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Definite vs. Defiant

Time for another vocabulary lesson! I haven’t been noticing too much misuse of the word roll lately, but I have been noticing a lot of confusion between definite and defiant.

Definite – Something that is certain or clearly defined

  • “Yes, I definitely want to go kill the Lich King tonight.”
  • “As a hunter, I have a definite advantage over everyone else.”
  • “There are definitely no a’s in the word definite.”

Defiant – Hard to control and resistant to authority

  • “The defiant druid refused to shift into tree form and dance.”
  • “Yesterday I defiantly misdirected to the annoying rogue at every opportunity.”

When making a statement that you are certain about, unless it is in some way rebellious, you should definitely stop using the word defiantly.

Roll vs. Role

Hate to be a vocabulary nazi, but I just needed to make a post about the difference between the words roll and role. I’ve seen these words mixed up in so many blogs, forum posts and many emails between my guildies when we talk about raid stuff, and I can’t help but say something.

Roll – This is what you do with dice. More generally, it involves movement and revolution.

  • “Roll for the Bracers of Awesome”
  • “Roll HoTs on the tank”
  • “I rolled the gnome down the hill”

Role – A function or part played by an individual.

  • “When playing my druid, I prefer a raid healing role”
  • “Bruce Campbell played the role of Ash in The Evil Dead.”

I know this is opening my own blog up for people to poke holes in my grammar and vocabulary, but it’s just one of those things that gets under my skin and I couldn’t let it go.