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Healing Tips for Mogu’shan Vaults (Part 1)

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a chance to defeat the normal Mogu’shan bosses in a 25-man setting. I have some tips on how to heal each encounter, including the best time to use cooldowns and which talents, glyphs and symbiosis targets are optimal for each fight.

First, a few general tips:

  • Nourish isn’t really worth casting anymore. In Cata I used to spam Nourish on tanks when there wasn’t any healing to be done. It is no longer mana neutral, so this is a habit I had to break. After talking about it with another resto in my raid, I’ve unbound Nourish from my click-bindings.
  • Mushrooms are also generally not worth casting. The only times where I’d consider setting them up pre-pull, when there is no damage going out or it you are completely oom.
  • Feline Swiftness is the level 15 talent that I recommend for any fight.
  • Nature’s Swiftness is the level 30 talent I recommend for any fight. Remember the cooldown is only 1 minute. It makes your next heal instant, 50% bigger and mana-free, so use it often.
  • Unless I state otherwise for a particular fight, the major glyphs I recommend are Wild Growth, Lifebloom and Regrowth.
  • In 5.1 we’re going back to providing useful cooldowns when we use Symbiosis on tanks. So, for the good of the raid, using Symb on a tank is probably the best choice (a Paladin or Warrior would be my last choice since, really, who wants Cleanse or Intimidating Roar on a boss fight?) If you use this on a DK or a Monk, be sure to use IBF or Fortifying Brew during the encounter.
  • Carry lots of Tome of the Clear Mind. Which talents are strongest can change from fight to fight. It you want to maximize your healing potential, you will be changing talents often.

The Stone Guard

On this fight, the damage is concentrated on the tanks. Raid damage, if things happen as they’re supposed to, is relatively low. I’ve been assigning myself to tank healing on this fight and it’s been going very well for me. I keep LB and Rejuv rolling on my tank, along with a fairly steady stream of direct heals. When the tank is safe I’m usually using Rejuv on the other tanks (if they’re in range), or people who have been hit by Jasper Chains or Amethyst Pools. I also use WG when I see that multiple people not at full health. Since people are usually quite spread out on this fight, I prioritize using Swiftmend on either melee or my tank.


Level 60 – Incarnation
If things don’t go smoothly, this fight can be a bit of a mana squeeze, so I think Incarnation is the best talent for this fight. Use it early and often. It will let you get up stacks of LB on multiple tanks and the raid if it’s needed, and give you a lots of free, instant RG casts to use.

Level 90 – Nature’s Vigil
Another cooldown to use early and often. The extra 20% healing is nice on both tanks and the raid. The damage component likely won’t do much, but even half a million damage will help out a little.


If the tanks are covered, I’d recommend using Symbiosis on a Shaman. It seems every time I start casting Tranquility on this fight an Amethyst Pool lands on me or Jasper Chains go out and I have to move. Pre-empting your Tranq with Spiritwalker’s Grace can save you some frustration and wasted cooldowns.


Tranquility – If the Overloads are properly handled, there’s not  a whole lot of raid-wide damage in this fight. I will generally save my Tranq to use if a bad Overload happens, or I will use it when a combination of Mines, Chains and Pools have started taking a toll on the raid.

Nature’s Vigil – You should be able to use this twice on this fight (of course it will depend on how long it takes to kill them). Since there’s really not a period of higher raid damage, I just pop this ~1min into the fight and then when it’s up again.

Incarnation – Same as NV. You can use them back-to-back so you have 1 minute of increased healing for every 3 minutes of the fight.

Ironbark – Don’t forget to use this on a tank multiple times throughout the fight. If you are assigned to a particular tank a good time for Ironbark is right before you start chanelling Tranquility – the damage mitigation will help compensate for the lack of direct heals from you.

Feng the Accursed

Unlike Stone Guard, Feng does a ton of damage to the raid, wheras the tank damage isn’t too bad (and only one tank is taking damage at a time, rather than 3). There are periods during phase 2 and 3 where raid damage is intense and you may feel like your mana bar has forsaken you. My guild struggled with this fight for a while and the best advice I can give is that if you’re getting to phase 3 and all your healers are running out of juice, go up to 7 healers. It will make a big difference.

In phase 1, the damage isn’t too bad. I keep LB and RJ rolling on the active tank, along with a few direct heals when needed. My raid has everyone stack up in melee range so we take as little Epicentre damage as possible. Every second Epicentre should be interrupted so the raid takes no damage. Nullification Barrier should be put down in melee for the others. The raid will still take a couple ticks when this happens, but it should be easy enough to deal with. Make sure your SM and WG are up so you can pop those on the raid as soon as the damage happens. You could also use Mushrooms during this.

In phase 2, the raid damage gets higher. My raid uses Nullificaiton Barrier on the 1st and 3rd Draw Flame, so we only have to worry about the Wildfire Infusion damage on the 2nd. When the raid damage starts happening, this is a good time for cooldowns. I generally call for 3 during this time – a couple mitigation cooldowns like DA and one output cooldown like Tranq. I try to skimp on the CDs during this phase so we have a lot available for phase 3. Go into heavy raid healing mode while the Wildfire Infusion is happening – SM and WG on cooldown, RJ and RG to spot heal. There’s not much happening at the beginning of this phase so I will often set up Mushrooms then and pop them during Wildfire Infusion.

Phase 3 is where the raid damage gets hectic. Again, using SM and WG on cooldown is a good idea. Those who are afflicted with Arcane Resonance while Arcane Velocity is happening will need the most healing.


Level 60 – Soul of the Forest
Initially I was using Incarnation on this fight to help out with mana, but when I tried out SotF, I found the extra healing too powerful to ignore. Since this is a fight where the raid damage is predictable and spread fairly evenly over everyone in the raid, SotF provides a lot of extra healing. I make sure that I can follow up a SM with a WG whenever the raid takes damage from Epicenter, Wildfire Infusion or Arcane Velocity.

Level 90 – Nature’s Vigil
The 20% extra output is nice for phase 3.


Since the raid damage is so high on this, I like using Symbiosis on a Monk for Fortifying Brew so I reduce my damage taken as much as possible. A DK is also a good choice.


Unfortunately, the damage patterns in this fight don’t play nicely with 3 minute cooldowns, so we need to compromise.

Tranquility – The most important place where I use this is in phase 3 while Arcance Velocity is happening. In phase 1 it isn’t really needed, but I’ll also use it during an Epicentre where a Nullification Barrier is used and the raid takes a few ticks. May as well make the most of it.

Nature’s Vigil – I use the same strat for this as for Tranq. One use early in phase 1, and another when raid damage gets heavy in phase 3.

Ironbark – You should be able to get at least 3 uses out of this, one in each phase. Use on a tank when they are affected by multiple stacks of Lightning Last, Flaming Spear or Arcane Shock.

Gara’jal the Spiritbinder

First, I have to admit that this fight has always been very easy for my raid. Apparently, healing people gives stacks of Spiritual Innervation, which stacks and increases the damage they do to the boss. I (or the other healers, as far as I know) have not gone out of their way to build stack on people in the Spirit World, we just heal them to full then leave.

While you are topside, most of the damage is on the tanks and the other people who are afflicted with voodoo doll. It’s really not at all challenging to heal for most of the fight.

If you go down into the Spirit World, you want to get your group topped up quickly. I will generally use Tranquility the first time I go. After that, spamming Regrowth is the best way to go. You get a huge buff to your mana regen while you’re down there, so don’t worry about being inefficient. Once everyone is healed to full, you can return to the fight.


Level 60 – SotF or Incarnation
If you’re assigned to go into the Spirit World, I’d take Soul of the Forest. If you’re going to be hanging out upstairs for the majority of the fight I’d probably go with Incarnation, as you won’t be getting the huge mana regen buff.

Level 90 – Nature’s Vigil or Heart of the Wild
This choice depends on how well your raid group is doing dps-wise. Generally, NV is a safe choice, but if you are getting to the end of the fight and your raid is dying before the boss, HotW could help more.


I’d go with a Monk or DK for the damage mitigation spell. Use it when you are affected by Voodoo Doll.


Incarnation/Nature’s Vigil – You should be able to use these twice during the fight. I’d use them once around the 2 minute mark, and then have them up again for when the boss Frenzies at 20% health.

Heart of the Wild – If you go with this talent I’d use it at the beginning of the fight when there isn’t much damage going out and all the healers are upstairs. Go kitty and tear things up. Just be sure to let the other healers know you’ll be doing this.

Tranquility – You should be able to use this twice during the fight. If you’re going to the Spirit World, use it the first time you go in. Then use it again after the boss Frenzies at 20%.

Ironbark – When a tank is afflicted by Voodoo Doll, the damage done to them is also done to other members of the raid with Voodoo Doll. Use Ironbark to help relieve this damage. Communicate with your tanks so you can cover when they are running low on their own cooldowns.

If anyone has questions I’d be happy to answer them. I’ve also got tips posted for the last 3 bosses.

A First Look at Resto Raid Healing

Apotheosis officially started raiding last week. We finished the week with 4/6 bosses killed in Mogu-Shan vaults so I thought it would be a good time to take a look at how resto Druids (or more specifically, this resto Druid) are doing in raids.

After the ease of healing all the heroic dungeons, the normal mode raids were a step up in difficulty. Mana was definitely a concern at times. When I fought my first raid boss, when Mogu’Shan Vaults opened I had about 4500 spirit. This was not enough. I’m now sitting around 6000 spirit, which feels much better.

The Stone Guard

Stone Guard on Tuesday was probably my best performance of the week, healing meter-wise.

I assigned myself to heal our Monk tank, who was tanking 1 add. Here’s what my healing breakdown looked like:

49% of my healing went to my assigned tank, 14% went to another tank and the rest of the raid split the rest of my healing.

Lifebloom did some really strong healing, mostly because I was the only healer assigned to my tank, I think, so it had the chance to heal (rather than overheal) a lot. Rejuv also did a lot of healing as it was constantly rolling on my tank and was used to spot heal the raid. Regrowth was my main direct heal. Because I used Regrowth so much, and was focused on tank healing, Living Seed had a good showing (comparatively), doing 4.3% of my healing.

Overall, there’s nothing too surprising here. The HoT portion of Swiftmend did very little healing as the raid is spread out for most of this fight. I also tended to use SM on my tank so he would benefit from it rather than try to place it so it would heal more people. Wild Mushrooms, as expected, are complete shit. I used them once on this fight and this week I will avoid them altogether. I used Healing Touch 7 times – 4 of those were in combination with Nature’s Swiftness, while the rest were out of habit. This week I will work on not hard casting HT at all, as it is inferior to Regrowth.

Sadly, I had an Amethyst Pool spawn under me just as I started channelling my first Tranquility, so that got interrupted after only one pulse.

Here’s what my buffs cast tab looks like:

As expected, it’s really easy to keep Harmony up 100% of the time. Boo. I’m happy that for the most part, I was good about using my new abilities. The fight lasted 5:46 and I used Ironbark on my tank twice. I used Symbiosis on a Monk and I remembered to use Fortifying Brew twice as well. I could up my Nature’s Swiftness uses a little bit. The one big omission I see here is a lack of tier 6 talent use. This tells me that I probably forgot to switch HotW (which I use in dungeons) for Nature’s Vigil before this fight started. Oops.

Besides a few small things regarding spell use that I can improve on this week, I was happy with my healing on Stone Guard. I felt very strong as a tank healer, much better equipped to handle it than I was in Cata.

Feng the Accursed

Feng is the boss that gave my raid the most trouble. It’s also the fight that hurt my mana pool the most. We ended up using 7 healers for this to compensate for all the damage going out in phase 3.

Those darn Monks. Our entire raid was stacked on top of each other for at least half of this fight, so Spinning Crane Kick and Chi Burst kinda destroyed everyone else in terms of healing. Still, I don’t think I did too bad.

I was raid healing on this fight, so my healing breakdown is a little different, a lot less of my healing comes from direct heals. The Swiftmend HoT is performing much better on this fight since we’re stacked up so often. I did use Mushrooms a couple times on this fight, but only because there are parts of phase 1 and 2 where there’s nothing to heal, so I wasn’t losing anything by setting them up. Still though, they hit for an average of 3500 (before overheal), that’s not even a drop in the bucket.

The only reason Harmony isn’t at 100% here is because I died near the end of the fight. Tree of Life and Nature’s Vigil were really useful on this fight, as there are so many times when the raid damage is incredible. I made sure to use them once in phase 1 and then again to help handle phase 3. Nature’s Vigil also did 750,000 damage to the boss, not a huge amount, but every bit helps. My NS and Fortifying Brew use could have been better and I didn’t use Ironbark at all, which is awful. And goddamn it, I need to stop interrupting my Tranquility cast.

This was a tough fight. I had to make sure I was conserving as much mana as possible in phase 2 in order to be able to handle phase 3. Having two big output increasing cooldowns (and Tranq) for phase 3 is really useful.


Gara’jal was by far the easiest fight for me to heal. I was assigned to one of the groups that goes down into the spirit realm. The spirit realm was simple to deal with. The first time I went down I used Tranquility to heal everyone up. The 2nd time I just tossed out WG and a few Rejuvs then spammed Regrowth.. Tranq was back up for the 3rd. Because of the mana regen buff you get in the spirit realm, mana wasn’t a concern and I could spam my little heart out.

Because of phasing, the overall healing meters are worthless on this fight, but here’s how my healing breakdown looked.

Pretty standard for raid healing.

I felt really good on this fight. Tranquility was excellent for the spirit world. Ironbark (which I used 3 times on this) was very nice to put on a tank who had Voodoo Doll to prevent some incoming raid damage, and I thought that my HoTs dealt with Voodoo Doll on the raid quite nicely.

Spirit Kings

This was another fight that was relatively easy to heal, mostly because my raid did an amazing job at avoiding everything that could be avoided.

Those Monks… This is another fight where the raid is stacked up for 50% of the encounter. The combination of it being a single-tank fight, plus our raid avoiding all the damage meant there wasn’t a whole lot to heal.

The fact that Tranquility is was my highest healing spell is absurd. That, along with the HUGE amount of overheal on Rejuv and Lifebloom tell me 6 healers is too many.

There’s something a little odd about these numbers – pretty sure Living Seed didn’t have 100% uptime. Spirit Kings is a long fight with a 10 minute enrage, so you can use your cooldowns at least 3 times each. Nature’s Vigil did 850k damage to the boss. Hoever, now that I’ve seen how little healing is needed when things are done correctly, I’ll probably try using Heart of the Wild next time to see if I can help even more with dps.


Overall, I thought druid healing was fun and effective my first week in Mogu’shan Vaults. My new cooldowns were fun to play with and interesting to find the best timing for. Though it was a little disconcerting to see myself anywhere but on top of the healing meters more often than not, I never felt like I wasn’t equipped to handle the incoming damage. There are a few spots where I can improve my spell use and hopefully increase my healing.

Goal for this week: beat those Monks!