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Gamer Confessions: Classic Games I’ve Never Played

This post was inspired by Syp over at BioBreak, who confessed to never playing some games that are considered classics. I thought this was a fantastic idea for a post. I’ve played hundreds of video games in my lifetime, but there are a lot that many people consider classics and “must-plays” that I just never got around to.



You’d think with the dearth of female game protagonists in the 8-bit era that Metroid would have gotten onto my radar at some point. Nope. I’ve never played any Metroid game. As a kid I don’t think I had heard of it, and as an adult… there are just so many other things to play. I also prefer my NES games to be linear – backtracking and the ability to get lost kind of turn me off this sort of game.



I know what (who?) Pikachu is, because I don’t live under a rock but when someone mentions Squirtle, Eevee… it usually ends in me running to Google to figure out what they hell they’re talking about. I know the core concept of the Pokemon games, and I think it’s kind of like pet battles in WoW, but there’s so much I don’t know. Why is there a Pokemon Ruby and Emerald and Gold and Silver and Black? So many. Are they different games? I don’t know if it’s my age or lack of a Gameboy growing up, but I feel like I’ve missed the boat on this huge part of gaming culture. I doubt I’ll ever play a Pokemon game.

Half-Life 2

half life

Every few months it seems, the Internet freaks out about the possibility of Half-Life 3 being released. I always feel left out of this particular hype since I never played Half-Life 2. Portal is the only Orange Box game I’ve played.

Final Fantasy (pre-FF7)


My first Final Fantasy game was FF7 on PS1. The first ones were never really on my radar as a kid, and I didn’t have a SNES to play the next few. I’ve heard nothing but good things, but for some reason I’ve never picked up any of them. Again, I like my retro games short and linear.



Never playing Warcraft 1-3 is probably the reason I never cared one bit about story in World of Warcraft. I did often feel like I was missing out on something (like being excited about new expansions based entirely on old games). I would actually like to pick up whichever one is considered the best of the 3 games at some point because I do really like strategy games.

Metal Gear Solid


I have MGS 1-3 sitting on my shelf, waiting to be played. I loved Snatcher so much, so I want to see what else Kojima has made. One day I’ll get around to them.

Mega Man


Alright, this is a bit of a lie. I have played one Mega Man game on NES (don’t ask which, I don’t remember) at a friend’s house as a kid. But that’s the extent of my experience with the little blue guy. I’ll probably have to schedule a review of one of the games in order to get me to finally play one.


Are there any classic games you’ve never played?

My Gaming Style

This is day 20 of Blaugust.

For today’s post, I was inspired by Missy, who posted about a survey for a gaming style profile. The survey has been floating around other blogs, but this is the one that made me click through to the survey itself.

There were 5 pages of questions but it didn’t take too long. The results were close to what I expected, though in a few cases I don’t really understand how they were calculated. The scores are percentiles.

I am Action-Oriented, Analytical, Completionist, Independent and Deeply Immersed.

My gaming style

While most of these percentiles seem about right, a couple are unexpected. Let’s start with Action.


That this is high doesn’t surprise me, though I’m a little surprised to see it as my highest score overall. I do like fast-paced, exciting games like action-adventures, platformers and the occasional FPS (though I also really like turn based games). I find this metric a little suspect since as far as I can remember from the questions, there was really only one that would have been scored against the Destruction category. I do like to blow shit up in games, but I find it a bit hard to believe that I like blowing things up more than 90% of other gamers that have taken the survey.


Apparently I hate challenge but I like strategy and complexity. It’s true that difficulty is not something I look for in games. I play on normal mode. The only game that I can think of that has really made me want to try a higher difficulty is XCOM, so I guess challenge isn’t my thing. I find it a bit strange there’s such a big discrepancy between two subjects in the same category.

AchievementWell, if I thought the last category had a big discrepancy… This is the result that’s the most surprising to me. I love achievements and I’m a huge completionist, but I’m not so into character power. I don’t care too much about gear in games (now that I don’t play WoW), but I think I’m more achievement-driven than 36% of gamers.


I’m not a social animal, no surprise here. With the exception of HotS right now, I will always opt for single player games. I’ve sworn off MMOs forever and I will rarely even check out the online modes of games I get for the campaign. I do like beating people when I do play against them though.


I thought this one would be my highest and it’s close. I love a good story and being able to immerse myself in a new world. I love exploring and ultimately see video games as the ultimate escapism.


About average on creativity, that seems about right. I like discovery and though I like customizing my character I’m not super into things like customizing/decorating locations.

This survey was a fun little distraction. If you want to take it yourself, you can find it here: https://apps.quanticfoundry.com/lab/10