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Resto Druid level 80 spec for 4.0.3a

Looking for a level 85 spec? Look here.

Looking for a good level 80 PVE leveling spec for Cataclysm?

Try this out:

4.0.3 Resto Druid level 80 specLink

The reduction in points needed for Swift Rejuvenation and Revitalize means that you can take pretty much all the good talents in the resto tree. This build does not include the mana-focused talents Malfurion’s Gift or Furor. In current raid healing situations mana is not an issue so these should not be neccessary. Once Cataclysm hits, this will likely change, so enjoy all your output talents while you can.


I now have my fourth level 80. The winner of my alt race was Feyyd, the fire mage.

Four fire mages

Immediately after dinging my kind-hearted guildies let me come to a VoA run (i.e. carried me through a VoA run.) Toravon almost one-shot me every time he cast Whiteout. Thank goodness for Frost Ward. I won T10 gloves! Feyyd seems pretty lucky, I never saw anything but PVP gear when I did VoA on my hunter or druid. After the run, someone asked for a port to Dalaran. I looked through my spell book…and realised I hadn’t trained that yet, which everyone got a good laugh out of.

I also did 8 or 9 randoms. Fire AoE is so much fun: Blast Wave! Flamestrike! Dragon’s Breath! Flamestrike! Dead mage! (wait, that’s not a spell). Now I have an itch to gear up. Funny how heroics become exciting again when everything is an upgrade.

In addition to leveling my mage this weekend, my fiance and I spent some time on our little alts. We’re now level 40 and have purchased our dual-specs. He went feral and I am disc. Incoming instant dungeon queues. On Saturday we logged in at Booty Bay, where there was quite the party going on. It was the 2010 Proudmoore Pride Parade. There were fireworks, flares, disco balls and dancing naked elves everywhere. We joined in the celebration for a little while, which was a lot of fun.

Pride celebrations in Booty Bay on the Proudmoore server

In non-WoW news, the G20 is in my city this week. I find the 12-foot chain link fencing everywhere quite fetching. The security checkpoints and 6000 police officers milling about are also endearing. I’ve always wanted to live in a police state. :-/