Welcome to Cannot be Tamed, a World of Warcraft blog dedicated to raiding, healing and restoration druids.

JasylaMy main is a night elf druid named Jasyla.  She was the first character that I created and will always be my favourite.  I have been raiding as a resto druid since the end of vanilla. I’ve always loved healing, even when it consisted of spamming rank 4 Healing Touch, even when it meant looking like an ugly treant all the time. To me, healing keeps getting more and more fun with every patch. My guild is Apotheosis of Eldre’thalas, where I am the GM and healing lead. We raid 25s for 9 hours a week.

Why am I blogging?

I thought I could contribute to the WoW blogosphere by sharing my experiences about raiding. I love discussing healing, boss strats and how to be a better player in general.  I also like to rant occasionally.

Jasyla and Momo
In addition to gaming, I’m also a bit of a foodie. I have a second blog where I share recipes and review restaurants, Damn Good Food.

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