Raid Buffs and Debuffs

Here are all of the buffs and debuffs that are available in Mists of Pandaria.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Buffs and debuffs in each category do not stack.
  • These have been normalized so that each buff or  debuff in a category provides the same benefit.
  • Different types of hunter pets now provide different buffs and debuffs


Attack Power

Increases ranged and melee attack power by 10%

Burst Haste

Increases casting and attack speed by 30% for 40 seconds.

Critical Strike

Increases critical strike chance by 5%


Increases ranged and melee attack speed by 10%


Increases Mastery by 3000

Spell Haste

Increases spell haste by 5%

Spell Power

Increases spell power by 10%


Increases stamina by 10%


Increases intellect, agility and strength by 5%


Magic Vulnerability

Increases magic damage taken by 8%

Mortal Wounds

Reduces healing received by 50%

physical Vulnerability

Increases physical damage taken by 4%

Slow Casting

Reduces casting speed by 30%

Weakened Armor

Reduces armor by 12%

Weakened Blows

Reduces physical damage dealt by 10%

4 responses to “Raid Buffs and Debuffs

  1. Hiya.

    I’ve been reading your blog lately, you write well and its always an interesting read 🙂

    I just wanted to point out a typo, Prot pallies have Vindication (10% less physical damage done), not ret pallies.

    Don’t get me started on the fact that warriors and bears have to manually apply it; for pallies, they’re just like ‘o hey i hear you liek hammer + cs, let me add a debuff on there for ya!’.

  2. I enjoy your blog and this buff/debuff is a real help. And much better looking than my excel spreadsheet.

    Please add the Sporebat for Spell Haste

    I also added BRezz on my list and it would look great on yours.
    Death Nights:Raise Ally
    Quilen (exotic) – Eternal Guardian

  3. Wonderful and still useful list, I hope that it doesn’t change much with WoD.
    I will say, I do wish exotics were indicated.


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