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Everything is a Hunter Weapon

I’m having a disagreement with one of my guildmates at the moment. We’re fast approaching our first 25-man Blood Queen kill and he brought up loot priority on Blood Fall. He believes that feral druids should have priority on this (and all other staves/polearms) and hunters should come second (he’s a feral tank, I’m a MM hunter). The argument is that while a polearm is just a stat stick for a hunter, it provides a much bigger benefit to a feral bear or kitty. To which I reply “evertyhing is a hunter weapon” (no, that’s not really my argument).

Our guild doesn’t use loot priorities, per se. We have simple rules like healers don’t get hit gear over casters (yes, we have had to spell this out for people on occasion), but for the most part we let our points system speak for itself and do not dictate loot.

I think hunters and druids should have equal access to 2H weapons. Although technically it is just a stat stick, it’s still a lot of stats we’re talking about, and potentially a significant dps boost for a hunter.

What do you think? Who should get priority on 2H weapons?

For the record, I’m in no way interested in Blood Fall. Damn Blizzard for putting in two haste polearms before the Lich King (I don’t expect to see that one anytime soon).