Top 5 Gaming Pet Peeves

I’ve got a new video up about my top 5 gaming pet peeves. Who doesn’t like talking about things that bug them in games?

If you’re not a video watcher, my pet peeves (right now) are:

  1. Games that don’t let me invert the Y-axis.
  2. Episodic games.
  3. Durability and gear repair.
  4. People who constantly correct you about minor details, or try to “teach” you about a game that you clearly already know a lot about.
  5. Quibbling about review scores.

Feel free to share your pet peeves!


4 responses to “Top 5 Gaming Pet Peeves

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  2. I only started inverting the Y-axis when I got my first console, the N64…and GoldenEye. I always imagined the head of the analog stick as the head of the character, thus pull back to look up, etc.

    For some reason not having an inverted Y-axis doesn’t bother me that much with a mouse. I still hate it with a controller, though, and it would definitely shit me to tears if I couldn’t change the orientation.
    Dahakha recently posted..The Secret Lore – Phoenicians

    • Though I always invert on a console, I’ve never done it with the mouse. That seems odd.

      A while back I worked in QA for a game company. My very first day on the job I was testing an FPS. I picked up the controller and literally could not play the game. I was going backwards and walking into walls, and looking at the ceiling… After a multiplayer match, I checked the options to see that the Y-axis was not inverted but the X-axis was. Ever since then I’ve been a stickler for the invert options, because that was embarrassing.

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