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Tolerating Mistakes

When playing WoW with a group of people, mistakes are going to be made, people are going to display lack of awareness and subpar ability. Depending on who you play with, this might happen a lot. Mistakes are reacted to in different ways. Why is one laughed off while another makes you think the person making the mistake is a total noob?

First, there’s familiarity with the people you’re running with. Let’s say I’m in Forge of Souls and I fall off the walkway. Not that I’ve ever done that. ::cough:: If I’m in a group with guildies, they’re likely to laugh at me, will probably bring it up at every opportunity for the next month, but their opinions of me don’t change because of it. They know this kind of mistake isn’t the norm and won’t write me off as a moron. However, if I’m in a PuG with people I’ve never played with before, there’s a good chance at least some of them will think I’m an idiot, and will probably tell me so in party chat. Personally I don’t tend to be this judgemental of PuGs but there is certainly a difference between how harshly I view these kinds of mistakes depending on who makes them.

Moving more towards raiding with a set group, it’s the repeat offenders that really push my buttons. Anyone can run into a Malleable Goo that was targeted at someone else or get hit with the occasional cleave. It happens. You’re allowed an off-night every once in a while or a momentary lapse in concentration. But the ones who get hit with these things all the time? The ones whose gear score is consistently higher than their dps? I wish I could attach electrodes to their chairs and zap them into a higher level of awareness.

I am most judgemental of people who play my class(es) because I’m familiar with what they should be doing, but there are some other things that annoy me as well. On the top of my list of raiding annoyances:

  • Druids who don’t use Barkskin. Barkskin is like a band aid for mistakes. Lag on Sindragosa and get caught in a Blistering cold? Barkskin and you won’t die. Miss a stack of the debuff on heroic Festergut? Barkskin during the Pungent Blight and no one will be the wiser.
  • Resto druids who stop healing when they move. The ability to heal on the move is one of the biggest benefits of the class, use it!
  • Hunters who don’t misdirect. I hate going through logs and seeing 0 or maybe 1 MD from a hunter on aggro sensitive fights. Yes, you can feign death, but not every class can. Stop being lazy and help out the rest of your raid group.
  • Hunters who don’t use Deterrence or Disengage.
  • Hunters who get hit by Blood Beasts on Suarfang.
  • Players (of any class) who don’t cleanse or decurse.
  • Paladins who just can’t figure out blessings and auras (and refuse to get Pally Power).
  • Melee who don’t run away from Vengeful shades
  • Anyone who gets hit by Frost Bombs or stands in Slime Spray more than once in a blue moon.

What are your biggest annoyances in raids? Which mistakes do you not tolerate?