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7/12 and a new look

Blogger came out with some new templates a little while ago, so I have updated my theme. It’s very similar to my old one, but the layout is a little nicer. Now I just need to find a banner image that I can live with.

This weekend my alliance guild did our first 25-man hard modes. We managed to get 7 hard modes down and get our second Lich King kill. They were two of the most fun raids I’ve been to in a while. Of the 7 hard modes we killed, I found Festergut to be the most challenging. Gunship, Rotface, Blood Prices and Blood Queen didn’t seem too much different from my healer perspective.

I was surprised (and disappointed) that the end wing bosses only drop one ilvl 277 tier token. It’s going to take forever for people to get upgraded that way 🙁  But they still drop 2 pieces of the 264 tokens which will completely go to waste within a few more raids. I was lucky enough to get the guild’s first 277 tier token. Yay! I decided the pants were my biggest upgrade. The only problem with pants is that you can’t show’em off because they’re covered by my robe. So I made a new outfit for strutting around Dalaran.

Druid as a Tier 10 lumberjack

I'm a lumberjack. And I'm okay.