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Healing ICC: Gunship Armory

Gunship battle

If you need healing instructions for this, I think you’re in trouble.

Normal Mode

  • Run to and jump in a cannon so you have something to do during the fight
  • Failing that, heal anyone whose health bar isn’t full
  • Don’t stand next to the whirl winding adds on your ship
Heroic Mode


Hard Mode

  • Like normal mode, a good strategy is to heal the people who aren’t at full health
  • If Saurfang/Muradin is being tanked the conventional way (on the edge of his ship), stay on the edge of your own ship so you are in range of the tank. You should never have to jump over.
  • While standing at the edge, avoid the explosions from rocket blasts or risk being knocked off the ship and mocked for the rest of your raiding days.