Comparison of Healing Spells by Class – Mists of Pandaria

With Mists of Pandaria comes a whole bunch of new healing spells and a whole new healing class.

It also brings a lot of optional new spells, which made this much more complex to put together than the one I did in Cataclysm. All the spells that come from talents have superscripts showing what level they can be obtained at. If 2 or 3 spells within a class have the same talent level, they are obviously mutually exclusive and you can’t have them all at once.

If you’re thinking of starting a new healer or just want to better understand the capabilities of the rest of your healing team, I hope this chart will come in handy.

Basic Heals

Each healing class a slow, cheap, small heal; a fast, expensive, small heal; and a slow, expensive, large heal. Monks don’t fit into this forumla perfectly, because many of their spells are either channeled, instant or cost Chi instead of mana, but I’ve added their most comparable spells.

Spell Function Druid Monk Paladin Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shaman
Slow, cheap heal Nourish Soothing Mist Holy Light Heal Heal Healing Wave
Fast, expensive heal Regrowth Surging Mist Flash of Light Flash Heal Flash Heal Healing Surge
Large, expensive heal Healing Touch   Divine Light Greater Heal Greater Heal Greater Healing Wave

AoE and Multi-target Heals

Spell Function Druid Monk Paladin Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shaman
No cooldown  

Chi Burst30

Spinning Crane Kick


Zen Sphere30

Holy Radiance

Light of Dawn

Holy Novab

Prayer of Healing

Holy Novab

Prayer of Healing

Chain Heal

Short cooldown


Wild Growth

Wild Mushroom: Bloom

Chi Torpedo90a

Chi Wave30

Renewing Mist

Holy Prism90

Light’s Hammer90


Divine Star90



Circle of Healing

Divine Star90


HW: Sanctuary

Healing Rain
Long cooldown Tranquility Revival     Divine Hymn Healing Tide Totem75

a – This spell replaces Roll
b – This spell requires the Glyph of Holy Nova

Other Spells

Spell Function Druid Monk Paladin Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shaman

Cenarion Ward30



Enveloping Mist

Eternal Flame45c

Stay of Execution

Renew Renew Riptide
Direct heal Swiftmend Eminence

Holy Prism90

Holy Shock

Word of Glory


Binding Heal


Binding Heal

HW: Serenity


Unleash Elements

Self-heal Renewal30

Expel Harm

Healing Elixirs75

  Desperate Prayer60 Desperate Prayer60 Stone Bulwark Totem
Absorbs     Sacred Shield PW: Shield PW: Shield  
Passive Living Seed Gift of the Serpent Illuminated Healing Divine Aegis Echo of Light

Ancestral Awakening



Healing Sphere

Jade Serpent Statue

Beacon of Light Prayer of Mending

Lightwell / Lightspring

Prayer of Mending

Earth Shield

Healing Stream Totem

Debuff Removal Nature’s Cure Detox Cleanse

Mass Dispel


Mass Dispel


Purify Spirit

c – This spell replaces Word of Glory


Spell Function Druid Monk Paladin Discipline Priest Holy Priest Shaman
Output boosts

Force of Nature60

Incarnation: Tree of Life60

Nature’s Vigil90

Rushing Jade Wind90

Thunder Focus Tea

Avenging Wrath

Divine Favor

Guardian of Ancient Kings

Holy Avenger75


Inner Focus

Power Infusion75

Power Infusion75

Ancestral Guidance75


Elemental Blast90

Elemental Mastery60

Primal Elementalist90

Emergency Nature’s Swiftness30 Life Cocoon Lay on Hands Void Shift

Guardian Spirit

Void Shift

Ancestral Swiftness60
Damage mitigation Ironbark Zen Meditation

Devotion Aura

Hand of Protection

Hand of Purity60

Hand of Sacrifice

Pain Suppression

PW: Barrier

Spirit Shell

  Spirit Link Totem
Mana return Innervate Mana Tea Divine Plea

Hymn of Hope

PW: Solace45


Hymn of Hope

PW: Solace45


Mana Tide Totem

Telluric Currentsd

Other Symbiosis Chi Brew

Hand of Freedom

Hand of Salvation

Angelic Feather30

Leap of Faith

Angelic Feather30

Leap of Faith

Spiritwalker’s Grace

d – This requires the Glyph of Telluric Currents

14 responses to “Comparison of Healing Spells by Class – Mists of Pandaria

  1. Point of note: Telluric Currents isn’t a source of mana regen that one should be relying on; it no longer scales with Intellect, nor does it return anything close to the kind of mana that it used to. It is not designed nor implemented as a de facto regen source (although any way of taking advantage of it is still interesting).
    Stoove recently posted..First

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Is it at all useful? Like, does it return more mana than the LB costs?

      • Firstly, you’re absolutely welcome 🙂

        TC returns a small amount, but the number is very close to negligible. Since I’m not in the Beta, I can’t give you concrete Beta numbers. However, on Live it currently returns somewhere around 600 mana (2k-1.4k) in ~2sec, which is very little – not enough for it to be worth casting unless the DPS is needed anyway. In lower relative gear level, as we will see at the start of MoP, I suggest that the average Haste level will be too low for the mana return to be worth it at all.
        Stoove recently posted..First

      • Re: TC … it’s a net gain of approximately 1800 mana at level 90. So ditto on what Stoove said–it’s worth casting if you’re extremely bored.

        Other things to note:
        – Stone Bulwark Totem = personal “heal” (technically, an absorb)
        – Echo of the Elements = output boost
        – Primal Elementalist = output boost
        – Unleashed Fury = output boost (see a trend here with our talents? lol)
        – HST is no longer a true AOE heal, it’s akin to Prayer of Mending on a 30-sec CD. So, “other”?
        – Not sure if you want to mention Resurgence under Mana Return
        Vixsin recently posted..Resto Shaman Mastery – Pandaria Style

        • Thanks Vixsin. I’ve added Stone Bulwark Totem and moved HST. With Echo of the Elements, Primal Elementalist and Unleashed Fury, are these actually spells, or just passive effects? I wasn’t including any passive talents, I left out things like Heart of the Eild and Soul of the Forest for Druids.

          • Primal Elementalist is a buff to a spell Shaman can cast which makes it a healing throughput cooldown.

            Unleashed Fury is a modification to one of our healing abilities; Unleash Life now also increases healing done on the target by an additional 50%. Short cooldown.

            Echo of the Elements is a passive, uncontrollable RNG proc which copies any direct heal at the rate of about 9%.

          • Thanks for the explanation. I’ve added Primal Elementalist, but not the other two.

            (Also, I’ve edited your comment to correct the 2nd spell name)

  2. Great list, I’ll be referring to this a lot in MoP. However, in the self-heal department for Shamen, the glyph of Healing Wave gives the Shaman 20% of the effective heal on another player as a self-heal.

    • Thanks. It’s been difficult to decide what exactly to include and what to not include. Glyphs of Healing Wave, PW:S and Protector of the Innocent all add some extra healing onto another spell, but since it’s passive I decided not to include those. The glyphs I did include either give a whole new spell (Holy Nova) or add a new mechanic (Telluric Currents).

  3. Great list, I’ll be linking to this in my guilds forums as well as likely mentioning it over on healing mains 🙂
    Elunamakata recently posted..Bubbles of wha?

  4. Great list! Just wanted to add that Glyph of Chaining adds a very short (4 sec) cooldown on Chain Heal. Of course, without the glyph there is no CD. Not sure if this is negligible for adding CH to the Short Cooldown section or not.

    Thanks for making this list! It’ll be especially helpful for RLs or new monk healers to figure out CD timing and such. 😀
    Lizzie recently posted..Transmog: Ten Storms

  5. Interesting making an excersise what would the ultimate healer use in a boss fight if he had access to all the healer spells
    Earth shield + hots + beacon + riptide + holy shock + swiftmend

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