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Saviours of Azeroth

Apotheosis kills heroic Madness of Deathwing, 25

This picture was shamelessly stolen from apotheosis-now.com since I was too distracted to take a screenshot myself.

Well, we did it. Apotheosis killed Deathwing. After far too many attempts to get down Blackhorn and Spine we got through the final boss of the instance relatively quickly. On our 8th attempt last night we got ourselves a very clean  kill that took just under 14 minutes.

I’m so happy to have cleared all of the raid content before the next tier came out. This is the first time this has happened for me since hard modes were introduced in Wrath of the Lich King. There are things left to do – make sure all the Apotheosis raiders who missed the first kill get to kill him, finish up the meta achievements and collect mounts – but it feels nice to have conquered all the bosses.

According to GuildOx, Apotheosis is now ranked 250th of all the 25man guilds in the US, which I’m pretty chuffed about.

Apotheosis is still recruiting!

If you want to join us for some Deathwing kills, get a fancy meta drake and have a great place to raid in Mists of Pandaria, you should come fill out an app.

We are particularly looking for Warlocks, Hunters, dps Warriors, Ret Pallies, Shadow Priests and a BearCat, but we will consider any strong dps.

Jasyla, Savior of Azeroth

Good News Everyone!

Putricide is finally dead!

That kill was long overdue, it feels so good to finally get it. Phase 3 was stressful. After all the horror stories I heard of raids getting under 1% and then having a tank die, once we got to around 3% I started spam healing the tanks and ignored the rest of the raid. So sorry to the 6-7 dps who died 😛

We also got our first look at 25-man Blood Queen. We manged to get her down to 20% within three attempts, so hopefully we can get a kill next week.