Barkskin in Tier 11

It’s that time again…time to talk about one of my favorite topics: damage mitigation! Druids of every spec have a fantastic damage mitigation ability in Barkskin.

The druid’s skin becomes as tough as bark. All damage taken is reduced by 20%. While protected, damaging attacks will not cause spellcasting delays. This spell is usable while stunned, frozen, incapacitated, feared or asleep. Usable in all forms. Lasts 12 sec.

Barkskin is not just for tanks or PVP. The ability to reduce your incoming damage is always a good thing. When I see a druid die in a fight and later see from the stats that they didn’t use Barkskin once, it makes me sad. If you aren’t using Barkskin, you are taking damage that is unnecessary and avoidable and taking heals away from others.

Barkskin costs no mana and triggers no global cooldown so there is really no excuse for not using it.

Here are some of the best places to use Barkskin in Tier 11 raids. This applies whether you are resto or dps.


All of Magmaw’s raid damage happens while his head is up. Between Lava Spew and Magma Spit damage is a little unpredictable. Use Barkskin on cooldown.

Omnitron Defence System

The most predictable damage on this fight happens when Magmatron is up. Use Barkskin while he’s casting Incineration Security Measure. Alternatively, you can save Barkskin just in case you get Acquiring Target, but you’ll prevent more damage overall if you use it often.


Use Barkskin during the red cauldron phase to mitigate damage from Scorching Blast. Just remember that he doesn’t start using it until about 10 seconds after the phase starts, so wait a bit before you use it.

Once you reach phase 2, use Barkskin on cooldown to help out with any incidental damage from Acid Nova or Absolute Zero.


Assuming your Searing Flame interrupter is on the ball, Modulation will be the biggest source of damage taken. Try to have Barkskin up during as many Modulations as possible, especially as your sound gets higher.


Use Barkskin every time the Bile-o-Tron goes offline (during Feud) and the raid collapses and gets pelted by Caustic Slime.

Lord Victor Nefarius

Every time Nef’s health goes down 10% he casts Electrocute which does massive damage on everyone in the raid. Try to have Barkskin up for as many of these as possible. Hit it as soon as he reaches a new tier of health (90%, 80%, 70%, etc.).

You might want to save Barkskin for the transition into phase 2. Between Magma, Shadowflame Barrage, and any Blast Novas that get through while the interrupters are getting into position, there is a lot of damage going out.

Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

The beginning of the fight is the most hectic part, so it’s a good idea to use Barkskin straight off. It will help reduce damage from the proto-behemoth’s abilities or any Shadow Novas that get cast. Continue to use Barkskin on cooldown until Halfus reaches 50%.

Once Halfus reaches 50%, use Barkskin before each Furious Roar, as everyone gets stunned and is unable to heal.

Valiona and Theralion

While fighting Valiona, use Barkskin when collapsing for Blackout. It can also be used if you get caught in Devouring Flames (but try not to).

While fighting Theralion, Barkskin should be used on cooldown. Between Meteorites, Fabulous Flames and Engulfing Magic, you’re likely taking damage through most of the phase.

Twilight Ascendant Council

During phase 1, use Barkskin when Feludius starts casting Aegis of Flame.

In phase 2, use it before Thundershock or Quake. If you find yourself with the wrong buff (because the tornado and spawned right on top of each other, or you had to run away because you were the lightning rod), Barkskin can help you survive.

When you reach phase 3 the whole raid will start taking increasing amounts of damage, use Barkskin on cooldown.


In phase 1, there is only one source of unavoidable damage on the raid. When Cho’gall has Shadow’s Orders up, the raid will be taking shadow damage on each of his melee strikes. Use Barkskin to mitigate the damage from this.

In phase 2, damage will begin to ramp up as your Corruption increases. Cho’gall will begin using Corruption of the Old God which will do damage to the whole raid every 2 seconds. Use Barkskin on cooldown throughout the phase.

Throne of the Four Winds

Conclave of Wind

If you are on Nezir’s platform, use Barkskin through his ultimate, Sleet Storm or if you get caught in an Ice Patch.

If you are on Rohash’s platform, use Barkskin through his ultimate, Hurricane.


In phase 1, use Barkskin before Wind Bursts. You can also use it if you’re forced to run through a Ice Storm.

In phase 2, you should be able to use it a couple times: once near the beginning of the phase and once when your Acid Rain stacks start getting out of hand.

In phase 3 use Barkskin on cooldown.

Baradin Hold


Use Barkskin just before you get hit with Meteor Slash.

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