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BotG vs. LS – Correction

The math I used to compare Living Seed and Blessing of the Grove the other day was faulty. It turns out that Blessing of the Grove is even weaker than I gave it credit for. As explained by Tangedyn at The Inconspicuous Bear:

“Just about all the talents and glyphs that increase our healing have been found to stack additively instead of multiplicatively… With 25% from Gift of Nature, 15% from Improved Rejuvenation and 10% from Glyph of Rejuvenation (and for some people, 4% from Genesis), 2/2 Blessing of the Grove only really increases your healing by 0.04/1.5 = 2.666% (repeating of course), or 0.04/1.54 = 2.60% (with 2/2 Genesis), instead of the expected 4%.”

I tested this myself to be sure. I have an extra 6% healing from Genesis and had the following results:

  • With 0 points in BotG my Rejuv ticked for 3804
  • With 2 points in BotG my Rejuv ticked for 3901

3901/3804 = 1.0255 or 2.55%.

I have updated the post with the correct value for Blessing of the Grove, which changed the results considerably. Living Seed provided more healing per point than Blessing of the Grove on all 12 Tier 11 bosses. Overall, Living Seed would account for 132% more healing than Blessing of the Grove.

The original post has been updated.