Gamer Confessions: Classic Games I’ve Never Played

This post was inspired by Syp over at BioBreak, who confessed to never playing some games that are considered classics. I thought this was a fantastic idea for a post. I’ve played hundreds of video games in my lifetime, but there are a lot that many people consider classics and “must-plays” that I just never got around to.



You’d think with the dearth of female game protagonists in the 8-bit era that Metroid would have gotten onto my radar at some point. Nope. I’ve never played any Metroid game. As a kid I don’t think I had heard of it, and as an adult… there are just so many other things to play. I also prefer my NES games to be linear – backtracking and the ability to get lost kind of turn me off this sort of game.



I know what (who?) Pikachu is, because I don’t live under a rock but when someone mentions Squirtle, Eevee… it usually ends in me running to Google to figure out what they hell they’re talking about. I know the core concept of the Pokemon games, and I think it’s kind of like pet battles in WoW, but there’s so much I don’t know. Why is there a Pokemon Ruby and Emerald and Gold and Silver and Black? So many. Are they different games? I don’t know if it’s my age or lack of a Gameboy growing up, but I feel like I’ve missed the boat on this huge part of gaming culture. I doubt I’ll ever play a Pokemon game.

Half-Life 2

half life

Every few months it seems, the Internet freaks out about the possibility of Half-Life 3 being released. I always feel left out of this particular hype since I never played Half-Life 2. Portal is the only Orange Box game I’ve played.

Final Fantasy (pre-FF7)


My first Final Fantasy game was FF7 on PS1. The first ones were never really on my radar as a kid, and I didn’t have a SNES to play the next few. I’ve heard nothing but good things, but for some reason I’ve never picked up any of them. Again, I like my retro games short and linear.



Never playing Warcraft 1-3 is probably the reason I never cared one bit about story in World of Warcraft. I did often feel like I was missing out on something (like being excited about new expansions based entirely on old games). I would actually like to pick up whichever one is considered the best of the 3 games at some point because I do really like strategy games.

Metal Gear Solid


I have MGS 1-3 sitting on my shelf, waiting to be played. I loved Snatcher so much, so I want to see what else Kojima has made. One day I’ll get around to them.

Mega Man


Alright, this is a bit of a lie. I have played one Mega Man game on NES (don’t ask which, I don’t remember) at a friend’s house as a kid. But that’s the extent of my experience with the little blue guy. I’ll probably have to schedule a review of one of the games in order to get me to finally play one.


Are there any classic games you’ve never played?

13 responses to “Gamer Confessions: Classic Games I’ve Never Played

  1. I”ve never played Mario Kart nor the original Super SMash Bros. Also, haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy nor Zelda games.

    • Smash is a game that has never appealed to me. I think I played a bit of the one on Wii, and the new one and I just can’t stand them.

  2. I understand that Blizz appears to be ramping up for a re-release of the old Warcraft (and Starcraft) games, retooled to work in modern gaming systems, and, rumor has it, updated assets. That might make it more interesting to play all three volumes through.

  3. I have never played Final Fantasy 3/6, Super Metroid, Super Mario 64, Portal/Skyrim (just bought them though), Gunstar Heroes/Phantasy Star, um… great question.

    • I love Portal (and Portal 2). Skyrim’s a little to time sink-y for me. Gunstar Heroes is also awesome, I’m playing that again this month for Cartridge Club.

  4. I’m waaaay out of touch with most classic Nintendo stuff, let alone Sega and PS1. The first (and only) Zelda game I’ve played is Ocarina of Time on N64. Never played any Mario Bros game. No Pokemon. No Metroid. No FF until a little of X (that was the one with blitzball, right?). No Mario Kart – I was always of the opinion that Diddy Kong Racing was superior on N64, and have been disappointed that it never caught on in later generations.

    No MGS. No Silent Hill. No Sonic. No Tomb Raider. I dabbled a bit in Warcraft 1 but lost interest pretty quickly because Dune II and Command & Conquer seemed better.

    Aaand, more recently, a bunch of games that are in my steam library that I’m doing a post about this month as a kind of “challenge within challenge” to tick off the major classics that I already have. Next year.

    I recognise very few of the games you review in your retro series videos, unsurprisingly. 😛
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    • I played one of the Zelda games for NES at a friend’s place for a couple hours. I think it was Adventure of Link. I really consider Ocarina of Time my first real Zelda experience though.

    • Oh gosh, some big ones in there I can relate to: Never played any Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, or Tomb Raider games. :X

      As someone who has played Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing both, though, I can say that I can completely get behind the idea that DKR is superior.

  5. There are so many of these that I expect you to get to in time. All of these games deserve your attention and I think you’d find them well-deserving if/when you get that chance!

  6. I surprised myself to realize Ive played most, if not all of the “golden” classics like the ones you listed here. Never played final fantasy until FF7 and honestly have played much of them since.

    any old classics anyone would recommend? Emulators are easy to come by so its never too late …
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    • What are you favourite genres? If you like beat’em ups, I’d say Turtles in Time and Streets of Rage. If you like shoot’em ups, Gun-Nac or anything by Compile really. The Guardian Legend is an underrated classic that combines shoot’em up and Zelda-like dungeon exploring. Star Tropics is a good one too.