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How to Heal: Alysrazor (25N)

This is a Druid healing guide for the Firelands raid instance. Though it’s written from a 25-man perspective, most of the tips should apply to 10s as well.

Alysrazor is a test of awareness, movement and not standing in the bad.

If you’re not familiar with the general tactics of the fight, check out the Icy Veins guide.

Debuffs you want to be aware of:

FieroblastFieroblast – This spell is cast by the Blazing Talon Initiates. It should be interrupted by the dps but if it gets off, it does a chunk of fire damage and leaves a DoT. If you have Nature’s Cure, dispel this. If not, you’ll need to heal through it.

Gushing WoundGushing Wound – The Voracious Hatchling will put this on the tank (and anyone else silly enough to stand in front of it). It will do damage every 0.2 seconds for 1 minute or until the target reaches 50% health.

As usual I’m assigned to raid healing on this fight. However, for phase 1 the majority of my healing goes on one of the Hatchling tanks.

The Pull:

  • As soon as the pull is made Alysrazor will do big damage to the whole raid plus a knock back and then 10,000 damage every second for 10 seconds. I like to pre-cast a Rejuvenation on myself so I can Swiftmend and put down an Efflorescence immediately after the knock back (this won’t work on the first pull of the night because the RP is too long, but will work on subsequent pulls).
  • After the knock back you can also use Wild Growth and Tranquility – Tranq may seem like overkill, but you won’t need it in the next 3 minutes, so may as well make use of it.

Phase 1:

  • Once the Firestorm is finished get out of the center of the room, as Alysrazor will fly through, using Blazing Claw. You’ll want to avoid the center of the room for most of the fight.
  • You’ve got about 15 seconds to orient yourself before any more damage goes out.
  • Pick up a Molten Feather when you can, which will give you the ability to cast while moving and increase your movement speed. You should likely pick up a Feather the second time they are dropped as those going into the air and the less mobile healers should get them first.
  • The tanks will begin taking damage after Alysrazor drops two eggs in the middle of the arena which will hatch. Stay away from the eggs, as the Hatchlings will imprint on the first person they see.
  • Stack Lifebloom and roll a Rejuvenation on your tank. Spam direct heals to keep them topped up. Remember that you can cast while moving if you have a feather – if you often use movement to cancel casts, that won’t work anymore.
  • Cast Thorns on the tank as often as possible. The extra damage will help to kill the Hatchling.
  • Shortly after the Hatchlings, Lava Worms will spawn. They will rotate 360 degrees and cast Lava Spew in a cone in front of them. The Lava Spew will kill anyone who stands in it quickly, so you need to find a safe place to stand.
Alysrazor Lava Worms positioning

Positioning of Lava Worms (approximate) - Don't stand in the yellow circles.

  • Safe places to stand are the edges of the room or directly in between two Lava Worms. If you stand in one of these place, you shouldn’t ever have to move to avoid the Lava Spew. Find a place where you are in range of your tank and sit there until the tank moves. Just watch for Brushfire, you’ll still need to move to avoid those.
  • Watch the dps and other healers on your side of the room. Dispel any Fieroblast and top up those who get hit by Fieroblast, Brushfire or Lava Spew. All of this damage is avoidable, so you the dps should not need much healing.
  • When the tank gets Gushing Wound, stop healing and let the debuff fall off. Be sure to have a big heal ready for when it falls off to quickly top the tank back up. Swiftmend or Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch works well.
  • Watch out for the Hatchling’s Tantrum (they will get big and red). The tank will need big heals when this happens.
  • Innervate when you hit 80% mana and whenever it comes off cooldown. You can be fairly loose with your mana during this fight as you will have a chance to gain it all back during phase 3.

Phase 2:

Alysrazor will use three abilities that must be avoided. Stay away from the center of the arena to avoid Fiery Vortex. Stay away from the edges of the arena to avoid Harsh Winds and run around in circles to avoid Fiery Tornados. This phase lasts 30 seconds.

  • Make sure you’re not near the middle or edges of the room as this phase begins.
  • Use Barkskin.
  • As soon as the Tornados spawn, start running. I find the easiest way to avoid getting hit is to chase the Tornados. Wait for one to pass you and then chase it. When it starts getting far ahead, wait for another one to pass you and turn around to chase it.
  • If your tank’s Hatchling is still alive at this point, you will need to heal them. Try to stay in range of them while avoiding the tornados (just change direction more often so you don’t move too far away). Remember that you can still cast on he move at this point.
  • Toss out heals (Wild Growth, Rejuv, Swiftmend) on the raid as you run around.

Phase 3:

This phase has no incoming damage and allows you to regenerate all of your mana.

  • All dps and healers should group up.
  • Pop Tree of Life and start casting Wrath at Alysrazor, which will regen your mana through Essence of the Green.
  • When Alysrazor’s Molten Power (energy bar) hits 50, the phase will end.

Phase 4:

This phase has high damage to the whole raid. Blazing Buffet deals 15,000 damage per second to everyone. She will also do damage to the tanks. This phase lasts 25 seconds.

  • Use Rejuv and Swiftmend to get Efflorescence down immediately.
  • Cast Wild Growth on cooldown.
  • Use Barkskin.
  • Put Lifeblooms and Rejuv on the tank.
  • Fill in the gaps on the raid with Rejuvs.
  • Use Tranquility when Alysrazor reaches ~75 Molten Power.

After this, the whole fight will repeat. She’ll do a big knockback dealing 50,000 damage to everyone then go back to her phase 1 abilities.

A few important notes about the fight:

  • Alysrazor will only repeat these phases 3 times. If she’s not dead after the third Phase 4, she will stay on the ground and continue to cast Blazing Buffet on the raid. This acts as a soft enrage. If she doesn’t go down quickly the healers will likely run out of mana and it will be a wipe.
  • The fight can be won in Phase 1 even if everyone on the ground is dead. It is possible for the dps air team to kill her on their own. As long as they don’t come too close to the ground they should be able to stay in the air without taking damage.

Happy healing!

Illusory Superiority

Alternate title: My overconfidence is my weakness.
Alternate, alternate title:
Jasyla’s ego takes a massive hit.

Over the last 2 weeks, Apotheosis has spent a lot of time working on Alysrazor. A LOT of time. We ran into many problems along the course of our progression through the fight: members of the flight team plummeting to their deaths, tank deaths, people standing in Lava Spew, and the tornados – sweet Elune, the tornados. As we learned the fight we’d get further and further, and eventually everything would come together in the first phase, the tanks would live and kill their hatchlings in good time, the flight team would soar like eagles and the rest of the raid would avoid Lava Spew and Brushfires. Then the tornados would spawn and BAM! 70% of the raid would spontaneously combust.

As a healer, I always felt extremely powerless at this point. When someone takes 135,000 damage over a span of half a second, there’s not much I can do to save them. When 15 people take 135,000 damage over half a second all I can do is cry silently into my branches and hope people will get better at dodging for the next attempt.

As our Alysrazor attempts went on, we ran into problems with tornados again and again, but it got a little bit better every time. Instead of 70% of the raid exploding, only half the raid did, then only 25%, then only a couple of people. In the 28 failed attempts I took part in over 3 nights I only died to tornados once, the very first time we got to that phase. Though my healer ego wept over the people I couldn’t save, my raider ‘peen skyrocketed over how awesome I was at living until the bitter end.

On our most recent night of Alysrazor attempts we wiped 14 times, and though we were greatly improving, we still had Tornado deaths every time they spawned. I, who had yet to die to a Tornado that night, began to feel superior and have uncharitable thoughts about those who were dying. And I got cocky. As soon as tornados would spawn I’d run around, chase and strafe, while trying to continue to put out as much healing as I could to help the people who were getting hit. I knew I was clipping the tornados occasionally, but figured as long as I’m not dying, who cares? Then came attempt 15, which would turn into kill #1. Tornados spawned and I got sloppy –  I got hit by 6 of them and dropped like a sack of potatoes. I got a rez once they were gone and we got through another set of phases. Tornados spawned for the second time and I got hit 4 times while healing everyone but myself. Dead again. Luckily, though people started dropping like flies, 3 members of our awesome flight team managed to live and proceeded to take Alysrazor down from 20% to dead while the rest of the raid lay massacred on the ground below. (PS. I love you flight team <3).

I was ecstatic about the kill, but pretty upset with myself for dying twice after 14 attempts of what I believed to be near-perfect play on my part. I got over it though, I told myself “Jasyla, you were so awesome on the first 14 attempts, you can’t blame yourself too much for getting a little tired and sloppy on the 15th.” I even believed myself – until I looked at the logs for total Tornado damage:

Alysrazor - Tornado damage

Umm...my cat jumped on my keyboard?

When I saw this I was torn between 2 reactions. First, I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. Then I wanted to laugh hysterically. The mental image I had of myself deftly dodging every threat in my path was shattered. I wasn’t better at tornado dodging than anyone, I was worse than everyone. The only thing I had on my side was the fact that I’m a healer and could powerheal through my avoidance failures. If I had been a dps, I probably would have died on every attempt.

So, what’s the point of this post, other than to embarass myself? I’m actually not sure. I guess I just wanted to communicate that while I think it’s great to be confident in your abilities, everyone is susceptible to screw-ups. Before you start feeling too proud of yourself make sure you’re playing in a way that is deserving of pride. When you do screw up, accept it, learn from it and do better next time. I promise I will not be hitting so many tornados next time I face Alysrazor.

In the words of Han Solo, “Don’t get cocky, kid.”