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Balancing Time Between Two Guilds

This month, Windsoar of Jaded Alt celebrated her 6-month blogging anniversary. To celebrate, she kindly offered to cast a Muse spell on any bloggers out there looking for something new to blog about. Here’s what I got:

/cast Muse

You raid a ton! I’m giving you a couple and you take your pick or throw ‘em together:
1) How do you schedule your WoW time–between raid team 1 and 2, do you have to coordinate different days? Are you responsible for flasking, gemming, repairing and enchanting? Help a poor toon figure this out ^^
2) What’s your fave raid boss this expansion?

How do I schedule my WoW time?

Luckily, my two guilds have complementary raid schedules. My Horde guild raids Thursdays and Sundays, while the Alliance guild runs Fridays and Saturdays, so scheduling my wow-time isn’t nearly as difficult as it could be. Unfortunately, I have a RL conflict with the Thursday raids, so most of my raiding is kept to the weekend. I think if you’re going to raid with two different guilds, their schedules absolutely must not conflict. Having to choose between the two on any given raid night would be stressful and not particularly fair to either guild.

Since I raid so much, I don’t log too much play time outside of raid nights. I’ll sometimes sign on to do a random dungeon or two, the cooking daily, or do Wintergrasp every once in a while, but for the most part I play to raid. Trying to split the non-raid time (what little of it there is) is a little more difficult. My alliance druid was my first and is still my favourite toon. When something new comes out, I always do it on my druid first. My druid’s also a bit of an achievement whore, so I spend most of my non-raid time on her.

I am responsible for keeping my gear up to snuff and being completely buffed for both raids. Both guilds do a fair bit to help out with that. Alliance-side, guild bank repairs are always on for raids, which helps a ton. We also have access to some mats and buff items from the bank, but are encouraged to bring our own. Fish Feasts are always dropped in raid. My druid is an enchanter/alchemist, so getting my stuff enchanted and staying stocked on flasks isn’t much of a problem. Gems would be my biggest expense, but so far I’ve been able to buy everything I need with honor or emblems.

Horde-side, guild bank repairs are turned on for new content and we are supplied with any abyss crystals we need for enchants. Staying gemmed/enchanted/flasked on my hunter is a little more expensive, as I have to buy most of my mats from the AH.

It’s really not too bad having two raid-ready characters on different servers. Because of the guild bank repairs, a lot of the time a night of raiding makes me more gold than I have to spend. What boggles my mind is the people who regularly raid on all their alts as well. There are a number of people in both my guilds who raid on 3-10 (yes, 10!) characters every week. I have no idea where they get the time, or the gold to do that. Or how they don’t smash their monitors when they see the same raid for the 17th time in a week. But I guess that’s a whole other topic. 😛

As for my favourite raid boss this expansion…I like that topic, I think I’ll expand it and make a whole new post. Two topics from one muse spell. Score! Thanks Windsoar.