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Patch Fever

Is it just me, or is patch 4.0.3a the best thing to ever happen to World of Warcraft? I haven’t been this excited to play in a long time. My only problem: I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to.

I want to get my priest up to 80. I want to do all the new quests on my druid. I want to level a new, Horde druid. I want to level up my new prot warrior (but I have to wait for all my goblin-rolling friends so we can level together).

I love the updates to the old zones and the new starting area questlines. I love the fun little mini-games like Plants vs. Zombies and spider wrangling. Everything flows better and some of the new visuals are stunning. Okay, I’m gushing, I’ll stop. Suffice it to say, I am pumped for Cataclysm.

Speaking of Cataclysm, I’m going to be away the week of the release. Anyone out there want to do a guest post here between December 5th and 13th? I know it’s a long shot. I’m sure people will be busy playing and writing their own posts, but I thought I’d throw it out there. Drop me a comment or send me an email at cannotbetamed@gmail.com if you’re interested.

When it’s okay to let someone die

This topic was discussed a while back as a Blog Azeroth shared topic. As a healer, my first reaction was “It’s never okay to let someone die.”  However, over the last little while that opinion has been changing. I’ve had more bad pugs in the last two weeks of leveling my baby priest than I’ve had in 2 years of randoms on my various level 80s.

At level 80, 95% of my LFD experiences (with a couple notable exceptions) are great. Quick, with people who are either pleasant or silent. In the low level randoms at least half of them have one obnoxious jerk.

Last night I joined an SM library run. As I zoned in, I saw the group was mostly dead and had cleared almost to the boss. As soon as everyone was alive and buffed up, the rogue whispers me and tells me the tank has a habit of ignoring the healers mana and pulling whole rooms at a time. He had raged at the last healer when he died and the healer had left. Oh goody. The tank, true to the description given by the rogue, proceeds to pull a whole room of mostly caster adds, which attack everyone. I spam heal my little heart out, using up most of my mana bar in the process.

Once the mobs were dead, I announce “drinking,” sit down and see the tank charge into the next room. I watch his health drop to zero as I enjoy my delicious sweet nectar. For some reason this makes Mr. tank angry.

Now, I admit I’m not completely innocent in this. After all the bad pugs I’ve been in lately and hearing that the tank had raged at the last healer, I was spoiling for a fight. You want to rage at me for something that was your fault? Bring it on.

Tank: Jesus Christ healer are you really that shit?
Rogue: The healer was drinking.
Me: I said I was drinking.
Me: Which part did you not understand? The “drink” part?
Tank: You’re terrible, I only pulled one room and you had half mana.
Me: 700/2400 is not half. I see you’re no better at math than you are at English

Then he left.

As a healer I take pride in keeping everyone alive and making a good impression on people I group with. When people die on my watch I feel guilty/inadequate/bad. However, if people die because they’re morons and then have the gall to give me shit for it, it turns my frown upside down. I could watch those people die all day.

Do you think it’s okay to let jerks die? Also, does anyone have any insight into why low level randoms are so rife with jerks?

Trick or Treat

Last week I mentioned that Hallow’s End was my favorite WoW holiday. I take it back. Fourteen HHM kills on my druid, zero pretty flying horses. Also, apparently Halloween is “be an asshole in randoms” day. I must have missed the memo. I did two random dungeons on my new priest this afternoon. First up was Gnomeregan. We got to the floor with Electrucutioner on it, the pally tank bubbled, pulled 4 packs, pulled the boss, ran down and pulled more packs, then left the group. Asshole. Then I did Razorfen Kraul. A rogue pulled 3 packs of trash then left. Two minutes later the bear tank – after winning a new weapon – pulls a pack and drops group. So: Pallykingz of Kil’Jaeden, Raviny of Silver Hand and Ahbwa of Kilrogg, congratulations you are the tools of the day and prime candidates for the Bee Pit.

On a more positive note, I finally got Less-Rabi on my druid and finished off Glory of the Hero.

Red Proto Drake

Finishing that put me at 8910 achievement points. As long as I do all of Pilgrim’s Bounty I am going to make it to 9000 before Cata. Hooray!

WoW graphical glitch, hole in head

Help, there's a little man in my head1

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you get lots of treats and much better PuGs than I did.

My priest leveling experience

As I mentioned last week, I recently created a new toon – a shadow priest. It feels like forever since I leveled a new character and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I haven’t spent this much time in-game outside of a raid in a long time. I’m attempting to level in the most “pure” way possible. No heirlooms. No gear or gold from my 80s. The only thing I did was send bags to my priest as lack of bag space pisses me off. I’m also trying to level mining without doing any smelting – I have no idea why, I think I’m just crazy.

Here are some of my impressions on leveling a new priest:

  • I’m enjoying melting faces as Shadow, but I also really like that I can still heal in dungeons. Power Word: Shield is my best friend.
  • No matter how many times I’m brutally killed after pulling 4 or 5 mobs at a time I keep doing doing it, thinking “I’ll live through it this time!”
  • Getting mounts at level 20 is awesome.
  • Spells scaling with level is extra awesome.
  • I love how after level 10 you get something new every level (for the most part). A talent point on the odd levels and a new skill on the evens. This means there’s always something to look forward to. However:
  • Priests get shafted between levels 21 and 27. Cure Disease, Fade, Dispel Magic – boring! Also, the talents available to you between these levels are kind of a waste. Most effect spells that you don’t even have yet.
  • Random dungeons are an absolute mess. They’re filled with people in heirloom gear who run around like chickens with their heads cut off. I think every single dungeon I’ve done has had a twink rogue in them that runs off ahead to stab things and doesn’t help at all with the mobs the rest of the group is killing. At least 3 people always have aggro at one time. That said, I’ve also usually had one excellent player who is very protective of the healer (me!) and gets all the mobs off me.
  • I don’t like questing in Hillsbrad Foothills. I need to find a new place to quest my way through the mid-20s.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Devouring Plague! This time I will remember that it can only be used on one target at a time.
  • Dual specs! I can’t wait to Smite-heal my way through dungeons.
Devouring Plague

In other news, the Headless Horseman is still a dick.

Also, if anyone reading this is a foodie, I’ve written reviews of two of the restaurants I went to in Las Vegas at the beginning of the month: Sage and Joel Robuchon. They were both excellent. I’ve also included lots of delicious pictures.

Updates and Ramblings

After spending so much time working on my raid buff posts earlier in the week I feel incapable of writing anything terribly informative today. I would like to say thank you to everyone who linked to the posts on their blogs, guild websites or twitter. My visits over the last few days have tripled. I feel so loved!

Let’s see…what else is going on?

Hallow’s End

It’s that time again. I think this is my favourite holiday in WoW. All over the blogosphere I’ve been seeing people post about getting the Headless Horseman’s mount. A lot of the time on their first try. I haven’t had any luck yet but I remain hopeful (though I really have no reason to be hopeful, I don’t even have a single Brewfest mount). I’m dutifully logging in every hour on my druid (when I’m at home) to Trick or Treat in hopes of finishing a Mask for all Occasions. Achievements based solely on RNG are slightly infuriating.


I really wanted to get to 9k achievement points on my druid before Cata but my motivation is fading. I’m sitting at 8825 now (after 35 points being taken away in the patch. Grrr). I got my achievement for doing 1000 daily quests yesterday. I got Gurubashi Arena Grandmaster last week, which felt great to finally finish. I continue to work half-heartedly on Brood of Nozdormu rep (started the scepter quest line), Hydraxian Waterlords rep, Thorium Brotherhood rep (not an achievement itself, but will put me one closer to 40 exalted). I also still 4 have heroic achievements to do but have had absolutely no luck finding a group to do them with.


When I first tried out my hunter after the patch, I really hated it. I mostly kept that hatred to myself because I didn’t want to whine too much, but focus made me angry and I decided that I would not play my hunter anymore. I gave it another try yesterday after the much needed damage buffs went through. It’s actually not so bad. I got the hang of the MM rotation and was able to put out 9k on a dummy, compared to the 5k I was doing earlier. I still plan on changing Horde mains in Cataclysm, but I feel better about the hunter changes now.

New Horde Main?

So if I’m not playing my hunter in Cataclysm, who will be my Horde main? I haven’t really decided yet. My highest level characters are my Shaman and my Paladin. Neither of these are exciting me right now. What I really want to be is a protection warrior, but we’ve got a lot of those. I think I will still level one up once Cataclysm is released though. In order to trial a potential new main and cure the pre-Cata blahs I rolled an undead priest this week. Her name is Pasiphae and she is level 9. I’m so excited to ding 10 and get my first talent point. Mind Flay! Psynister has written an excellent guide on levelling a shadow priest in 4.0.1, which I am making use of.

Stealing is Bad

Everyone should go read Keeva’s latest post. The short version is that she found a new druid blog this week and found that almost all the content had been stolen from other blogs and presented as the author’s own work. This is a big no-no. There are two lessons to take from this. First, if you are thinking about copying someone’s work without proper attribution, don’t. Second, if you are a blogger and are concerned about this, read up on Creative Commons Licencing. I knew nothing about it, but have now put one up on my own blog.

Creative Commons Licence

Speaking of bad things, I did something last night that I am not proud of (it wasn’t steal other people’s work). My fiance mocked me relentlessly when he found out and I now feel like a giant hypocrite. I’m not even ready to say what it is yet, though I think someone just outed me.

/cast Distracting Shot

Look! Cats!

Four kitties snuggling

Tank Abuse

My baby prot warrior dinged 80 last weekend and I’ve been doing a lot of random heroics since then. I’m finding tanking a completely different experience from healing or DPS. The tank is at the forefront and is the one who usually gets the blame or the credit for how well a run goes, whether it is warranted or not. I’ve run with all sorts of people with varying levels of skill, gear and social etiquette. I’ve gotten compliments on my tanking when runs go smoothly and I’ve gotten outright abuse when they don’t. Do my tanking skills fluctuate wildly from instance to instance? I doubt it. The quality of the rest of the group makes a huge difference. I have no delusions that I am the best tank ever – my gear isn’t very good and tanking hasn’t yet become instinctual like healing is, but I try my best and the dungeons I tank generally go quite well. Every once in a while though, I get a group where everything goes wrong. Who gets the blame? You guessed it, the tank!

The thing that gives me the most trouble is large trash packs with casters. The trash in Forge of Souls is the absolute worst. I run around and throw out taunt every time it’s off cooldown and try to gather all the mobs, but I still find it difficult. I accept that gathering the mobs is my responsibility but how the rest of the group acts can either help me or hinder me.

How to help the tank on tough pulls:

  • DPS the mob the tank is attacking
  • Use abilities like misdirect and tricks
  • If you get aggro, move towards the tank
  • If you are capable, silence or Death Grip a caster so that they move into the group
  • Crowd control a stray mob (hahaha – fear or sheep when you could be spamming AoE? I’m funny)
  • Heal the tank

How to be completely unhelpful:

  • Ass-pull the trash packs
  • Start AoE before the tank has even touched half the mobs
  • Every DPS attack a different target
  • When you get aggro, run away
  • Occupy yourself with telling other members of your group how much they suck rather than dps/heal

I had a particularly bad heroic Forge of Souls run yesterday. We wiped on a trash pack (where every member of the group subscribed to the unhelpful tactics listed above) and two people in the group just railed on me. You suck, your gear sucks, you can’t hold aggro, you’re retarded. The fact that people in an anonymous environment like LFD can be complete assholes shouldn’t surprise me but I’ve never been abused like that in a group before. I came away from the run (which obviously fell apart) torn between two thoughts: “Those people are assholes, fuck’em” and “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t be doing the Icecrown heroics quite yet”. I queued for another heroic and got Pit of Saron. I was a little wary at the beginning, but it went very smoothly. At one point the healer asked me to stand in more bad things on the ground so he would have something to heal and at the end two people in the group complimented my tanking.

People are so quick to cast blame in randoms when things go wrong, often without really knowing who is at fault or examining their own performance. People make mistakes, things go awry. Instead of the generic exclamation of “u suck” in party chat when things go wrong, try giving a helpful suggestion. Or do what I do and yell obscenities at your computer. If things are really bad, just leave the group. Does verbally abusing some random person you’re probably never going to run into again accomplish anything? Is there an Asshat achievement I don’t know about?


I now have my fourth level 80. The winner of my alt race was Feyyd, the fire mage.

Four fire mages

Immediately after dinging my kind-hearted guildies let me come to a VoA run (i.e. carried me through a VoA run.) Toravon almost one-shot me every time he cast Whiteout. Thank goodness for Frost Ward. I won T10 gloves! Feyyd seems pretty lucky, I never saw anything but PVP gear when I did VoA on my hunter or druid. After the run, someone asked for a port to Dalaran. I looked through my spell book…and realised I hadn’t trained that yet, which everyone got a good laugh out of.

I also did 8 or 9 randoms. Fire AoE is so much fun: Blast Wave! Flamestrike! Dragon’s Breath! Flamestrike! Dead mage! (wait, that’s not a spell). Now I have an itch to gear up. Funny how heroics become exciting again when everything is an upgrade.

In addition to leveling my mage this weekend, my fiance and I spent some time on our little alts. We’re now level 40 and have purchased our dual-specs. He went feral and I am disc. Incoming instant dungeon queues. On Saturday we logged in at Booty Bay, where there was quite the party going on. It was the 2010 Proudmoore Pride Parade. There were fireworks, flares, disco balls and dancing naked elves everywhere. We joined in the celebration for a little while, which was a lot of fun.

Pride celebrations in Booty Bay on the Proudmoore server

In non-WoW news, the G20 is in my city this week. I find the 12-foot chain link fencing everywhere quite fetching. The security checkpoints and 6000 police officers milling about are also endearing. I’ve always wanted to live in a police state. :-/