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Don’t be ‘That Guy’ in Overwatch

Overwatch, besides being the home of super cute characters and half the shipping on the Internet, is also a team game. But not everyone seems to understand that. Here are some things to avoid doing if you want to win and don’t want your team to hate you.

Charge/leap into the middle of the entire enemy team. This is a thing that Reinhardt and Winston are most guilty of. Charge is a great thing, but not when the end result is you surrounded by 6 enemy heroes who want to kill you and out of range of the rest of your team. You won’t get healed and you’ll die fast. And don’t yell at the healers for not healing you – Neither Lucio or Mercy’s heals will reach you (and don’t be mad Mercy didn’t fly in after you because she’d just die immediately as well), Ana probably won’t have line of sight to you, and Zen’s orb won’t keep you up through 6 people shooting you in the back. Charge more strategically.

Immediately complain when someone picks a character you don’t think will work. Now there are some comps that are probably bad ideas (a lack of tanks and support is an obvious one, 3 snipers, attack Torbjorn does seem rather trolly), but give people a shot. Don’t immediately complain that you don’t want even one sniper, or that Mei’s damage is too low, or that you want a Lucio over a Mercy.

Stubbornly stick to your original hero pick no matter how badly it’s going. Comp is important. If your team’s comp isn’t working, try something new.

Yell at your healers for not healing you, while otherwise ignoring them. This one’s pretty simple. If you ignore the D.Va or Tracer constantly harassing your healers don’t expect amazing healing.

Ignore the payload. In payload maps, the payload is the most important thing. Pushing the payload to the end (or stopping the other team from doing it) is what wins the match. Your 52 eliminations don’t matter if you can’t complete the objective. Also, if you’re on offence the payload heals you!

Yell at Mei for defending a point by putting up a wall to block enemy heroes. Mei is a defense character. She excels at defending a point. Keeping the enemy off it is just as important as killing, especially as the matching is coming to an end.

Be the Mei who uses walls to troll her own team. Seriously, you’re why people hate us.

Be the sniper who is so unaware of the status of the point that they won’t put a toe on it to save it from being captured even though they’re the only one alive. Oh yes, this happens. Even in competitive.

Be the player who runs right up outside the enemy team’s spawn at the beginning of a match, only to die immediately and leave your team to defend 5 on 6. Maps have choke points for a reason.

Be the person who’s constantly emoting or asking for heals in voice chat. Healers can see your health bar. Unless you’re nowhere near them, in which case, get near them for heals.

Be the player who’s only comfortable playing one character, or only Offence/Defense Characters. You don’t have to be able to play everything, but should be able to do one of Tank or Support.

Be one of those people who says “we don’t need 3 supports” when one of them is Symmetra. Symmetra can take down most tanks 1 v 1 right now so don’t you worry about lack of damage.

Be the developer that puts Symmetra into the Support category instead of the Defense category, breaking people’s brains, and causing fights.

Later this week I’m going to be writing about improving your awareness in Overwatch. Much of it will be snark, but there also might be some things to learn as Blizzard does not do a good job of telling people the fine details of playing the game.

What are the things people do in Overwatch that annoy you most?

WoW Drinking Games

Looking to spice up your time in WoW a little bit? Why not play a drinking game! I’ve been thinking about all the healer-related derp moments that happen in raids and came up with a lot of things that should drive a healer to drink. I had help coming up with some of these rules, so thanks to Kaleri, Tikari, JoeEgo and especially Walks, who also came up with the idea in the first place.

Healer Rules

Take a drink any time one of the following things happen in a raid or dungeon:


  • You see your Efflorescence pop up in the middle of nowhere because some ranged dps is standing off by themselves.
  • Your Lifebloom expires and does 100% overheal (tree form not included).
  • You accidentally Innervate a tank or dps.
  • You let Harmony fall off.
  • You shift out of Tree of Life before it’s finished.
  • You die because you are distracted by having to Battle Rez someone.


  • Your Lay on Hands is all overheal.
  • You try to cast Lay on Hands or Hand of Protection but you can’t because your target already has Forbearance.
  • You cast Light of Dawn while facing the wrong direction.
  • You die because of Hand of Sacrifice.
  • Any time you come up against a fight where Resistance Aura plus Aura Mastery is useless.
  • You use Divine Plea right when the healing gets intense.


  • Your Lightwell comes off cooldown and there are still charges left in your last one.
  • Your Prayer of Mending bounces to a pet. If it bounces to a Bloodworm, drink twice.
  • You overwrite another priest’s Prayer of Mending or they overwrite yours.
  • You can’t bubble the tank because another priest has given them Weakened Soul.
  • Your Shadowfiend refuses to attack anything.


  • You cast Chain Heal and it doesn’t bounce.
  • You overwrite another shaman’s Earth Shield, or someone overwrites yours.
  • You drop your Spirit Link Totem out of range of the majority of the raid.
  • You drop a Healing Rain and the whole raid moves.
  • You Ankh, only to die again immediately to raid damage.


  • You fat-finger one of your cooldowns.
  • You have to move and interrupt your Tranquility, Divine Hymn or Hymn of Hope channel.
  • You go a whole fight without using your cooldowns.
  • You get aggro on all the adds in a fight and die horribly or need a Pally’s HoP to save you.
  • All of your Intellect/Haste procs go off when there’s nothing to heal.

Of course, I don’t want the non-healers to feel left out, so here are some rules for the rest of the raid.

Rules for Tanks and DPS

Drink whenever one of the following happens:

  • A Paladin bemoans the removal of Divine Intervention.
  • A Priest tells you to click the lightwell.
  • A healer tells you to stand in the ground heals.
  • A healer tells you to use your healthstone.
  • You die with your healthstone still in your inventory.
  • You die because you stood in the bad.
  • You die because you were standing just outside of the PW: Barrier.
  • You have to be Lifegripped out of the bad, or into a stack point.
  • You get out-damaged by an Atonement priest. First drink, then cry.

I also can’t forget the people who like to PVP. I’m sure it makes many people want to drink away their frustrations.

PVP Rules

Drink whenever one of the following happens:

  • A healer steals a killing blow from you.
  • You realize mid-match that you are not in your pvp gear or spec.
  • Your main class of spells gets locked out by an interrupt.
  • A healer successfully jukes your interrupt.
  • You and another member of your team CC the same person at the same time.
  • You CC the kill target. If you cyclone the kill target, drink twice.
  • You get Mind-Controlled, Typhooned or Thundershocked off a ledge.
  • Someone drops a flag because they tried to mount or stealth.

If you play by any of these sets of rules, I’m sure your whole raid or PVP team will be thoroughly intoxicated within a few minutes.

Can you think of any good rules to add?

World of Logs – Evaluating Healers

For more recent discussion of evaluating logs, see my guides for World of Logs and Warcraft Logs.

This is the first part in a series about using World of Logs to evaluate raiders. I’ll be building the full series in my guides section. I suggest reading this post there for a better layout and less squishy images.

World of Logs is a great tool for evaluating your own (or others) performance in raids. Here are some basic things to look for when evaluating a healer’s raid performance.

When looking at any raider’s performance, it’s best to look at single boss kills (or attempts) specifically. To look at a specific fight, choose it from the blue navigation bar at the top.

Full Report > Bosses > choose a boss > choose an attempt

World of Logs dashboard - looking at a specific fight

Healing Done

To get to this screen from the navigation menu: Dashboard > Healing Done

This screen that will give you general information about healing done by everyone throughout the fight. It’s broken into two parts: a graph showing a timeline of the fight and a table breaking down how much healing was done.

First we’ll look at the table:

World of Logs - Healing done

Healing isn’t all about numbers, so this part of the log isn’t terribly useful. Output will depend heavily on class/fight/healing assignment. However, you can tell a few things. Healers with extremely low output may sound some warning bells. Active time is a good thing to look at, it shows how much time was spent healing. Low numbers here are sometimes due to deaths, or it could be your healing assignment isn’t taking damage for part of the fight, or there could be downtime (like the times that Magmaw’s head is down and he’s not doing any damage).

If you mouse-over any player on this chart, you will see a breakdown of the 5 abilities that did the most healing. You’ll want to look at the next, more in-depth section for healer breakdowns, but these quick looks can give you basic information. For example, if I mouseover one of our our elemental shaman on this chart, I can see that he used his Healthstone and Gift of the Naaru (yay!).

World of Logs - mouseover healing

Now we’ll look at the graph:

World of Logs - Healing done graph

The default option is for the graph to show total healing (the top yellow bar), along with the top 3 healers. If you want to see all healers, or look at one person individually toggle the checkboxes next to their names in the table below.

This is really useful for getting an overall view of both healing output and major events during the fight.

  • The vertical red lines indicate player deaths. Hovering over the bar will show the last 3 sources of damage the player took.
  • Vertical orange lines (not shown) show combat resurrections.
  • The vertical green line indicates boss death.
  • The vertical blue bar shows the duration of bloodlust/heroism.

The healing lines give a good indication of the damage patterns of the fight. The above graph is from Magmaw. You can tell when his head is down by the huge drop in overall healing.

To see the dps equivalent of these stats, use Dashboard > Damage Done

Player Details

If you want to look at one player specifically, there are two ways to do it:

1. Choose the player’s name from the healing chart of a specific fight
2. In the top navigation: Players > class > name

This page will show multiple tabs for looking at different things.

Healing by Spell

World of Logs - Healing by Spell

This shows a single healer’s entire healing breakdown for the fight. Things to look for include:

  • Breadth of spell selection – Is the healer using all of their tools?
  • Group vs. Single target heals – Is a tank healer using mostly group heals? Is a raid healer casting too many direct heals?
  • Overheal – Are heals being wasted?

Healing by Actor

World of Logs - Healing by Actor

This provides a breakdown of who the healer healed. How useful this page is depends on how stringent the healing assignments are. If someone is assigned to heal a tank, that tank should be on top of the list. A raid healer should have healing love spread out among most players who were in range of them.

The table on the left is a sample of a Magmaw kill. My general healing strategy is to keep HoTs on the MT and heal the raid. You can see from this example that the MT got 28.2% of my heals and the rest were spread out on everyone else. I am the second person on this list because keeping myself alive is my second highest priority.



Buffs Cast

World of Logs - Buffs cast

To analyze this page, you really need to know the class/player you’re looking at.

Things to look out for:

  • Cooldowns – Tranquility, Tree of Life, Pain Suppression, Guardian Spirit, Aura Mastery, Power Infusion, Nature’s Swiftness, etc. Were they used? How often?
  • On-use trinkets – Were they used?
  • Uptime on certain spells – Earth Shield, Lifebloom, Chakra, Beacon of Light, etc. Were these kept up as close to 100% as possible?

Coming up next – Analyzing the logs when things go wrong