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A New Group of Kingslayers

The Frozen Throne achievement

My Horde guild killed the Lich King in 25-man for the first time on Sunday. Yay!

After a few months of struggling with the later bosses we finally managed to get our stuff together and make a really good run completing normal ICC over the past couple weeks.

Despite how many times I’ve killed the Lich King on 10 man, or on my druid, the fight still managed to both excite me and stress me out. My hands were shaking as his health ticked down…20%…15%…13%. I think I may have squealed a little when I realised we were going to get the kill.

The fight was interesting as a hunter. There are some annoying range issues but once I learned to work around them the fight became a lot of fun and I was able to completely demolish Valkyrs. We had a silly amount of ranged dps in our group, which was a big help on things like the Vile Spirits (Mind Sear…so OP).

Now that we’ve killed LK part of me thinks “Yay, hard modes,” while another part of me thinks “I won the game! I’m done playing now.”

Double Kingslayer

Hot on the heels of my druid’s first 25-man Lich King kill, I went into ICC this week on my hunter got my first 10-man kill!

Lich King 10 kill shot

We had one night of attempts last week but couldn’t quite pull it off. This week we went in, everyone really focused and we were able to kill him within a few attempts. Defiles are significantly less stressful in 10 man and I thought the fight was a lot of fun (even though the hunter dead zone occasionally caused me some problems). I even got ported inside Frostmorne for the first time which was very cool.

In addition to that, my Horde guild got our first Putricide 25 kill last night.

It’s funny how progression works. Both my guilds were stalled for weeks. Then, BAM! new kills all over the place. Of course, the increasing ICC buff helps. But better attendance, competent raiders and improvement in performance helps a lot too.

Tonight I’ll be seeing 25-man hard modes on my druid for the first time. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about raiding. Wish me luck! (and shiny ilvl 277 gear 😛 )



After weeks of shoddy attendance and canceled raids, my Alliance guild finally got our act together and got in two whole nights of Lich King attempts in the last couple weeks. And now he’s dead! /dance

That was definitely the most intense fight I’ve seen in a while. My heart was pounding by the time we got to 20%. When the RL called for people to stop killing Vile Spirits and focus on the Lich King it got even worse. Running around avoiding spirits, healing the mass damage the raid was taking at the time, making sure our one surviving tank didn’t drop…so much fun!

My fiance came over after hearing my screams of victory once we hit 10%. “Why are you so excited? Everyone is dead.” I quite liked the end of the fight (although the thought that you can ruin it by pressing release is a little scary). This kill was extra exciting for me because I’ve never killed him on 10-man. I like that I got to experience it on 25 first.

Jasyla the Kingslayer. On to heroics!

A lone druid standing over the lifeless body of the Lich King.