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My VuhDo Spell Bindings (also works with Clique!)

If you were to ask me what my most essential mod for raid healing was, I would say VuhDo, hands down (6 months ago the answer would have been Grid + Clique). Besides providing an awesome set of compact raid frames that shows me everything I need to know, VuhDo includes spell click-cast bindings that you can set up however you want.

A little while ago Beruthiel wrote a post sharing her bindings which I though was a fantastic idea, so now I’m going to share mine.

Why Click-Cast?

I’ve tried healing in a number of ways. When I was a noob, I used to manually click on a raid frame then click on a spell (my god, how did I keep anyone alive?), I’ve tried the method of clicking on a raid frame then pressing a keybind, but for the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been using click-casting. I’ve found this to be the fastest way to heal. You never have to worry about having the correct person targeted, just mouseover their frame, use the appropriate click+modifier and bam! they’re healed.


My mouse is Microsoft wireless laser 7000 with 5 buttons. It’s not specifically made for gaming but  it suits me just fine.

Microsoft wireless laser 5-button mouse 7000

My fiance recently bought the Cataclysm gaming mouse (that thing is HUGE, you need big bear paws to hold it – it reminds me of the original Xbox controller) so he have me his old Logitech gaming mouse. However, I’ve gotten so used to my own that it just didn’t feel right, so I continue to use mine.


Since I raid on 2 different healing classes I need a good set of binds that will cause as little confusion as possible when I switch characters. Luckily, resto druid and disc priest spells are highly congruous so I’m able to bind similar spells to the same buttons.

Bindings are made using a combination of the left and right mouse buttons (1&2) and the buttons on the side of the mouse (4&5) combined with the modifiers Shift, Control and Alt.  I use my middle mouse button as my push-to-talk key for Ventrilo.

Here are my bindings for both classes:

No modifier

Binding Druid Spell Priest Spell
Button 1 target target
Button 2
Button 4 Barkskin Prayer of Mending
Button 5 Healthstone Inner Focus

Shift modifier

Binding Druid Spell Priest Spell
Button 1 Lifebloom Power Word: Shield
Button 2 Rejuvenation Renew
Button 4 Remove Corruption Dispel Magic
Button 5 Cure Disease

Control modifier

Binding Druid Spell Priest Spell
Button 1 Wild Growth Prayer of Healing
Button 2 Regrowth Flash Heal
Button 4 Healing Touch Greater Heal
Button 5 Binding Heal

Alt modifier

Binding Druid Spell Priest Spell
Button 1 Swiftmend Penance
Button 2 Nourish Heal
Button 4 Innervate Power Infusion
Button 5 Tree of Life Leap of Faith

There are a number of abilities that I do not bind to my mouse, mostly because they are things I don’t want to hit by accident or I just don’t have enough binds for them. I keep the following abilities on a bar right beside my unit frames, so I just click on them when I need to use them:

Battle Rez

Divine Hymn
Hymn of Hope
Pain Suppression
Holy Nova
Mass Dispel
Power Word: Barrier

Healtstones, mana pots, on-use trinkets

I do not have any offensive abilities bound.