Still Alive

Oh, hello there. It’s been quiet around here lately, hasn’t it. Sadly, my focus seems to be on videos now. Well, not sadly. I like doing videos, and the feedback I’ve been getting is great, but I am sad I don’t write as much anymore.

While it’s been quiet on the blog, I myself have not been quiet. In fact, I can’t seem to shut the hell up. I’ve been a guest on a number of podcasts lately, 3 of which are out for your listening pleasure.

First, I was on the Rocket Pants Podcast. I talked to Alex, Chris and Jon about what I’ve been playing, tried to answer some really tough trivia questions and we had a discussion about whether retro or modern gaming is superior.

I was also on The GameEnthus podcast, for the second time. I talked to Aaron, Mike, and Tiny about a ton of things. Deadpool, XCOM2, MAGfest, the X-Files, the list goes on.

Last, but not least, I was on the RF Generation Collectorcast. My boyfriend Will and I were both invited on to talk about the SegaCD with Duke Togo and WildBil. This was cool, as it was really the first time Will and I have collaborated on any content creation. Also, I got to talk about my love of FMV games.

I also recorded two other podcasts which should be coming out shortly. I’ll let you know when those are out.

Video-wise, I’ve put out a few things. A couple highlights are my top 5 games on the PS1. It was hard to not just pick 5 JRPGs.

Also, I also just put out a funny/sad video where I read a bunch of mean comments people have left on my channel. It seems to be pretty popular so far, because who can look away from a car crash?

Also, I’m working on a secret mystery thing, but that’s not ready to be revealed yet. (Oooh, mysterious)

That’s it for now. Hopefully the writing bug bites me again at some point.


4 responses to “Still Alive

  1. I had to double check to see if my blog post updater was working because I hadn’t been here in a while. Glad to see it is!

    I’m not a video person, but I do enjoy yours and the media is growing on me 🙂
    Isey recently posted..X-COM 2 Misses

    • I’m not really a video person either. I hardly watched YouTube at all before I started making videos myself. And thanks!

  2. Wow. You have to put up with a lot of crap just to post YouTube videos up. Props to you.

    I guess that’s part of why I have no interest in making videos. I’m curious, since I don’t know a ton about YouTube, is there a way to delete/report offensive users like this? I know if I had an active channel getting that kind of attention, I’d be reporting and wiping all that kind of stuff.
    Aywren recently posted..BDO: My Expectations… Or, Rather, Lack Of

    • Comments can be moderated. You can remove them, report them (which also removes them) or hide all of a user’s comments from your channel. You can also blacklist certain words so that comments that use them are held for review. Unfortunately, the report function is pretty bad. I’ve had people leave a dozen comments full of slurs and calls for me to die and the report comes back that nothing against the community guidelines was done :-/

      I do (after screenshotting the awful comments for my own purposes) usually delete them so no one else has to read them.