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Restoration Druid Guide for Cataclysm

My resto druid guide has been put together and posted. It includes information on talents, spells, glyphs and stats. I will be updating it as changes are made and will likely be adding new sections on dungeon and raid healing strategies shortly.

If you have any comments or notice any mistakes, please comment here or send me an email at cannotbetamed@gmail.com.

Cataclysm Restoration Druid Guide

Resto Druid Guide: Stats (includes Haste break points for HoTs)

Here are the stats you will find on healing gear and what they do for you.



Each point of Stamina gives you 10 health. Stamina is not a stat you have to look for. It will be present on all your gear. Your health will increase with your item levels.


Each point of Intellect gives you:

  • 1 spell power
  • 17.53 mana
  • 0.0015% critical strike chance

Intellect is the strongest stat for resto druids. It increases our mana pool, gives us thoroughput and increases the effects of mana regeneration that are based on mana pool (Innervate, Replenishment). Amount of intellect should be the first stat you look for on gear.


Spirit increases mana regeneration, both in and out of combat. Your mp5 depends on both your spirit and intellect.


128.05 haste rating = 1% haste

Haste reduces the global cooldown (to a minimum of 1 second), reduces the time it takes to cast spells and can increase the number of times your HoTs tick. Haste is very important, especially to get in those extra ticks. See below for the chart of Haste Break Points.

Critical Strike Chance

179.28 crit rating = 1% critical strike chance

All your heals, including HoT ticks, are capable of critting. Critical heals heal for 1.5x the amount of normal heals. This is a lower priority stat for druids.


The resto druid mastery is Symbiosis. It increases the potency of your healing spells when your target is already affected by one of your heal over time spells. All of your healing spells benefit from this, even other HoTs. How important Mastery is depends on your style of healing. If you are a tank healer, Mastery can be strong. However, if you are a raid healer, or if you infrequently cast spells on targets that already have a HoT on them, Mastery becomes less useful.

Spell Power

Spell power is only found on weapons. It effects the output of your spells.

Stat Priority

Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Critical Strike Chance = Mastery

Haste Break Points

With certain amounts of haste, you can squeeze in extra ticks of your HoTs. Each table below shows the amount of haste needed to get x extra ticks of each spell. There are two sets of values. First, if you do not have a 5% haste buff and second, if you do.


Ticks 10 11 12 13 14
Without buff base 640
With buff base 0

Wild Growth

Ticks 7 8 9 10
Without buff base 909
With buff base 256


Ticks 4 5 6
Without buff base 1601
With buff base 915


Ticks 4 5 6
Without buff base 2135
With buff base 1423

In order to get a 1 second GCD you would require 6403 haste without the 5% buff, or 5489 haste with it. This is not going to be possible with current gear.

So how much haste should you be looking for? First, figure out if you will consistently have a 5% haste buff in your raid group, and plan around that. Next, pick an attainable target. Here are the above tables organized a little differently to help you pick a good target.

Without 5% buff

Haste Extra ticks
640 11th tick of LB
909 8th tick of WG
1601 5th tick of RJ
1921 12th tick of LB
2135 5th tick of RG
2744 9th tick of WG
3202 13th tick of LB

With 5% buff

Haste Extra ticks
0 11th tick of LB
256 8th tick of WG
915 5th tick of RJ
1220 12th tick of LB
1423 5th tick of RG
2004 9th tick of WG
2440 13th tick of LB
3659 14th tick of LB

So, if you have the 5% buff 1423 haste could be an attainable goal that would give you 1 extra tick on Wild Growth, Rejuvenation and Regrowth and 2 extra ticks on Lifebloom. Gear for haste, and reforge others stats (crit or mastery) until you hit this number. Once you reach 1423, additional haste will be less useful to you until you can reach the next break point of 2004.

*Special thanks to Hamlet’s TreeCalcs spreadsheet which provides all the neccessary druid math*

My full resto druid guide can be found here.