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Tonight is my first main raid on my hunter, and I’m super excited! I’m also kind of nervous though. I’ve been playing my hunter in my guild’s alt raid for a bit and I’ve been doing pretty well there, but it’s a bit different than joining our main raiders who outgear me by 25 ilvls. I just don’t want to be bad!

I know my Druid like the back of my hand and I’m very confident (maybe even arrogant) about my abilities. Don’t get too many gear upgrades? Wearing the ‘wrong’ non-tier piece? Forget to switch to the optimal talent before a fight? Whatevs, my healing still be awesome.

DPS doesn’t work like that though, it’s a whole different mindset. Gear can most definitely hold me back as a hunter. Even if I play perfectly, I’m still not going to be able to touch the other dps until my gear catches up a bit more. I’m going to need to worry about optimal talents and the best spec for each fight. Also, the fact that it looks like BM is parsing above the other specs is upsetting. I haven’t liked that spec since… well, ever. Anything but Beast Master! Currently I personally do better as Survival, so I guess that means I need to practice as BM some more. I also have almost 100k less health than everyone else right now, meaning I’ll have to be extra proactive about damage mitigation. That’s something I’m pretty good at, but the more I use Deterrence, the worse my damage, so that’s something to think about too.

Anyway, I’m excited for tonight! Let’s hope I don’t carry my weapon (or should I say no weapon) curse into raid with me. I’m also open to any hunter tips for Siege. Wish me luck.