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Raid Buffs and Debuffs – Updated for Mists

Here are all of the buffs and debuffs that are available in Mists of Pandaria.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Buffs and debuffs in each category do not stack.
  • These have been normalized so that each buff or debuff in a category provides the same benefit.


Attack Power

Increases ranged and melee attack power by 10%

Burst Haste

Increases casting and attack speed by 30% for 40 seconds.

Critical Strike

Increases critical strike chance by 5%


Increases ranged and melee attack speed by 10%


Increases Mastery by 3000

Spell Haste

Increases spell haste by 5%

Spell Power

Increases spell power by 10%


Increases stamina by 10%


Increases intellect, agility and strength by 5%


Magic Vulnerability

Increases magic damage taken by 8%

Mortal Wounds

Reduces healing received by 50%

physical Vulnerability

Increases physical damage taken by 4%

Slow Casting

Reduces casting speed by 30%

Weakened Armor

Reduces armor by 12%

Weakened Blows

Reduces physical damage dealt by 10%

Raid Frame Showdown: Blizzard, Grid, VuhDo

Three raid frames enter. One raid frame leaves.

As a healer, my raid frames are the most important part of my user interface. If you had asked me 2 months ago what my raid frames of choice were I would have said Grid, hands down. This is both because it is an excellent addon that tells me everything I need to know but also because I’m stubborn and refused to try out any others. After patch 4.0.1 Grid hit me with some very annoying issues that caused the most important parts, the HoT timers, to stop working as I liked. This gave me a very good excuse to broaden my horizons and try out some new raid frames, namely the default Blizzard raid frames and VuhDo. Here’s my evaluation of them. For the TLDR version, skip down to the summary.

Blizzard Raid Frames

I’m going to insert a big spoiler here and tell you that the default raid frames do not win this contest. However, they underwent a major overhaul recently and I thought they deserved a proper look.

Customization and Options

Customization of the default raid frames is extremely limited. You can change the size of the frames, though even the smallest settings are still very large, you can choose to display class colours or leave everyone green, you can also choose whether or not you want to see things such as incoming heals, aggro, power bars, and debuffs.

Blizzard raid frame options
The default raid frames don’t allow for nearly as much customization as I’d like. The biggest problem for me is the size. I like to keep my raid frames as small as possible so I get a good view of the action rather than have the raid frames take up too much space on my screen. The size of the smallest setting needs to be cut in half in order to make me happy. I also prefer vertical health bars, which is not an option.


I’ve set up the Blizzard raid frames to my liking, as much as the limited options allowed. Here they are:

Blizzard raid frames

The raid frames really aren’t bad-looking. The things I like most are the incoming heals and the raid roles clearly indicated on everyone’s frame. However, there are many things I don’t like. As I mentioned already, the frames are too big. I also think the percentages are unnecessary.

Information Displayed – HoTs and Debuffs

Default raid frames - HoT displayYour own HoTs are shown in the bottom right corner of the raid frame, represented by the spell icon. There are no numerical countdowns to tell you how long the duration is but it does show time left though shading. Only three HoTs are shown at a time. There are no options to change the size or display of the icons. As you can see in the above example, with mana bars showing and the smallest setting, HoT icons cover the health percentage display.

Default raid frames - Debuff displayDebuffs are shown in the bottom left corner. There is an option to show only dispellable debuffs.

Ease of Use

Lack of options make the default raid frames very easy to set up.


I’ve been a staunch Grid supporter for almost as long as I’ve been healing. It is highly customizable and can show you everything you need to know to heal effectively.

Customization and Options

Grid can be customized in many ways.

Grid frame options
You can change the fonts, size of the notification icons, how many characters of each person’s name displayed…

Grid layout options
Size of the raid frames can be anything from teeny, tiny to very large. You can set it to expand/contract to a certain number of groups based on your circumstances.

Grid Indicator options
Triggers (HoTs, debuffs, aggro, etc.) can be set to appear in the area of your choice. You have the option to show things in the four corners, on the four sides (requires an additional mod), in the center of the frame or as a border.

Grid Options - auras

You can customize how the triggers display by changing the colour, priority or adding filters. You can add custom buffs and debuffs, or use a mod like GridStatusRaidDebuffs to add them all for you.


Grid Raid Frames
Grid has a nice, compact layout. Of course, it all depends on how you set it up, but Grid can really look any way you want it to. My favorite parts of Grid are:
1) debuffs shown as icons so I know exactly what people are affected by;
2) numerical countdowns to let me know how long my HoTs are ticking for.

Information Displayed

Grid HoT tracking
I have a separate countdown timer for each of my HoTs, displayed in different areas of the frame. This makes it very easy to tell, at a glance, which HoTs are up and how much longer they will tick for. The Lifebloom counter is colour-coded to tell me how many stacks are up.

Debuffs are shown as an icon in the middle of the frame. I do not use a generic trigger to tell me when I can dispel something (though you can), instead I learn to recognize all the icons.

Ease of Use

With many options comes much confusion. I’ve introduced a few people to Grid and they were quite overwhelmed by it at first. The menus are not very intuitive and it does take quite a bit of work in order to turn the out-of-the-box frames into something usable and informative.

For me, the biggest downside to Grid is the number of addons you need in order to get it working optimally. Search for Grid on Curse and you will get 3 pages of results. In addition to the main addon, I use extra modules in order to show: side indicators, text indicators, mana bars, HoT timers, raid debuffs. As you can imagine this makes staying up to date a bit of a pain. They are not all updated at the same time and occasionally (like after 4.0.1) this can cause problems.


No longer the new kid on the block, VuhDo has been around for a while. Those who use it swear by it, so I finally decided to test it out.

Customization and Options

VuhDo has almost every single option for customization that I could want.

VuhDo size options

Customize the scale, size and spacing of your raid frames.

VuhDo HoT options

Customize where you want your HoTs displayed on the frame (2 layout options with a total of 7 spaces for HoT icons), which HoT goes where, how big they are and how they look.

VuhDo debuff options

Decide where to display debuffs and how they look. You can set sound alerts or animations to draw extra attention to certain debuffs or set it up so the frames change colour to indicate what type of debuff is present (not pictured).

VuhDo mouse bindings

You can assign your spells to mouse keys, add keybinds and set smart casts.


VuhDo Raid frames 2
I’ve set up Vuhdo so it looks almost identical to Grid. The frames are a little brighter, and there are many different textures to choose from for the frame backgrounds. HoTs are shown with both icons and countdown timers which I really like. The only aesthetic problem I have is that there is no option to make mana bars vertical (if I’m wrong about this, please let me know).

Information Displayed

Vuhdo HoT tracking

All my HoTs are displayed in their own part of the frames. The icon for each HoT is displayed along with the countdown for how long it will tick for. This makes the frames very easy to read. Lifebloom has an extra counter to show the number of stacks.

Debuffs are shown in two ways. First, the icon is displayed in the top left corner along with a countdown timer. Second, name of the player changes colour to let me know what type of debuff they are affected by (blue for magic, purple for curse, green for poison).

VuhDo out of rangeThere is also a nifty feature that shows which direction people are, relative to you, when they are out of range to make finding them easier.

Ease of Use

As with Grid, the huge number of options makes setup a little complicated. A nice thing about VuhDo is that the option screens are clear and full of large, well-labelled, colourful buttons and tabs. When setting it up I was able to figure out most things fairly quickly, but did have to resort to Tam’s excellent guide a couple of times to figure out some of the options.

The best thing about VuhDo is that you get everything – frames, HoT timers, debuffs, mana bars, click-bindings – all in one addon.


Blizzard Raid Frames


  • Easy to use
  • Part of the standard UI – adds no extra memory usage to your game
  • Each person’s raid role is clearly displayed


  • Lack of options
  • Frames are too large
  • Can only display up to 3 HoTs
  • No numerical countdowns for HoTs

Verdict: The default raid frames have improved immensely, but they still aren’t quite there for healers who want to track everything that’s going on. Customization options are very limited. If there was an option to scale down the size of the frames further, I would use the default raid frames on dps characters, but as they are now these frames do not fulfill my healing needs.



  • Extremely customizable
  • Compact and attractive (once it’s set up correctly)
  • Extendable – there are many modules available to help you track any specialized spells or information


  • Menus are not very intuitive
  • Takes time to set up
  • Need for separate modules makes staying up to date a bit of a pain

Verdict: Grid, combined with the click-healing mod Clique, has provided me with everything I need for in a raid frame for years. There are a ton of options which let you customize the appearance and information displayed to suit your needs. The biggest downside to Grid is that you need multiple addons installed in order to have a complete raid frame package. Most modules are maintained by different developers which means they are not all updated at once and can lead to problems.



  • Extremely customizable
  • Compact and attractive (when set up properly)
  • Includes everything you need to see on your frames in one mod
  • Includes built-in click binding assignments
  • Menus are attractive and mostly straightforward


  • Takes time to set up
  • No option for vertical mana bars

Verdict: VuhDo has a ton of customization options and can be set up in almost any way you could think of. All HoT timers, debuffs and notification options are included in a single addon. With its built-in click and keybindings, it provides everything I need to stay informed and heal effectively.


In terms of aesthetics and ability to display the information I need Grid and VuhDo are neck-and-neck. Both show me everything I need to know in a compact and attractive package.

In terms of setup, both mods do take a bit of work. VuhDo has a slight advantage in this area as the option screens are cleaner and more intuitive.

The biggest difference between Grid and VuhDo is the number of mods needed to get it to work effectively. In order to set up Grid as I like I need 7 or 8 different mods, for VuhDo I just need one. Because of this, VuhDo is now my raid frame addon of choice.



Shared Topic: Fringe Benefits of Bringing a Resto Druid to Raid

It’s been a while since I participated in a shared topic at Blog Azeroth. This week’s topic, submitted by Shopshopshop combined two of my favorite things to talk about: druids and raid utility.

So, besides being innately awesome, what does a resto druid bring to a raid?

  1. Versatility
    Druids are the only class that can fulfill any role: tank, healer, melee and ranged dps. With dual-specs and the recent changes to gear resto druids can switch between resto and balance fairly easily if your raid comp requires a little shake-up.
  2. Buffs
    Mark of the Wild – Provides a boost to stats and magic resistances to all raid members.
  3. Debuffs
    Faerie Fire – It is ideal for a moonkin or feral druid to put this up, but a resto can do it if one of those isn’t available.  The armor debuff will benefit all physical damage classes in the raid.
  4. Mana
    Replenishment – Resto druids are the only healing class that provide this buff.
    Innervate – Restores 20% of total mana. With the Glyph of Innervate we are more likely to share this spell with others.
  5. Crowd Control
    Cyclone – The short duration means this isn’t the preferred method of CC in most situations. However, the invulnerability effect makes this the best choice for CC’ing players on any fight with a mind-control component.
    Hibernate – Works on beasts and dragonkin.
    Entangling Roots – A good method of crowd controlling melee mobs. This is also procced by Nature’s Grasp if the druid gets attacked.
  6. Other good things:
    Rebirth – The one and only combat res (for now). With the new Glyph of Rebirth, players are brought back to life at full health.
    Remove Corruption – Resto druids can remove poisons, curses and magic effects.
    Soothe – This spell was just recently changed. Druids now have a Tranq Shot!
    Thorns – This now lasts for only 20 seconds, but the damage done has increased by a lot. Tossing it on a tank as they’re about to pull will help them generate aggro. This is especially nice on multi-mob pulls.

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Raid Debuffs – Updated for Cataclysm

Here are all of the debuffs that will be in play come Cataclysm. With the exception of a couple level 80+ skills, most are available as of patch 4.0.1.

For the full, up-to-date debuff guide, see Raid Buffs and Debuffs.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • As always, the debuffs in each category do not stack.
  • Debuffs have been normalized so that each debuff in a category is the same (with the exception of healing taken and castin speed).
  • Different types of hunter pets now provide different debuffs


Reduces armor by 12%

Attack Speed

Reduces melee and ranged attack speed by 20%

Bleed Damage

Increases bleed damage taken by 30%

Casting Speed

Reduces casting speed by 30%

Reduces casting speed by 25%

Crit Chance

Increases chance to be critically hit by 5%

Damage Done

Reduces physical damage dealt by 10%

Damage Taken (magic)

Increases magic damage taken by 8%

Damage Taken (physical)

Increases physical damage taken by 4%

Healing Taken

Reduces healing taken by 10%

For the first part of this post see: Raid Buffs

Windsoar has also made a list of buffs and debuffs sorted by the class that provides them. Take a look over at Jaded Alt.


I’m also making my spreadsheet available if you want to download it. It might be easier to work with since you can sort by class, type, spec, etc. Download the Excel spreadsheet here.

Raid Buffs – Updated for Cataclysm

Here are all of the raid buffs that will be in play come Cataclysm. With the exception of a couple level 80+ skills, most are available as of patch 4.0.1.

For the full, up-to-date debuff guide, see Raid Buffs and Debuffs.

A few things to keep in mind when stacking raid buffs:

  • As always, the buffs in each category do not stack.
  • Buffs have been normalized so that each buff in a category is the same (this applies to everything but the spell power and spell pushback buffs).
  • Different types of hunter pets now provide different buffs and debuffs


Increases armor by 10352

Attack Power

Increases attack power by 10%

Attack Speed

Increases ranged and melee attack speed by 10%

Critical Strike Chance

Increases critical strike chance by 5%


Increases all damage done by 3%

Damage Reduction

Reduces physical damage taken by 10%

Major Haste

Increases casting and attack speed by 30% for 40 seconds.


Increases mana by 2126

Mana Regeneration

Increases Mp5 by 326


Grants up to 10 party or raid members mana regeneration equal to 1% of their maximum mana per 10 sec. Lasts for 15 sec.

Spell Haste

Increases spell haste by 5%

Spell Power

Increases spell power by 10%

Increases spell power by 6%

Spell Pushback

Reduces spell pushback by 35%

Reduces spell pushback by 30%

Spell Resistance

Increases resistance to all schools of magic by 65

Increases resistance to nature damage by 130

Increases resistance to shadow damage by 130

Increases resistance to fire, shadow and frost damage by 130

Increases resistance to fire, frost and nature damage by 130

Stats – All

Increases stamina, intellect, agility and strength by 5%

Stats – Agility/Strength

Increases agility and strength by 1395

Stats – Stamina

Increases stamina by 1485

See the next part of this post, Raid Debuffs

Windsoar has also made a list of buffs and debuffs sorted by the class that provides them. Take a look over at Jaded Alt.

I’m also making my spreadsheet available if you want to download it. It might be easier to work with since you can sort by class, type, spec, etc. Download the Excel spreadsheet here.

Frequently Asked Questions 2

Here are some of the interesting search terms that have brought people here lately:

1. Taming zhevra
Unfortunately, you cannot tame a zhevra. Looks like we won’t be able to tame them in Cataclysm either. Sad, but true.

2. Hunter deterrence ICC
There are lots of places in ICC where using Deterrence can save you from a painful and possibly embarrassing death. Here’s my full list of boss abilities in ICC that you can use deterrence to avoid.

3. Bunraku
I really have no idea why this blog would come up in a search for this. I do however, have a review of the movie Bunraku on my other blog. If you’re looking for information on Japanese puppet shows, I got nothing.

4. Does drums of the wild stack with other resistances
No. Neither drums of the wild or a druid’s Gift of the Wild will stack with the resistances given by pally resist auras, shaman resist totems or a hunter’s aspect. For more on which buffs stack, see my post on raid buffs.

5. Pretty tree
Where? You can’t be talking about druid tree form. Close to some people’s hearts, for sure. Iconic, maybe. But pretty? uh uh. I dreamed up some pretty tree forms one day. Blizzard didn’t take advantage of any of them for Cata. Their loss.

6. How to get to Lich King from Sindragosa
Take the ICC portal to the Upper Spire (or run there if you aren’t near a portal). See that structure in the center that the Valk’s are flying around? Go in there, step on the circle in the middle and you will be ported up to the Frozen Throne.

Port to Lich King platform in the Upper Spire

Before you ask, no, you can’t port back. You’ll have to take a leap off the edge if you want to get down (or just let Arthas smash your face in).

7. Toronto WoW guild
I’m in one of those! If you’re from the Toronto, Ontario area and want to find a local guild, Arm of Hades has about 20 local people in the guild, plus a number of people from elsewhere in Canada and the US. We raid together, we go out for pints together, it’s good times. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in joining us.

8. Healing Blood Queen Lana’thel as a druid
Make the most of your ability to heal a lot of people at one time. The whole raid will be taking significant damage and there’s nothing like Rejuvenation-spam and Wild Growth to to heal up everyone (or mostly everyone) at once. Here’s my guide on healing this encounter as well as what glyphs to use. Don’t forget to Barkskin!

9. When were trees tamed

Raid Buffs and Debuffs – Part 2

This post is now out of date. For the updated list of debuffs, click here.

This post will outline all the different raid-wide buffs that can be used in raids, and which class/spec is the optimal source of the buff. See here for the post on raid debuffs.

Here are the categories of buffs that can be put on your raid. As with the debuffs, in each category you can only benefit from the most powerful buff used. They do not stack.

Physical buffs

Melee Haste – Increases melee haste by 20%

Who can do it: Frost Death Knights, Shamans

Optimal Application:
Improved Icy Talons from a frost DK is a talented ability that procs off Icy Talons. Windfury Totem also provides a melee haste boost but must be talented (from the enhancement tree) to provide the full 20% boost.

Other Sources:

  • A resto or elemental shaman can also use windfury totem, but will only give a 16% melee haste buff.

Melee/Ranged Critical Strike – 5% melee critical strike

Who can do it: Feral Druids, Fury Warriors

Optimal Application:
Leader of the Pack is applied by a feral druid when they are in cat or bear form. Rampage is applied by Fury warriors after getting a critical strike.

Attack Power Buff (Flat Add) – 548-687 AP

Who can do it: Warriors, Paladins

Optimal Application:
Blessing of Might from a pally. When talented this provides 687 AP.

Other Applications:

  • Battle Shout from a warrior, when talented provides 685 AP. (The shout is 2 AP lower than BoM so overzealous warriors don’t overwrite the blessing).
  • Untalented Blessing of Might, without talents, gives 550 AP.
  • Untalented Battle Shout gives 548 AP.

Attack Power Buff (Multiplier) – 10% AP

Who can do it: Marksman Hunters, Enhancement Shamans, Blood Death Knights

Optimal Application:
Abomination’s Might from a blood DK and Unleased Rage from an enhance shaman will be applied as a passive aura if you are within 100 yards.

Other Applications:

  • Trueshot Aura from a marksman hunter is just as good as the buffs listed above. But if you regularly have a blood DK or enhance shaman in raid, and really want to min/max, hunters can find a better place to spend this talent point.

Agility and Strength Buff – 155-178 Strength and Agility

Who can do it: Death Knights, Shamans

Optimal application:
Strength of Earth Totem, when improved gives 178 strength and agility.

Other sources:

  • Horn of Winter cast by any death knight gives 155 str&agi
  • Unimproved Strength of Earth Totem gives 155 str&agi

Caster buffs

Spell Haste Buff – 5% spell haste

Who can do it: Shamans

Wrath of Air Totem from a shaman is the only buff of its kind.

Spell Critical Strike Chance Buff – 5% spell crit

Who can do it: Balance Druids, Elemental Shamans

Moonkin aura gets applied by a balance druid. Elemental Oath procs on elemental shaman’s critical strikes.

Increased Spell Power Buff – Increases spell power by 144-??

Who can do it: Shamans, Demonology Warlocks

Optimal application:

  • Demonic Pact from a demo lock gives the raid 10% of the warlock’s spell power whenever its pet crits. If an average warlock has 3500 spell power (when buffed), that’s a bonus of 350 spell power for the raid.

Your mileage may vary.

Other sources:

  • Totem of Wrath from an ele shaman provides 280 spell power.
  • Flametongue totem, from a shaman (most likley from a resto) gives 144 spell power, or 165 if talented

Physical and Caster Buffs

Percentage Haste Increase (All Types) – 3% haste

Who can do it: Balance Druids, Retribution Paladins

Improved Moonkin Form and Swift Retribution provide the same buff.

Percentage Damage Increase – 3% damage (physical and magic)

Who can do it: Retribution Paladins, Arcane Mages, Beast Master Hunters

Optimal application:

  • Sanctified Retribution from a ret pally is a constant buff when affected by one of their auras.
  • Arcane Empowerment from an arcane mage is a constant buff.

Other sources:

Stat Increases

Stat Multiplier Buff – 10% increase to stats

Who can do it: Paladins

Optimal application:
Blessing of Kings from any pally.

Other sources:

  • Drums of the Forgotten Kings are made by leatherworkers but are usable by anyone. They boost stats by 8%.
  • Blessing of Sanctuary increases strength and stamina by 10%. This does not stack with Kings.

Stat Add Buff – Increases stats by 52

Who can do it: Druids

Gift of the Wild can be cast by all druids. Improved MotW is a staple in all specs and results in an extra 52 to all base stats.

Other sources:

  • Drums of the Wild are made by leather workers but can be used by anyone. Increases base stats by 37.

Stamina Buff – Increases stamina by 165-214

Who can do it: Priests

Optimal application:
Power Word: Fortitude, when improved gives 214 stamina to the raid. The talent is a staple of most priest specs.

Other sources:

Health Buff – 1330-2818 health

Who can do it: Warriors, Warlocks

Optimal application:
Commanding Shout when talented gives 2818 health.

Other sources:

  • Unimproved Commanding Shout gives 2255 health.
  • Blood Pact from a warlock’s imp gives 1330 health, or 1781 with Improved Imp.

Intellect Buff – 40-60 Intellect

Who can do it: Mages, Warlocks

Optimal Application:
Arcane Intellect from a mage gives 60 int.

Other sources:

  • Fel Intelligence from a warlocks’s fel puppy gives 48 int, or 53 when improved.

Spirit Buff – 64-80 Spirit

Who can do it: Priests, Warlocks

Optimal application:
Divine Spirit from any priest gives 80 spirit.

Other sources:

  • Fel Intelligence from a warlocks’s fel puppy gives 64 spirit, or 70 when improved.

Other buffs

Damage Reduction Buff – Reduces damage taken by 3%

Who can do it: Discipline Priests, Protection Paladins

Optimal Source:
Renewed Hope will be applied to the raid whenever a disc priest uses Power Word: Shield. Blessing of Sanctuary is a prot pally buff.

Percentage Increase Healing Received Buff – Increases healing received by 6%

Who can do it: Restoration Druids, Paladins

Optimal source:
Tree of Life or Improved Devotion Aura from prot or bubble-spec holy pally.

Armor Increase – Increases armor by 1150-1807

Who can do it: Paladins, Shamans

Optimal Application:
Improved Devotion Aura gives 1807 armor

Other applications:

  • Devotion Aura, without talents, gives 1205 armor.
  • Stoneskin Totem gives 1150 armor, or 1380 armor when improved with guardian totems (although this talent is not in your average PVE build)
  • Gift of the Wild increases armor by 1050 when talented. The armor buff does stack with the other armor increase effects.

Mana Restoration

Who can do it: Paladins, Shamans

Optimal Application:
Improved Blessing of Wisdom from a holy pally restores 110 mp5.

Other sources:

  • Blessing of Wisdom without talents restores 92 mp5.
  • Mana spring totem restores 91 mps or 109 mp5 when talented by a resto shaman. (The totem is 1 mp5 lower than BoW so it won’t overwrite the blessing).

Replenishment – Restores 1% of maximum mana every 5 seconds for 15 seconds

Who can do it: Survival Hunters, Frost Mages, Retribution Paladins, Shadow Priests, Destruction Warlocks

All replenishment buffs grant the same amount of mana return. Replenishment will buff the 10 people in raid with the lowest mana. The replenishment effect will not stack, but can be constantly refreshed each time it is triggered.

Replenishment comes from the following talents:

Other sources:
Although not technically a replenishment effect, Revitalize from a resto druid can restore mana, energy or rage on rejuvenation and wild growth ticks. Since it is a different effect, this does stack with replenishment.

Resistances – Increases resistance to a school of magic by 130

Frost – Can given by a paladin aura or shaman totem.
Fire- Can be given by a paladin aura or shaman totem.
Shadow – Can be given by a paladin aura or priest buff.
Nature – Can be given by a shaman totem or hunter aspect.

Gift of the Wild when talented, gives 76 resistance to all schools of magic. It does not stack with the other effects.

For a quick and easy way to tell if your raid group has all the available buffs and debuffs, see MMO Champion’s Raid Comp tool.