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Button Bloat – Hunters

I talked about what abilities I thought could be eliminated from the Resto Druid kit last week, and now it’s time to talk hunters.

As I looked through my spellbook for all three specs last night, it struck me that I was fine with the hunter’s basic rotational abilities. I wouldn’t get rid of any of the basic 7-8 shots used by each spec. There are not too many. If anything, some new shot or mechanic could be added to spice things up a little bit. Where hunters feel bloated is in our cooldowns and situational abilities.

There are a whole bunch of abilities that could be removed or streamlined to make hunters feel more fluid, and possibly make room for other, more interesting abilities.

These used to be a lot more interesting back when we had Aspect of Nature and Aspect of the Viper. We needed to make a meaningful choice for what aspect we were in and would often switch a few times during fights. Now there really is no choice and these abilities seem unnecessary.

Aspect of the Hawk/Ironhawk should be passive, or just removed. There’s really no reason we should ever have to reapply it. Right now it only serves as an annoyance to have to make sure to put it back on after switching specs. 

Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack we could probably live without. Having a whole aspect bar just for these two things seems silly, if AotH is removed. Perhaps we could get an ability like Stampeding Roar as a replacement. That would actually be really nice, even without a root/snare break.

Trap use has gone down a lot since previous expansions and they’re clunky to use compared to other abilities. The only real positive traps have is being able to place them before a pull, but even that only gives a marginal increase in damage.

As far as a I know, Survival is really the only spec that gets any use out of Explosive Trap. In order to be worthwhile, there needs to be a certain number of enemies and they need to stay still within the area of effect. I’d be more than happy to have this taken away.

Likewise, Snake Trap has very little use in PVE. I remember there used to be some cool uses for it, when snakes could be targeted by boss abilities and save your raid some damage, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore.

The PVP implications of this might be too big, but I’d also love to see Freezing Trap and Ice Trap combined into a single ability. The first hostile mob to hit the trap would be frozen. If the trap gets broken, or the mob is immune, the Ice Trap effect would show up.

Trap Launcher should be removed and made baseline.

Rapid Fire and Focus Fire are very similar abilities which increase haste and I see no reason for both to exist. One could be removed, or they could be combined into one. The pet haste effect from Rabid could also be combined into this.

Other Spells
This one may be a bit more controversial, but I’d love to never be asked to Misdirect again. With all the changes to tank threat and ranged taunts, it really shouldn’t be necessary (and whatever happened to “wait 3 seconds before you attack the boss?”). Of course, MD is most useful in directing stray/spawning mobs to the tank, but our ability to do this marginal at best. As BM especially, my misdirect can’t out-threat much of anything. 

Hunter’s Mark seems unnecessary at this point. We don’t really even need to cast it anymore since its application is baked into basic shots. The tracking component is useful for PVP, but I’d rather it become a situational spell used for the tracking and have the damage buff component removed.

These spells don’t impact much and the only reason to keep them would be nostalgia.

I can’t remember the last time I used Beast Lore. Since pets have been normalized, and don’t need to be fed, there’s not much point.

I didn’t even remember hunters had Eagle Eye until I was browsing through my spell book. I wouldn’t miss it.

Well, that’s 13 abilities I think could safely be removed from Hunters. That’s a lot. It seems that there are a lot of opportunities to streamline our toolkit. 

What do you think? What Hunter abilities would you like to see removed? Are there any you wouldn’t want to lose?

Ashunera has written another well-thought out piece about ability bloat, and wants to know what 5 abilities you’d prune from your class. You should check it out.

Hunter Tips for Kor’kron Dark Shaman

Kor’kron Dark Shaman is the 7th boss in Siege of Orgrimmar. It’s a multi-mob, multi-tank fight (3 >2) and is a bit of a clusterfrak of  bad things on the floor that the raid needs to avoid.

Even through the Shaman share a health pool, my guild always tanks them separately (on normal and heroic) to make staying alive much easier, and I recommend that strat. 

The fight

When the fight starts, you face not only the two shaman (Haromm and Kardris), but also their wolf mounts, Darkfang and Bloodclaw. The wolves do a nasty stacking bleed on their current target, so they should be burned down quickly. Keep all 4 mobs together until the wolves are dead so you can take advantage of cleaves.

Once the wolves are dead, send two tanks, the melee dps and most of your healers away with Haromm. My raid pulls him up the hill to the right of the building. Leave 1 tank, the ranged dps and a couple (or 1 on 10 man) healers to deal with Kardris.

Haromm’s side needs more healers because of Toxic Mist. That portion of the raid will also have to avoid a number of mechanics that can kill them very quickly – Foul Stream, Ashen Wall, and in heroic mode – Iron Tomb. It’s very important for the Walls and the Tombs to be positioned carefully so the raid doesn’t get boxed in and die a horrible death.

Kardris’s side also has a lot of bad stuff to deal with and will need to make the most of the space in the room. Toxic Storms are large purple swirlies which spawn on players and need to be avoided. The storms will also spawn Toxic Tornados which are smaller, but quick-moving. All ranged and healers should stay on one side of the tank so you can control where these spawn. Once you start running out of space, rotate around the room a bit until you have a clear area. Starting at 65%, Kardris will start summoning Foul Slimes, nasty little adds with a 3 yard aura that does heavy damage. Kill these asap, but don’t get too close to them. Periodically Kardris will cast Falling Ash. This creates a large red circle on the floor and after 15 seconds does very heavy damage to the whole raid (anyone actually in the red circle will be killed). The terrain can cause issues with seeing exactly where the borders of the Falling Ash circle are. The heroic mode mechanic is Iron Prison, which is cast on random players throughout the fight, dealing 100% of their health as damage after a minute. Damage mitigation cooldowns or shields are required to keep people alive through this.

At 25% the Shaman cast Heroism on themselves, increasing their damage and haste.

Talent Recommendations

According to the top parses, BM outperforms SV on this fight. Maybe I’m just bad at BM, but I find this fight so much easier and my dps much better as Survival. The Foul Slimes are one of the biggest concerns for the ranged and I find them easier to mow down with hard hitting shots rather than my pet. But, YMMV.

Level 15 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
This is more for heroic. You can get unlucky and get targeted by Iron Prison a bunch on this fight, so having Deterrence available more often is good. On normal, you might find the speed boost from Postehaste more beneficial.

Level 90 – Barrage
The cooldown on this lines up very nicely with the summoning of Foul Slimes.

Tips for the fight

  • The bosses initially start off in a building and are a pain to get to. Do your raid a favour and reset them so they respawn outside. Don’t forget to dismiss your pet first.
  • Use all your cooldowns and AoE/Cleave away while the bosses and their wolves are grouped up. Get those puppies down fast.
  • If you happen to get hit by a toxic tornado (it happens), use a Healthstone immediately.
  • Make sure Barrage is up while the Foul Slimes are spawning and also try to have an almost full focus bar so you don’t need to cast many/any Cobra Shots while they’re up. Start off with Multishot as they’re spawning and hit Barrage once they are all out. I generally don’t find dropping Explosive/Frost traps worth it. However, Binding Shot is great for keeping them still if you place it properly.
  • You can use Deterrence to completely deflect the Falling Ash damage. You should definitely do this if you’re lower on health when it’s about to hit.
  • On heroic, make sure Deterrence is up if you get Iron Prison – it takes a minute to deal its damage, so you have lots of warning. Use Deterrence when there are only a couple seconds left. It won’t completely negate the damage, it’ll just apply the damage reduction. It’s also a really good idea to use a WeakAura to let you know when you have the debuff and when it will expire.

Happy hunting!

Hunter Tips for Sha of Pride

Sha of Pride is the fourth and last boss in the Vale of Eternal Sorrows, before you start the march on Orgrimmar. For the majority of the time it’s a single-target fight, though there are a few different kinds of adds that spawn at certain times. This fight also involves an individual resource, Pride, which you want to avoid getting as much as possible. These are tips for both normal and heroic.

The fight

At the beginning of the fight, everyone starts out with 0 Pride, which means no bad effects. Most avoidable damage gives Pride (so avoid it), along with some unavoidable abilities. 

There are two debuffs which go out throughout the fight:

1. Periodically, random people will be affected by Gift of the Titans, which makes them immune to gaining pride for 20 seconds. If the people who have this debuff group up, they will get Power of the Titans, which increases haste, damage and healing done. On normal mode, everyone can stand together for most of the fight so no action should be required. However, on heroic your raid will likely be spread out, so the people with Gift should run together, then spread back out once they get the Power buff.

2. Players will get Mark of Arrogance, a DoT which does heavy damage and must be dispelled. Dispelling gives 5 Pride.

There are a few major events which happen roughly in order and repeat throughout the fight:

1. Self Reflection is used on random raid members and creates a Reflection of Pride add at their location. It also puts a small, bubbly purple void zone down at the spawn spot which should be moved out of as it does heavy damage and gives Pride. The Reflections should be grouped up in the middle and AoE’d down.

Heroic Only – Around the time Self-Reflection is cast, the Sha will also cast Banishment, sending a few players to the Sha Realm. Banished players leave behind a hostile copy of themselves, which must be killed in order to get the player unbanished.

2. Corrupted Prison will trap players (2 in 10, 4 in 25) in glowy circles spread around the boss. While players are trapped they are stunned, gain Pride and take damage. To release them, players must stand on each of the glowing yellow titan locks around the prison. All locks must be activated at once.

3. The boss will summon Manifestations of Pride (1 in 10, 2 in 25), a large add which will chain cast Mocking Pride and will give Pride to whoever is closest when it dies. These should be silenced and gripped into the group if possible so they can be killed by everyone. They should also be interrupted as much as possible.

4. Swelling Pride is cast when the boss reached 100 energy and is the most dangerous part of the fight. It inflicts massive shadow damage on all players, along with a secondary effect on anyone with 25 or more Pride. Anyone with 25 or more Pride should get away from the group before Swelling Pride is cast.

  • 25-49 Pride – Creates a mass of Sha  corruption, Bursting Pride, which does damage to anyone within 5 yards after 3 seconds. 
  • 50-74 Pride – Creates a Projection 15 yards away from the player. The player must find it and stand in it or it will do massive raid-wide damage.
  • 75-99 Pride – Aura of Pride inflicts pulsing shadow damage to anyone within 5 yards for 25 seconds.
  • 100 – You get mind controlled and wreak havoc on your raid.

When the boss reaches 30% all Pride levels are reset to 0, and it will start using Unleashed on the raid, which does heavy raid-wide damage and gives everyone 5 Pride every 10 seconds. The other mechanics continue as normal.

Extra heroic mechanic 
Unstable Corruption – Rifts will continually spawn on the ground around the room and will launch bolts of corruption at players. You can tell where they will land, there’s a purple puff on the ground. Anyone hit by these will take damage and gain Pride. Players can and should close the rifts by walking over them, but can only do so once per minute because of the Weakened Resolve debuff.

Talent Recommendations

Level 15 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
Deterrence and disengage are both great on this fight and you’ll want them up as often as possible.

Level 30 – Binding Shot
This can be used to help keep the reflections in place once they’re grouped in the middle.

Level 90
Normal Mode – Glaive Toss

Reflections don’t stay up too long on normal.

Heroic Mode – Barrage
There are a lot of adds up when self-reflection is cast and Barrage is great for mowing them down. Make sure Barrage is available to use when Self-Reflection is being cast.

Tips for the fight

  • Disengage has a ton of uses on this fight. Use it to quickly get to prisons to free people, to get out of Bursting Pride if you’re over 25 Pride during the Swelling cast, or to get to rifts quickly (on heroic). Glyph it if you don’t normally for some extra distance.
  • Deterrence is also amazing. You can use it to completely deflect Swelling Pride and make your healers love you. I found I could deflect 2 in a row, but the cooldown wasn’t quite up for the 3rd. Use a healthstone after the cast if you aren’t able to use Deterrence.
  • You can move and shoot, so watch your feet. You shouldn’t be taking any Unstable Corruption hits.
  • You can help interrupt the Manifestation of Pride’s Mocking Pride cast. Ideally, the first cast will be silenced so the mob will move into the middle, but you should be able to get an interrupt in after. These should be your damage focus while they’re up.
  • Heroic – If are banished to the Sha Realm, there is a simple pattern to move in to make sure you don’t die. Take your first left, grab the orb, go immediately left again, then go clockwise around the circle on your right (grab that orb too). This should put you out of the way of the mobs. Just don’t run into walls!
  • Heroic – Make sure you can easily keep track of the Weakened Resolve debuff. It you don’t have it, you should go soak a rift.

Happy hunting!

The Trials of Being a Hunter

As you probably know if you read my blog at all, I recently main switched from my Resto Druid to my Hunter. I’m the GM of my guild, but our main-switching rules apply to me too. I had to go through a 9-raid initiate period, complete with pitfalls of being on trial – last in priority for loot, get sat for a lot of progression kills.  I had an Initiate thread where people could comment on my hunter skills, though mine was different from most – I’m the guild forum admin, so the thread couldn’t be kept secret from me like it is for most people. Not too many people left comments in there, whether it was because they had nothing to say or because they were afraid to leave comments that I could see I can only speculate.

Thursday was my 9th raid, and on Sunday I officially passed my trial so Jasy is up to full raider status, and I made her the GM of Apotheosis. Yay!

It was a bit tough going at the start. I wasn’t really doing anything wrong (other than insisting on playing Survival in my first raid), but the gear gap between me and the rest of the raiders made such a huge difference. I think I was around ilvl 520 when I started my trial, with no legendary cloak or meta-gem, and a weapon from Terrace. My gear didn’t get a whole lot better in the first half of my trial. I won a few pieces of loot that no one else wanted in the first week – a helm, gloves I couldn’t wear because it would break my 2-piece bonus. I did get my legendary meta-gem quickly though, which helped a little. In the 2nd week I won a really shitty trinket (Female Dwarf tells me it’s better than the LFR Rentaki’s I was wearing, but it’s still not good). The first two weeks on my hunter were a bit demoralizing.

Finally, in my 7th raid, I hit bonus roll paydirt and coined a Warforged bow. Equipping it increased my top end damage by something ridiculous like 60% and my output skyrocketed. I wasn’t last anymore! My gear only improved from there, as I was able to get my legendary cloak in time for my 8th raid. In my 9th raid I coined a Warforged trinket of awesome and won some nice heroic thunderforged pants off Norushen. In 9 raids I went from terribly undergeared, to the 8th best geared dps in the raid. I really need to remember this next time I start whining about loot rolls, without them I’d still be using that Terrace weapon and have no good trinkets.

Jasy's first Malkorok kill - September 19th

Jasy’s first Malkorok kill – September 19th


Jasy's third Malkorok kill - October 17th

Jasy’s third Malkorok kill – October 17th

So I’m feeling much better about being a hunter now. My gear is good, and once I get my 4-set bonus and a 2nd, not terrible, trinket I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to beat the rest of the dps (gauntlet thrown).

Since I’ve passed my trial and have the gear to not be a liability I’m going to do some experimenting with the other specs on farm content. I’d really like to be anything other than Beast Master. I’m feeling good with my performance on single target fights and AoE fights. The only fights I have a bit of an issue with are fights like General Nazgrim – mostly single target, but often with 3 spread out mobs up at a time. I think I could be doing better on those. If anyone has tips for fights like that I’d love to hear them.

Hunter Tips for Norushen

These tips apply to both normal and heroic modes, since it’s pretty much the same fight.

Norushen is basically a single phase fight, but is made more interesting with the addition of a corruption bar, which reduces your damage done to the boss, and a test realm, which is an individual task players must complete to remove their corruption.

The fight

At the beginning of the fight, everyone starts out at 75 corruption, which causes you to do reduced damage to the boss. It’s important to note that the reduced damage only applies to the Amalgam of Corruption. You can still do full damage to the Manifestations of Corruption (big adds) and Essences of Corruption (small adds). All damage done to the adds gets copied to the Amalgam via Foul Link, so adds should be your top dps priority

DPS get purified by clicking one of the gold orbs around the room, which brings you to the Test of Serenity and killing the mobs in there. There are 2 types of mobs:

  • Manifestations of Corruption move freely and do a frontal cone attack which is avoidable. Killing this removes 40 corruption. Assuming you go in with 75 corruption, there will be one of these in the test realm.
  • Essences of Corruption are stationary, but can pivot around. They do an attack in a line in front of them and can put up shields that will deflect any attacks from the front.Killing these removes 15 corruption. Assuming you go in with 75 corruption, there will be three of these in the test realm.

If you have not killed all the adds within 1 minute, you’ll get ported out of the test realm.

You want to get your dps purified so they can do full damage on the boss. However, any add killed in the test realm will spawn in the normal realm and the raid will have to deal with it. So, you need to pace the rate at which dps gets purified.

The normal realm is fairly simple. There will be raid-wide damage throughout the whole fight. When a Manifestation is killed, it will drop a small void zone which needs to be soaked (by standing on it) or it will pulse heavy raid-wide damage every few seconds. Soaking these give the soaker 25 corruption so tanks and healers should be handling these. DPS should not soak unless they will be going down to the test realm to get purified soon. The  best strategy is to have your whole raid stacked up behind the boss to make healing easier.

The other big ability you need to worry about is Blind Hatred. This happens every 60 seconds. A beam will appear going from the Amalgam to a floating skull and rotate around the room. You can tell which way the beam will go by the facing of the skull. Don’t get hit by the beam.

Once the boss reaches 50%, he will spawn an additional Manifestation of Corruption every 10%.

Talent Recommendations

Level 75 – Blink Strikes

Level 90 – Barrage
Barrage isn’t going to do a whole lot for you when you get to the end of the fight, but for the first half, when there are little adds spread around the room, Barrage is going to hit a whole lot more of them than GT will. Make sure you’re using it after a wave or two of adds has spawned.

Tips for Hunters

While you’re in the test realm, kill the Manifestation first as it poses the most danger to you. You can also get SS up on the Essences while they don’t have shields up. Your pet will be immensely helpful in killing these since it will always attack from behind. Disengage is helpful for positioning yourself so you can get around the shields.

In the normal realm, you basically just stand and shoot with the exception of running from the Blind Hatred. Misdirect the Manifestations onto the current tank when they spawn, and make sure you’re focusing adds – target adds who are close together first so you can take advantage of Beast Cleave. When Barrage is up, position yourself so you can hit as many adds as possible.

If you’re going to be one of the first people purified, I’d hold off on using big cooldowns like Stampede until after you’ve come out of the test realm.

Happy hunting!

Hunter Tips for The Fallen Protectors

The Fallen Protectors is a council-type fight with a lot of adds, target-switching and abilities to know about. Though the damage meters on this fight should typically be dominated by the multi-dotters, Hunters can still do pretty well. Here’s a brief rundown of what you should be focusing on as a hunter along with some tips on how to make sure you survive fight and make the most of your abilities to help out your raid group.

The heroic mode of this encounter isn’t a whole lot different. Each boss’ abilities will increase in power until they enter a Desperate Measures phase, but they’re still handled the same. 

The fight

This fight has three bosses – Rook, He and Sun – who do not share a health pool. Each boss has 1 damaging ability you’ll need to avoid during the fight. Rook will throw barrels at random targets – get out of the swirly on the ground. He will drop poison puddles – but these are more of a melee concern, ranged shouldn’t really be near them. Sun will cast Sha Sear – this is just like a Priest’s Mind Sear – if you are the target, you should run away from others to avoid damaging them.

When each boss reaches 66% and 33% they summon extra adds into the fight. The order you take the bosses down to these levels doesn’t really matter, but you want to keep their health levels fairly close, and you want to make sure adds are dealt with before pushing the next boss over. While adds are up, they should always take dps priority over the bosses.

Rook will summon 3 adds. The kill priority for these should be:
Embodied Sorrow > Embodied Gloom > Embodied Misery

  • Embodied Sorrow will cast Inferno Strike on a random player. The damage is shared, so people just need to stack on Sorrow (or they can solo soak if they have an immunity, but that’s not really necessary on normal). If you’re the target of Sha Sear, you should run out of the group until the cast is done. Inferno Strike is the most dangerous ability, which is why Sorrow is the first kill target.
  • Embodied Gloom will cast Corruption Shock, which can and should be interrupted.
  • Embodied Misery is really only a pain in the ass for the tank, so it dies last.

He will summon one add, Embodied Anguish. This add will focus a player with Mark of Anguish, which roots the player in place and deals increasing amounts of damage. This can be passed to another player by using the special action button. Mark should be passed to players with good damage reduction cooldowns, but not to tanks as it leaves an armor debuff. Everyone should focus the Anguish while it is up.

Sun will summon a number of adds: Embodied Despair, Embodied Desperation and a number of smaller Despair Spawns. She will also cast Dark Meditation, which requires everyone to stand inside her Meditative Field (this kind of looks like AMZ). Ranged should focus on killing Embodied Despair and Desperation (doesn’t matter which one is first), while the melee kill the Spawns.

Once all the bosses are under 33%, you won’t have any more adds to worry about. At this point you just need to make sure they’re damaged evenly and killed at roughly the same time.

Talent Recommendations

Level 15 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera 

Level 75 – Blink Strikes

Level 90 – Barrage
Make sure you time Barrage well. If Barrage is up and and Rook or Sun is about to push to 66/33%, hold off on using it until the extra adds spawn. Also make sure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

Tips for Hunters

This fight, though it seems complex, is actually fairly straightforward. DPS the correct target, don’t stand in bad – not a whole lot of utility is needed. One thing hunters can excel at though is handling the Mark of Anguish. You can easily hold on to the Mark for 15 seconds, meaning it doesn’t need to be passed so often. When you get the Mark, hold it until your health starts dropping low, then use Deterrence. As soon as it wears off, Deterrence again. The downside is that you can’t shoot anything with Deterrence up. You can drop traps though, so you may as well drop some fire and some snakes under the mobs. Also make sure your pet is on the Anguish.

Deterrence should also work on Inferno Strike, though I haven’t personally tried it and it shouldn’t be necessary on normal.

Hunter Tips for Immerseus

Well, I’ve played my hunter for 4 whole raids now, so I’m clearly an expert with knowledge to share. Haha. Though I’m lacking in the dps department right now (I really need a bow, trinkets and that damn legendary), I am pretty good about avoiding damage, living through fights and using my utility abilities. So I have some tips on how to make sure you survive fights and make the most of your abilities to help out your raid group. These are tips for both normal and heroic.

Man, this is a dull, dull fight. It’s not too bad at the beginning, but by the end you’re lucky if you have 2 mobs to dps during the Split phases. There’s a lot of standing around.

Talent recommendations:

Level 15 – Crouching Dragon, Hidden Chimera 
Deterrence is your friend on this fight.

Level 60 – Fervor
I generally prefer Dire Beast, but it’s not going to be overly useful on Split phases, the puddles die too quickly and are generally too far apart. Fervor will let you be more spammy with AS to burst them down.

Level 75 – Blink Strikes
No targets are up long enough for AMoC to be worthwhile. Blink Strikes will help your pet move around faster.

Level 90
Normal mode – Glaive Toss
It’s unlikely you’ll ever see more than 2 Puddles in range of each other.

Heroic mode – Barrage 
On heroic there will be large numbers of adds to deal with during phase 1, so Barrage will perform better.

Tips for the fight

  • Use all your cooldowns at the very beginning of the fight as it’s the time you’ll have the most time on target.
  • As they come up again, it’s probably best to use them while Immerseus is active as opposed to during Split phase because the adds die so quickly (unless a whole lot of them in range of you). The exception is Fervor, which can help you burst down the adds faster.
  • Since there is downtime between the phases, and you can see where the sha puddles will be spawning, go ahead and drop Explosive Trap and an Ice Trap at the location where the most adds will be.
  • You can help slow the adds using abilities like Ice Trap, Binding ShotConcussive Shot, Glaive Toss.
  • Try to stay be in range of Sha Puddles as they die, because they will give you a buff. (I have to say though, they die so quickly it’s difficult to get in range of them, and you might not even have another puddle to dps once you’ve gotten a buff).
  • Watch your pet. The room is huge and I’ve had mine run off to the other side of the room and despawn on me. Do not stand at max distance from the boss.

Heroic tips:

  • The Swelling Corruption debuffs aren’t realy anything to worry about and you should just attack the boss as normal.
  • When Congealed Sha adds spawn, witch your focus to them. AoE them down and use Binding Shot to help control them a bit.
  • During split phase, dip your toes in the Sha Pool to help keep its size under control. Watch your stacks though, you don’t want to get more than 4 or so.

Staying Alive

Deterrence is amazing on this fight and with it, you should never, ever die. 

  • Swirl, which is hard to outrun, can be completely ignored by just using Deterrence when it’s about to hit you.
  • Deterrence will also deflect Erupting Water (the damage from a Sha Puddle reaching Immerseus). You shouldn’t need to deflect this, but if you’re away from the healers or are undergeared, it will save you.
  • Deterrence will also negate Sha Bolt and Sha Splash, but that shouldn’t be necessary unless you’re about to die.

Happy hunting!