is to dispel Tsulong ASAP. When an Embodied Terror spawns he will cast a debuff (Terrorize) on both Tsulong and random raiders which will damage them for 10% of their health every second. Make sure you have at least 1 person, and a backup, assigned to dispel Tsulong. The other healers should be dispelling the raiders who get debuffed. Every 30 seconds Tsulong will do a Sun Breath that will buff anyone standing in it. The buff returns 20% of your mana pool and increases your healing done by 200% for 6 seconds. Make sure you are prepped to do the most healing when you get this buff. Spells to use: NS + HT, apply a fresh RJ, Swiftmend, Wild Growth. You should also be using Tranquility for one of the 4 Breaths. Also assign heal increasing cooldowns like Guardian Spirit and Life Cocoon to happen immediately after a Breath. Of course, since the raid is dealing with adds, someone needs to do the much less glamorous job of keeping them alive – it’s usually me 🙁  When healing the raid I still keep LB on Tsulong and use him as my WG target, but the tanks and other raiders need to be spot-healed throughout the phase. Even if you’re on the raid, make sure you’re in front of Tsulong before he Breathes.

When Tsulong transitions between phases, have people Purge/Dispel him so buffs/debuffs don’t linger.


Level 60 – I’d take Incarnation so you can more easily heal both Tsulong and an add tank at once during day phase.

Level 90 – Nature’s Vigil so you can use it during the day phases.


I’ll generally use it on a tank or a Monk.


Tranquility – I like to use this early on during first night phase, then again on one of the later Breaths in day phase.

Ironbark – I find that sometimes the tanks don’t get to clear their debuffs before they swap. I use Ironbark when I notice a tank has 15+ stacks while tanking the dragon.

Incarnation / Nature’s Vigil – If you have these, make sure they’re up for day phase while you will be affected by breath.

Lei Shi

This fight is mostly about healing the tanks. They will take significant damage from Lei Shi, and the damage gets heavier as the fight goes on. There is really only one ability that does significant damage to the raid, which is Get Away! In addition to damage, this ability pushes everyone towards the edge of the platform. I assign at least 1 healer cooldown for each one of these.

Heal the active tank. A lot. Especially at the end. When Lei Shi casts Get Away, use your cooldowns and put out as much raid healing as you possibly can (the tanks won’t be taking extra damage here).


Level 60 – Incarnation for the extra healing and ability keep LB on both tanks when adds are up.

Level 75 – Disorienting Roar
The adds that spawn can easily one-shot people if not picked up by the tank immediately. I like to use this on any adds that spawn near me to buy an extra second.

Level 90 – Either talent is good here, though I generally stick with HotW.


I use Symbiosis on a Shaman so that I can run and Tranq during Get Away. If you don’t have a Shaman, using it on a tank to give them an extra cooldown is a good idea.


Tranquility – Use during Get Away. You can use this even without Spiritwalker’s Grace, you’ll just be pushed towards the edge, so make sure you’re as close to the center as possible before channelling.

Ironbark – I find the best time for this is when adds are up. Also use it when the boss is under 20% as the tank damage gets crazy.

Incarnation – This is good for a number of abilities during this fight. You can use it during Get Away for the extra healing and ability to cast while moving. You can also use it during the add phases so you can keep LB on both tanks.

Sha of Fear

This fight is… zzz… Oh! I’m sorry, I fell asleep for a minute there. This fight is 10-15 minutes of the same thing and is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

For the majority of the fight you’ll be on the main platform, standing in a light cone, focusing on keeping the active tank alive and occasionally spot healing the raid. The damage on the tanks can be fairly heavy, especially when Thrash happens. For the first 8-10 minutes or so, the damage on the raid is fairly negligible. Once there are a number of adds up, people will be taking (mostly avoidable) damage from Penetrating Bolt, but that doesn’t get significant until the fight is almost over. The boss will also cast Breath of Terror which does massive damage and fears people. However, as long as people are in the Cone of Light, you will avoid it completely.

The one bit of excitement in this fight is that every minute, 5 people (1 tank, 1 healer, 3 dps) will be ported over to a shrine where they need to kill an add. The add will do moderate damage to the people on the platform. As the add takes damage, orbs will spawn around the shrine. These must be picked up (just run over them) or they will heal the add. These do a little bit of damage to the people who hit them, but they also restore mana, so try to hit them all! Try to keep everyone topped up as much as possible. I don’t find the damage overwhelming, but if you get shot by the boss twice you get feared for a couple of seconds which can set you behind on healing. I try to keep a Swiftmend down in the middle of the platform, WG on cooldown and keep a RJ rolling on everyone. There is one big damage ability called Death Blossom which can kill people quickly, but all your group needs to do is hide behind a pillar to completely avoid it. Once the add dies, you can port back to the main platform.


Level 60 – Either is fine.

Level 90 – Heart of the Wild
This fight has given me the opportunity to use HotW to tank the boss briefly. If a tank goes to the Shrine and does not come back before the current tank gets ported, someone will have to stand in the light circle to activate the light cone. If a Breath happens and there is no light cone, it’s a wipe. HotW can be a raid saver if there are no tanks on the main platform for a time.


I use Symbiosis on Monk or DK to get an extra damage mitigation cooldown.


Tranquility – I tend to use Tranquility when I get ported to a Shrine. Of course, you don’t know when that’s going to happen. I generally just use Tranq early and often, you can get 4-5 uses out of it since it’s such a long fight.

Ironbark – Tanks should have their own CDs available for each Thrash, but hit them with IB if they don’t.

Heart of the Wild – Use this if there are no tanks on the main platform and a Breath is coming soon. Use HotW, pop bear form and stand in the light circle. Make sure to use Barkskin, along with any CD you have from Symbiosis. Also be sure to heal yourself as much as possible with Frenzied Regeneration.

Happy healing!