Good and Bad Ways to Share on Social Media

A lot of people use social media in order to plug their stuff – videos, podcasts, articles… that’s one of the things it’s good for. However there are good and bad ways to go about doing this. Here are some things that are annoying as fuck and will get more people to ignore you and your content than help you with your self promotion, as well as some tips on good things to do to get your work in front of more eyeballs.

Don’t DM people asking them to check out your channel. This will get you unfollowed pretty much immediately. I’m not the only one who will do this. I know you want to get your name out there, but doing the equivalent of putting a flyer under someone’s windshield wiper blade isn’t a great way to go about it.

Further to this, don’t put people on the spot and ask them directly to watch your video or share it. This is just really bad manners. It depends on the personality of the person you’re approaching but this will make many people extremely uncomfortable. I’d love if more people gave my podcast a review, but imagine if I started DMing people who had never given me an indication they had listened to it and asking them to do it. It would put them in an awkward position where they’d have to: tell me they don’t listen to my podcast, lie, or just ignore me. So it’s awkward and shitty all around. Don’t put people in this position.

Don’t tag people in your images/links to your content. This is spam. Unless the person is involved in the content or has asked you to notify them when you release something new, it’s a bad thing to do. Any interactions others have with that tweet (favourites, retweets, reply-alls) will send anyone you’ve tagged a notification. Also, don’t try to get around the fact that someone has disabled the ability for you to tag them in pictures by tagging them in a follow-up tweet. Bad, bad, bad.

People are generally more likely to share the work of their friends, so making friends on social media is great (for many reasons). However, don’t try to force a friendship. Have some chill. I get a lot of people that will send me a private message for something that should really be a public comment (like “what’s your favourite game?”). Imagine being at a party and asking to talk to a relative stranger alone in another room just so you could make small talk with them. Weird, right? Don’t do this. Similarly, if you’re constantly replying to someone’s tweets and they don’t seem to be replying back or interacting in any way, maybe give it a rest. You can’t force a friendship.

But Pam! How will I get people to watch my stuff? Here are some good things to do.

Share links to your work on multiple platforms, multiple times. Share links to your stuff on Twitter at different times of the day so you have the most chance of catching all your followers. Use hashtags that will make them more likely to be seen by people who don’t follow you (eg. #retrogaming #gamersunite). Share on Facebook, Instagram, and whatever new apps the kids are using these days. Don’t overdo it – no one needs to see you share your video 20 times in 2 days, but get it out there a few times.

Be topical with your shares and don’t be afraid to share older content. If a new game in a series is announced and you’ve written or made a video about another game in that series in the past – share it again! It doesn’t matter that it’s older, people will have renewed interest in that game/topic and it could be a good introduction to your work.

Comment on other people’s work. I’ve subscribed to a lot of YouTube channels after seeing someone leave a well thought out comment on a video of mine. If someone’s video inspires you to make a video of your own in response, let them know. If you’ve done a video on a similar topic before, mention it. BUT! Don’t just drop links to your video/channel in comments without any context.

Turn on ad revenue (if you’re on YouTube). Even if you don’t care about money, Google definitely does. Want your videos to be recommended to people? Put on monitization – why would YouTube recommend or place them high in search results them if they’re not getting anything out of it?

Above all, just recognize that you’re not entitled to anyone’s time or attention, so don’t act like it. People only have so much capacity for discovering new content and plugging other people’s work.

Mass Effect Feelings (Media Mavens episode 17)

In our latest episode we talk to Sean from the Cartridge Club about one of our favourite series, Mass Effect.

Today’s Topics:

We invited Sean, also known as P1 in the Cartridge Club, to hang out and talk about the latest on Mass Effect after the recent N7 day. We got a lot of listener questions which made up the bulk of the discussion.

Guest Intro (00:01:26)

A brief intro to our guest, Sean.

What we’ve been up to (00:02:30)

Sean (@CartridgeBros)

  • PaRappa the Rapper
  • Overwatch
  • Westworld

Riley (@kaleri_)

  • Overwatch
  • The Crown
  • Dr. Strange

Pam (@jasyla_)

  • Heavy Rain
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
  • Kill List
  • High Rise
  • Black Mirror season 3

Mass Effect (00:26: 55)

We do talk spoilers here.

  • What is Mass Effect?
  • Original trilogy
  • Every time I play, I always choose the same romance partners, even though I say I won’t. How about you? @collectorcast
  • Taking a characteristic/trait from as many party characters as possible in ME (excluding Shepard), assemble the perfect being. bonus points if you can avoid selecting the obvious ones. @MustyHobbit
  • Is there any redeeming quality for Ashley? #spaceracist @MustyHobbit
  • Can you name any performance in video games that is on par with Jennifer Hale as Shepard? #OneShep2RuleThemAll @CartridgeBros
  • Did you like the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3? Do you want there to be some type of multiplayer in Andromeda? @Orkchop
  • Garrus: GREAT boyfriend or GREATEST boyfriend? @Arolaide
  • Favorite non-romanceable characters? Anyone you wish had been a romance option who wasn’t? @The_Doc_Webb
  • How do you feel about there being no canon to the Mass Effect 3 ending? Does it detract/enhance quality? @alatinolawyer
  • Mass Effect Andromeda
  • What’s the worst case scenario for Andromeda, best case scenario and what do you think will actually happen? @devoted_pupa
  • Feelings on the Andromeda trailer? Part you were happiest to see? Part you were least happy to see? @soetzufit
  • Are you all hoping to see the same alien species in Andromeda as companions, or are you hoping we will be joined by new sentient species in the new galaxy? @The_Doc_Webb
  • How many aliens do you think i can bang in ME:A? @tatianawrites
  • How great would an elcor party member be? (I’ll answer this one: SO GREAT). @The_Doc_Webb
  • Hanar, elcor and volus were almost comic relief for the ME series. as non council-seat-holding-races, are they part of Ai? @BrendenSparks
  • Do you think we’ll ever have the option for a non-human PC in Mass Effect, other than in the multiplayer? (@The_Doc_Webb

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Sweet Christmas (Media Mavens episode 16)

On the latest Media Mavens we talked to Johnathan about Luke Cage. Please leave us a rating or review on iTunes or Stitcher if you’re a listener.

Today’s Topics:

We invited Johnathan (@ActWon1 on twitter) to hang out and talk about the newest Netflix/Marvel offering, Luke Cage.

Guest Intro (00:00:40)

A brief intro to our guest, Johnathan.

What we’ve been up to (00:02:38)

Johnathan (@actwon1)

Riley (@kaleri_)

  • Overwatch
  • Mystic Messenger
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron
  • Dance Academy
  • I’m a Forge Partner! (

Pam (@jasyla_)

Luke Cage (00: 38: 38)

Spoilers galore here!

  • What/who IS Luke Cage?
  • Luke Cage in the comics
  • Luke Cage, the Netflix character
  • Cottonmouth
  • The MUSIC/soundtrack (Can we PLEASE talk about that soundtrack? @soetzufit)
  • Diamondback
  • Shades. “I kinda got a “holding a torch for Mariah” vibe from him. Couldn’t get enough Shades. More Shades. @HoodieThirteen” (01:03:32)
  • Mariah
  • The women on this show! Misty Knight & Claire Temple
  • Do we really need to talk about “protection from superheroes” AGAIN?
  • The setting, ambiance etc.
  • After the death of Cotton Mouth, it has issues. The super bullet was rather lame. And Diamondback, who was always the great puppet master, just puts on a suit and comes fight Luke at the end in public? Really? Overall, I loved the series but I think Jessica Jones had better writing for the second half. Before that, I thought they were at least on par. @vosskah (01:23:22)
  • Jessica Jones and the treatment of the black characters in the show

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Stevenbomb (Media Mavens episode 15)

Here’s the latest Media Mavens. We invited BrothaDom from the Character Reveal podcast to talk with us about Steven Universe.

Today’s topics:

Today we’re talking about Steven Universe.

Guest Intro (00:00:45)

An introduction to our guest, BrothaDom. You can find his writing at Lady Geek Girl and Friends and listen to him on the Character Reveal podcast.

What we’ve been up to (00:02:22)

BrothaDom (@BrothaDom)

  • Overwatch
  • Luke Cage
  • Soundtrack Attack
  • Panic at the Disco: Death of a Bachelor

Kaleri (@kaleri_)

  • World of Warcraft
  • Overwatch
  • Girl on the Train
  • The Adventure Zone

Pam (@jasyla_)

  • Overwatch
  • Blaster Master
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Triangle
  • Lady Problems

Steven Universe (00:20:10)

  • What is Steven Universe?
  • How the appeal spans from children to adults
  • How is Steven Universe different from the shows you watched as a kid? Would SU have made a difference for you growing up? (@the_doc_webb)
  • World building in short, condensed episodes w/ lots of plot!
  • How do you think they fit so much story into a small amount of time without it feeling rushed? (@TheForEverNoob)
  • Who is your favourite Gem (and why is it Lapis)? (@FWNuminous)
  • Gemsonas? (@Walkstweets)
  • One thing I love about SU is how fleshed-out the “normal” characters are. Who is your favourite ‘non-gem’ character? (@the_doc_webb)
  • Value of episodes focused on beach city residents vs the gems and lore? (@Walkstweets)
  • Queer representation
  • Pearl and Rose – What are your thoughts on their relationship? Is the relationship rooted in Pearl’s tendency to serve, or is it a two-way street? (@Pontelon)
  • Any theories you’d like to share? (@TheForEverNoob)
  • What the heck is going on with their schedule? (aka what is a Stevenbomb!) (@IFlyDragons)
  • Music
  • What are your thoughts of Lars and why do you think he acts the way he does? (@TheForEverNoob)
  • What are your thoughts on how they treated Bismuth? (or how Steven reacted to Bismuth compared to Peridot) (@Pontelon)

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To All the Games I’ve Never Played (Media Mavens episode 14)

Here’s the latest media Mavens. We invited our friend AppeCiderWitch back to chat about her latest article, Gaming Without Nostalgia. We chat about what it’s like to not have that connection to the ‘classics’ and feeling like an outsider. Please leave us a review if you like the show!

Today’s topics:

Today we’re talking about AppleCider’s article, Looking Back on Gaming without Nostalgia! We chat about feeling left out of the conversation, and how you don’t necessarily have to play a game to talk about it.

Guest Intro (00:00:45)

Brief intro to our returning guest, AppleCider!

What we’ve been up to (00:01:19)

AppleCider (@appleciderwitch)

  • World of Warcraft
  • Fall TV Shows: Atlanta, Chef’s Table: France

Kaleri (@kaleri_)

  • World of Warcraft
  • Zootopia
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Grey’s Anatomy

Pam (@jasyla_)

  • Virginia
  • The Bunker
  • Attack the Block
  • Hard Candy
  • The People vs OJ Simpson
  • American Horror Story
  • Chez Lindsey

Gaming and Nostalgia (00:36:03)

AppleCider’s article:

  • Why write this now? What spurred you to talk about it?
  • Gatekeeping in gaming
  • Positives and negatives that come from having a lack of nostalgia
  • How much mainstream dialogue around games requires extra knowledge (ex describing a game as a ‘Metroidvania’)
  • Cultural osmosis of gaming knowledge
  • There are so many ways to experience a game now (Let’s Plays, Streaming) so do you need to play a game to talk about it?

Twitter/Listener questions (01:27:47)

  • Does a gender double standard also apply to requiring childhood gaming for credibility or is that universal? @lonelyboardgame
  • Does a remake of a classic owe a duty to new players to do more than just modernize the graphics? @alatinolawyer

AppleCider’s new article is up on Kotaku! Check out her writing on Overwatch and femslash here:

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Disturbing on a Narrative Level (Media Mavens episode 13)

Here’s the latest Media Mavens, where we talk to returning guest Dia Lacina about open world games. We talk Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls, Dead Rising, Survival open world games and, of course, Bioware. Have a listen!

Today’s topics:

Today we’re talking about open world games – what the appeal is, when they work and when they don’t.

Guest Intro 00:00:35

A quick intro to returning guest – Dia Lacina.

What we’ve been up to (00:01:22)

Dia (@DiaLacina)

Riley (@Kaleri_)

Pam (@Jasyla_)

Open World Games and listener questions (00:33:03)

  • How do you define an open world game?
  • What’s biggest draw of OW games? Freedom to do things out of order? Exploration? Sense of realism/scale? @_Rades
  • Thoughts on open-world survival games ie Rust, 7 Days to Die, compared to like Skyrim? @_Rades
  • Different types of open world – is to best suited to a certain genre, or does it all depend on execution?
  • How does one balance exploration with the potential loss of narrative drive? @Sheepthediamond
  • Is there a place for an OW structure in games that are heavily focused on narrative? What’s it look like? @soetzufit
  • A common complaint (mine as well) is that the central story tends to pale in comparison to the world itself. Which games overcame this problem, and what suggestions do you have for others to improve? @The_Doc_Webb
  • The Spatiality and Themes of Fallout New Vegas
  • How Dead Rising started an open world pandemic
  • How to present lore to players
  • Do you ever make up your own stories when playing open-world? If so how strictly do you adhere to them/how does it affect gameplay? @DariaPlays
  • How often do you play the evil side in your video games (i.e. picking the dark-side or all the evil choices in an AD&D game) & Why? @UrzasRage
  • Why does everyone love Skyrim so much and I hate it?@SerrinneWoW

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We Want to Stand Up (Media Mavens episode 12)

There’s a new episode of Media Mavens out. This week it was just Riley and I taking about all the things we’ve been up to (there’s a lot) and answering some listener questions. Please leave us a review if you’ve got a spare minute or two.

Today’s Topics:

Today it’s just Pam and Riley talking about what we’ve been up to and answering listener questions.

What we’ve been up to: (00:01:44)


  • WoW: Legion
  • Overwatch
  • Batman v Superman
  • Jason Bourne
  • Bad Moms
  • The Intern
  • Love and Friendship
  • League of Legends North American Finals @ ACC in Toronto
  • Room
  • Nice Dragons Finish Last
  • Girl on the Train
  • The Adventure Zone


  • Overwatch
  • Beyond Good and Evil
  • Hidden object games
  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided
  • BroForce
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Star Wars (ep 1,5,6,7)
  • The Americans
  • You’re Next
  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra
  • Console Wars
  • Oryx and Crake
  • Tavit and Yussef’s Gaming Hour: Inside

Listener Questions (01:02:55)

  • Your thoughts on games being released unfinished then trickle of content to follow as free or paid DLC? @mustyhobbit
  • Where do you go for the majority of your gaming, tv and movie news? @CartridgeBros
  • If you could learn one non-contemporary style of dance what would it be and why? @MToAllpro
  • If you could live in one game world what would it be and why?@MtoAllpro
  • Have you ever made a recipe / dish to match a video game theme? @Walkstweets
  • What game soundtrack makes you want to drop everything, ignore all adult responsibilities and go play the game again?@Nintenlo
  • You’re in a room with two games, one single player and the other co-op, what are they and how long before you’re sick of ’em?@CantstopDrew
  • Do all the trolls/haters/weirdos and their wonky comments/requests/suggestions make you want to run away or stand up to them? @alatinolawyer

If you’ve got any feedback, questions, people or topics you’d like to hear on future episodes of the show, you can reach out or on Twitter @_MediaMavens. If you like the show, please give us a review on iTunes or Stitcher.