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Talent Trees: How important are they?

I’ve been thinking about the new talent trees that were released this week. There have been a number of complaints about them (some by me): There isn’t enough choice, we need to spend points on useless talents, some talents are boring. In many cases these complaints are completely justified. Reactions the talent tree shortcomings have been varied. My reaction is that although I have complaints, I’m not overly upset about any changes that have been released and I still think my class looks good. Other people are upset, demanding that these things be fixed. Still others are being completely dramatic and saying “If this goes live, I quit!”

Restoration talent treeThe question I have is: How much do talent trees actually contribute to the fun you have in game? For the people who really enjoy theorycrafting, lack of choice in talent trees might alter the amount of fun they have. For others, does it really make a difference? Sure, there are some things in the resto tree that I don’t like, but will having to spend 3 points on a useless talent that reduces the cost of shapeshifting make playing less fun for me? Unlikely.

This fact certainly won’t stop me from commenting on changes and new features as they are released, but I think it’s a good idea to put things into perspective before getting too worked up over them.