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How do you get 50 million people to like a woman? (Media Mavens episode 19)

On our most recent episode we welcome special returning guest star AppleCider to snark with us about The Game Awards and PSX. What awards were we pumped about, which ones were dumb, who got snubbed, and who is the best host of The Game Awards (there’s only one option). Listen to find out, and don’t forget to toss us a review if you like us!

Today’s Topics:

We invited AppleCider back to hang out and talk about the big events in video games that happened recently – The Game Award and PlayStation Experience.

Guest and Topic Intro (00:00:51)

A brief intro to our guest, AppleCider.

What we’ve been up to (00:03:17)

AppleCider (@AppleCiderWitch)

  • Overwatch
  • Dishonored 1
  • Man in the High Castle

Riley (@kaleri_)

  • Mystic Messenger
  • Black Mirror
  • MAMAs
  • Official Spotify playlists for EXO/BTS

Pam (@jasyla_)

The Game Awards (00:38: 05)

  • What is The Game Awards?
  • Hideo Kojima and the Death Stranding trailer
  • Some issues with how the awards were presented
  • Indie games getting shafted
  • Mass Effect gameplay trailer
  • Blizzard and Overwatch win big (and what does Best Game Direction mean?)
  • Voice acting – Firewatch gets snubbed, Nolan North throws Performance Matters under the bus
  • With the male dominated list of Trending gamers, 2 things. What do you think should be qualifications for trending gamer and who are some women that you’d nominate based on those ideas? @BrothaDom
  • With @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN receiving the Industry Icon Award, who would you guys nominate as the first female to receive it? @bloomtoon
  • What can Geoff Kieghly do to make an event like the Game Awards be taken seriously in the mainstream and not just a marketing event with only a few awards? To me if feels too much like an extension of E3. @mustyhobbit
  • What new award would you include? Joke answer and serious answer both would rule. @devoted_pupa

PSX (01:32: 30)

  • What is PSX?
  • Remakes of PS1 games – Crash Bandicoot, Parappa, Wipeout, Patapon
  • Destiny – the return of Sparrow racing
  • The Last of Us 2
  • Sony’s holiday commercial for PS4 showed lots of content for games coming out in 17. Did PSX do enough to satisfy anxiety someone might have about jumping onboard for a system when the stuff you want to play hasn’t even been released? @alatinolawyer

To All the Games I’ve Never Played (Media Mavens episode 14)

Here’s the latest media Mavens. We invited our friend AppeCiderWitch back to chat about her latest article, Gaming Without Nostalgia. We chat about what it’s like to not have that connection to the ‘classics’ and feeling like an outsider. Please leave us a review if you like the show!

Today’s topics:

Today we’re talking about AppleCider’s article, Looking Back on Gaming without Nostalgia! We chat about feeling left out of the conversation, and how you don’t necessarily have to play a game to talk about it.

Guest Intro (00:00:45)

Brief intro to our returning guest, AppleCider!

What we’ve been up to (00:01:19)

AppleCider (@appleciderwitch)

  • World of Warcraft
  • Fall TV Shows: Atlanta, Chef’s Table: France

Kaleri (@kaleri_)

  • World of Warcraft
  • Zootopia
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Grey’s Anatomy

Pam (@jasyla_)

  • Virginia
  • The Bunker
  • Attack the Block
  • Hard Candy
  • The People vs OJ Simpson
  • American Horror Story
  • Chez Lindsey

Gaming and Nostalgia (00:36:03)

AppleCider’s article:  https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2016/09/looking-back-on-gaming-without-nostalgia.html

  • Why write this now? What spurred you to talk about it?
  • Gatekeeping in gaming
  • Positives and negatives that come from having a lack of nostalgia
  • How much mainstream dialogue around games requires extra knowledge (ex describing a game as a ‘Metroidvania’)
  • Cultural osmosis of gaming knowledge
  • There are so many ways to experience a game now (Let’s Plays, Streaming) so do you need to play a game to talk about it?

Twitter/Listener questions (01:27:47)

  • Does a gender double standard also apply to requiring childhood gaming for credibility or is that universal? @lonelyboardgame
  • Does a remake of a classic owe a duty to new players to do more than just modernize the graphics? @alatinolawyer

AppleCider’s new article is up on Kotaku! Check out her writing on Overwatch and femslash here: http://kotaku.com/why-overwatch-fans-are-obsessed-with-shipping-its-femal-1787244865?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=Kotaku_twitter

If you’ve got any feedback, questions, people or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes of the show, you can reach out at MediaMavensCast@gmail.com or on Twitter @_MediaMavens. If you like the show, please give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher.