Gaming to-do list: Updates

This is for day 27 of Blaugust.

Blaugust is close to coming to an end. I’ve gotta say, these last few days are going to be hard. I’m so sick of blogging. I don’t want to read or write anything online.

Today I’m going to revisit my gaming to do list I made near the start of the month to see how I’ve done

  1. Post at least 1 video a week. hmmm, sort of. Though I haven’t posted 1 video every 7 days, I have posted 4 videos in August so that’s kind of like one a week. I will likely have a 5th out in a couple days.
  2. Get back to my “Doing it Right” series. Not really. I’ve started a script for an episode on XCOM but I still have lots of work to do gathering resources and screenshots. Hopefully in September.
  3. Play some PC games. I did this! This month I played through Lifeless Planet, Sunset, Planet of the Eyes, and finished Invisible, Inc.
  4. Finish The Witcher 3. I did it! I just finished. It took me 4 and a half months. SmartGlass tells me I played for 95 hours, I’m not sure how accurate that is. It feels like twice that. It was a great game, but I have to say, I could have done with it being much shorter.
  5. Get to rank 18 in HotS. Pssh. I went the opposite direction. I ended last season at rank 30 (a quick plummet from rank 22). This season just started I’ve only gotten up to 39 so far.
  6. Find an assassin hero I like in HotS. Sort of. I found that I’m better at Nova than I thought I’d be, but I don’t play her a lot.
  7. Find a tank I like in HotS. I like Anub’arak, but I’ve still never played him in ranked.
  8. Figure out how to capture game footage from retro consoles. Yes! My boyfriend got me an AV to HDMI upscaler, allowing me to connect the retro consoles to the capture device with HDMI. It also makes the games look nicer, yay!
  9. Finish my unfinished games. Invisible Inc. and Witcher are the only things I finished.
  10. Play Journey. Nope, not yet.

One response to “Gaming to-do list: Updates

  1. Considering I haven’t even LOOKED at the damn list since I made mine, I think you did excellently well. 😀
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