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I co-host Media Mavens, a biweekly podcast where my friend Riley and I talk about our favourite (and not so favourite) movies, books and games. Each show has a segment where we talk about the media we’ve been consuming lately, then we dive into one particular piece of media for a longer conversation, usually with a guest.

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I’ve also been invited to guest on a few podcasts or broadcasts over the last couple years, here they all are if you want to listen.


1 More Podcastle
Episode 135 – A Shortage of Survival Horror Games (May 2015)

Cartridge Club
Episode 37 – Beyond Podcasts and Evil (September 2016)

Character Reveal
Episode 6 – Braving a Storm with Pam (June 2016)

Contains Moderate Peril
Episode 172 – You Wouldn’t Argue with Gandalf (March 2015)
Episode 173 – The Cult of Personality (March 2015)

Game Enthus
Episode 235 -Understood or Untamed Callbacks (July 2015)
Episode 260 – Untamed Wings or How It’s Done (February 2016)

Justice Points
Episode 51 – Lara’s Three Hour Tour (July 2014)
Episode 76 – A Little Positivity (December 2014)
Episode 119 – I’ll Wait for You Kaiden (November 2015)

Pop Culture Coven
Pam & Skyler (March 2016)

Retro Fandango
Episode 40 – 90’s Haze (May 2016)

RF Generation Collectorcast
Episode 39 – X-Commies (February 2016)

RF Generation Playcast
Episode 23 – Folklore (March 2016)
Episode 31 – Shadow of Destiny ( October 2016)

Rocket Pants Podcast
Episode 12 – Crocodile Ass (January 2016)

RT News
GTAV ban (December 2014)


Blessing of Frost
Episode 28 – Feeling Out Firelands (August 2011)
Episode 49 – A Raid Retrospective (January 2012)

Episode 15 (February 2011)
(I actually can’t find this episode on the Gkick website, but it is available on iTunes)

LeetSauced Podcast
Episode 61 – Now with more Ass Punching (September 2012)

Team Waffle Podcast
Episode 32 – Do Yeh Like Meh Codpiece? (May 2012)
Restoration Roudtable #2 (August 2012)
Restoration Roundtable #3 (April 2013)

The Double O Podcast
Episode 10 – Blinded by the Lightwell (October 2011)

The Training Dummies
Episode 36 – It’s Better Than Bad, It’s Good! (March 2013)

Twisted Nether Blogcast
Episode 139 – Jas-eye-la (August 2011)

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  3. I remember you from back when I used to blog for WoW. (Rejuvo)

    Was just curious, do you still play?

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