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How to Heal: Beth’tilac (25N)

This is my second Druid healing guide for the Firelands raid instance. Though it’s written from a 25-man perspective, most of the tips should apply to 10s as well.

Beth’tilac is generally the second boss raid groups tackle in Firelands. I giant fiery spider with a lot of adds to manage. The first phase of the fight isn’t too difficult from a healer perspective but the second phase has huge, always-increasing raid-wide damage.

If you’re not familiar with the general tactics of the fight, check out the Icy Veins guide.

Debuffs you want to be aware of:

Fiery Web SilkFiery Web Silk – This buff is applied to anyone who goes up on Beth’s web during phase 1. It’s not 100% necessary to be able to see this, but if you’re healing on the ground I find it helpful to be able to see who I won’t be able to heal. If you’re healing up top it will show you who you need to heal.

Widow's KissThe Widow’s Kiss – This debuff is applied to the tanks in phase 2. As soon as you see it applied to one tank, expect the other to taunt.

When I heal Beth’tilac I am generally on the raid and I do not go up on the web.

Phase 1 :

This phase is about add control. A small team consisting of a tank, a couple healers and possibly some dps will go up onto Beth’s web to engage her while the rest of the raid stays on the ground to fight adds. Raid-wide AoE damage will begin almost immediately after the pull and persist until people go up on top of the web.

  • Before the pull, cast a direct heal to trigger Harmony and stack Lifebloom on the tank who will be going on the web.
  • Once the boss has been pulled, cast Wild Growth as you are running into the room along with a Rejuvenation on yourself. When the raid is situated, Swiftmend to place an Efflorescence.
  • Use Barkskin.
  • When you see/hear that the tank is going on top of the web, refresh their LB stack and put a Rejuv on them to give them a bit of a buffer for the initial damage. You may also want to Rejuv any dps/healers that are going up the web.
  • The Venom Rain will stop once the tank is up there.
  • Once your LB has expired stack it up on the Drone tank along with a Rejuv. Use direct heals when necessary.
  • The raid will be taking random damage from Burning Acid so spot heal people with Rejuv, Regrowth, Wild Growth and try to keep Efflorescence down for the people who are grouped up.
  • I like to use Tree of Life and Innervate approximately 1-2 minutes into the fight so it’s up again for phase 2.
  • Approximately 1:20 after the web group goes up, Beth’tilac will begin casting Smoldering Devastation meaning they all need to jump back down to the ground.
  • At this point Beth will start casting Venom Rain again.
  • Use Barkskin.
  • Use Tranquility on the first Venom Rain so it is up again for phase 2. Use Wild Growth and Efflorescence as much as possible.
  • After this, the web team will go back up and the phase will repeat.

If you are part of the team that goes up onto Beth’s web in phase 1:

  • Make sure the tank has Lifebloom and Rejuv before they go up the web.
  • Make sure the tank goes up before you (unless you like being smacked around by the boss).
  • Keep LB and Rejuv rolling on the tank at all times. The tank will be taking considerable damage, so use a lot of direct heals as well.
  • Use Wild Growth on cooldown to counter the damage the rest of the group is taking from Ember Flare. Use Beth’tilac as your target to ensure it hits everyone.
  • Use Rejuv on anyone who needs extra healing, and use Swiftmend on cooldown to keep Eflorescence up.

 Phase 2:

After Beth has cast Smoldering Devastation 3 times, she will come down off her web and phase 2 will start. During this phase Beth’tilac will cast Ember Flare on the raid every 6 seconds or so. She will also build stacks of Frenzy, increasing her damage done by 5% per stack. The longer this phase lasts, the more intense the raid damage becomes.

  • Group up on the boss’s butt.
  • Stack Lifebloom on the current tank. When the tank gets The Widow’s Kiss be prepared to swap your LB to the other tank.
  • Use Wild Growth and Swiftmend on the raid every time they are off cooldown.
  • Use Barkskin on cooldown.
  • Mana may get tight on this phase so Innervate as soon as you need it and a mana pot will be helpful as well.
  • Use Tree of Life and spam Lifebloom on the raid along with Regrowths on every OoC proc to conserve your mana pool (along with WG/SM on cooldown).
  • If ToL is not up, toss Rejuvs on those with the lowest health.
  • When the stacks of Frenzy get high (~15) use Tranquility.

Happy healing!