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Give Comments a Chance

I’ve written about this before. Others have written about it before. But time and time again, I see the same problem cropping up on new (and old) blogs.

Blogspot users, please, please make commenting easy.

This week I found 2 blogs I wanted to leave a comment on, but didn’t because after I wrote out my comment and had to choose who I was commenting as, I was met with options like these:





  • Google Account – This links to a completely useless Blogger profile page (useless because I don’t use Blogger).
  • WordPress – Thought this might be usable, but no, it’s for WordPress.com users, and I use WordPress.org.
  • LiveJournal – Seriously?
  • Typepad, AIM, OpenID? I don’t even know what those are, but I’m pretty sure I don’t have accounts with them.

So I left without commenting.

I’m sure that people aren’t making commenting difficult on purpose. If they didn’t want comments, I think they’d just turn them off. So I can only assume that people don’t know how difficult they’re making commenting for their readers.

Any Blogspot bloggers who are unsure about their comment settings, please do the following:

1. Log in to your blog Dashboard and go to the Settings tab.

2. Under settings, select comments.

3. Next to ‘Who Can Comment?’ select Anyone.




4. Save your settings (down at the bottom of the page)

Tada! People can now comment easily on your blog, with the fantastic name/URL option, allowing them to put in their own user name and link to their own blog, without having to sign up for accounts they’re not interested in having.

You can still use a captcha, moderate comments and your spam filter will continue to do it’s job, but this one little change will make commenting a whole lot easier for your readers and will likely increase the amount of comments you get. Who knows how many people have wanted to leave you comments but have been put off by the lack of options given to them?

Please spread the word to any Blogspot users you know.

*This message has been approved by the Bloggers for Easier Commenting Alliance*

Blogspot vs. WordPress

I need help. I’m currently in the process of setting up a second blog. This one isn’t going anywhere, but I’ve been spending a lot of time entertaining myself with non-Wow things and I’d like to start writing about movies, books and other video games.

I find myself at the same crossroads I was as when I created this blog. Blogspot or WordPress? Initially, my plan was to create the new blog on WordPress so I could do a thorough comparison of the two and then move them both onto the platform I liked best. Now I’m not so sure (no one can beat a Libra on the indecisiveness front).

In my view, these are the main differences between the two platforms:

Blogspot WordPress (basic, hosted)
Custom Themes -Allows you to customize the basic templates
-Allows you to use non-Blogspot templates
-Can only choose from the set of 90 or so WordPress templates
-Only some things are customizable (e.g., headers) unless you want to pay for it
Widgets -Has a set of plug ins you can use
-Can use 3rd party plug ins
-There seem to be a slightly wider range of basic plug ins, but as far as I can tell, no way to add 3rd party plug ins
Stats -Google analytics are now included in the Blogger dashboard
-Can also add scripts for 3rd party stats
-Stats available through the dashboard
-Can’t add 3rd party scripts
Ads -Option to use Adsense and Amazon for monetization – Not available
Comment Spam -I have no hard data on this, but in 8 months I haven’t gotten any spam in my comments – I have seen a number of complaints from WordPress users about comment spam

I find the basic, free WordPress platform a little deficient. When I created this blog I actually made it on both platforms, but when I saw that I couldn’t edit css without paying for it, I went with the Blogspot version.

Now I’m thinking about using self-hosted WordPress. A lot of the blogs I follow have done some really great things with their WordPress blogs, and I want my blog to be pretty too. The problem I’m having is that the free version of WordPress isn’t doing a good job of selling me the self-hosted version.

I’m looking for input from people who have gone from wordpress hosted to self-hosted. Do you like it? How easy is it to customize? Is it worth the hosting costs?

Blogspot makes me sad

I just finished writing up my post on Deterrence. I hit the publish button and got an error. Went back to my draft version and it hadn’t successfully auto-saved in the past 2 hours.

I think I’m going to cry.

Or break my keyboard.

Maybe both.