This is for day 22 of Blaugust.

Let’s talk about Heroes of the Storm. Again. I was happy for the season reset that just happened. I was experiencing a bit of a pattern in ranked games that was getting really annoying. I’d win my way up to Rank 20 or so, and then lose. And lose. And lose. I’d win maybe 1 in 8 games during my long plummet from rank 20 all the way down to rank 28-30. This happened twice. If rank 20 is my skill-cap right now, that’s fine. I can accept that. But I can think of less soul-sucking ways to keep me out of the 19+ bracket.

Now, this is all just anecdotal. I have no idea how MMR works. Maybe it’s meant to make reaching your skill cap a miserable experience, maybe it’s not. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky. The worst part about the huge losing streaks is that I didn’t feel I was losing because the opposing team was really good. It felt like I was losing because my team was terrible. Now, I’m not amazing. I sometimes chase a little too far and die, or think I need to finish of a merc camp instead of doing something more useful. But my teams were full of people so bad I often questioned whether they were trolls. It started right from the draft. No one thought about comp at all. Malf and Li Li? Sure! Double tank? Okay! All melee? Sounds like fun! Then once we were off to a limping start, it got even worse. There were the people who wanted to team fight at level 2 and collected no XP (plus yelled at the people who didn’t join the fights). There were tanks off doing their own thing, smacking away at towers while the rest of the team went 4-5 against the enemy. The people who ignored objectives. The people who exclaimed “gg” and went afk if we were 2 levels down. The people who gave me the impression they had never played their hero before. It was pretty disheartening to run into some variation of this in every single match.

I feel like this is kinda backwards. I should be facing the challenge of better players as I rank up, not the challenge of being grouped with a bunch of potatoes.

I’m wondering what other people’s ranked experiences have been like?

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  1. Welcome to ELO Hell. I’ve been writing about this for months when talking about LoL, but it appears to be the exact same thing no matter the game. In League, what you describe is the epitome of Bronze tier, and to some extent Silver. Have to get beyond that to see less of it.

    Best way to combat it? Do your best no matter what. Never give up. Try to bring friends to the game.

    Good luck.
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    • I’m trying. I don’t remember having this problem in WoW for things like RBGs or arenas but then again, there you picked your own team. It’s really frustrating to be matched up with people who just don’t seem to care at all about playing properly. I need to find more (talented) friends who want to play ranked.

      Now that I’m more familiar with MOBA mechanics and don’t die to things like towers anymore, I may give LoL another shot.

  2. I don’t think they can fix the MMR issue with the current system. The way I imagine it works, is that it tries to keep all players in an MMR range (say, within 100 points) and then every cycle (say, 30 seconds) it widens the range and starts looking again. That, to me, would explain the queue times and the apparent skill disparity. I remember my first ever ranked game, at 50, was with a rank 34 person – who promptly told me to never play the game again.

    I think they need to adopt the tier system that LoL has, where each level is only matched within itself or one level different. Could increase queue times a lot, though.

    My biggest issue has always been people who ignore the objectives. Especially the currency ones – so many times I’ve been the only one to hand in gems or coins before a big team fight ensues and we lose all our currency. I give far less weight to team composition – I accidentally chose ETC as a second tank because I had convinced myself somehow that we didn’t have one already (I was last pick) and yet we worked well as a team and crushed them.
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    • Is there a way to see the ranks of the people you’re playing with? They really need to do something about the matchmaking, it’s making the game unplayable for me.

      I hate when people ignore objectives, I think that’s the biggest cause of losses.