My Gaming Style

This is day 20 of Blaugust.

For today’s post, I was inspired by Missy, who posted about a survey for a gaming style profile. The survey has been floating around other blogs, but this is the one that made me click through to the survey itself.

There were 5 pages of questions but it didn’t take too long. The results were close to what I expected, though in a few cases I don’t really understand how they were calculated. The scores are percentiles.

I am Action-Oriented, Analytical, Completionist, Independent and Deeply Immersed.

My gaming style

While most of these percentiles seem about right, a couple are unexpected. Let’s start with Action.


That this is high doesn’t surprise me, though I’m a little surprised to see it as my highest score overall. I do like fast-paced, exciting games like action-adventures, platformers and the occasional FPS (though I also really like turn based games). I find this metric a little suspect since as far as I can remember from the questions, there was really only one that would have been scored against the Destruction category. I do like to blow shit up in games, but I find it a bit hard to believe that I like blowing things up more than 90% of other gamers that have taken the survey.


Apparently I hate challenge but I like strategy and complexity. It’s true that difficulty is not something I look for in games. I play on normal mode. The only game that I can think of that has really made me want to try a higher difficulty is XCOM, so I guess challenge isn’t my thing. I find it a bit strange there’s such a big discrepancy between two subjects in the same category.

AchievementWell, if I thought the last category had a big discrepancy… This is the result that’s the most surprising to me. I love achievements and I’m a huge completionist, but I’m not so into character power. I don’t care too much about gear in games (now that I don’t play WoW), but I think I’m more achievement-driven than 36% of gamers.


I’m not a social animal, no surprise here. With the exception of HotS right now, I will always opt for single player games. I’ve sworn off MMOs forever and I will rarely even check out the online modes of games I get for the campaign. I do like beating people when I do play against them though.


I thought this one would be my highest and it’s close. I love a good story and being able to immerse myself in a new world. I love exploring and ultimately see video games as the ultimate escapism.


About average on creativity, that seems about right. I like discovery and though I like customizing my character I’m not super into things like customizing/decorating locations.

This survey was a fun little distraction. If you want to take it yourself, you can find it here: 

3 responses to “My Gaming Style

  1. Wow, our results could not have differed more haha 🙂
    I am not sure of those %..

    Like you said : I do like to blow shit up in games, but I find it a bit hard to believe that I like blowing things up more than 90% of other gamers that have taken the survey.

    I had over 90% on discovery and design, find it hard so few people are into that. But then again, probably not that many have taken the test yet! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s probably a matter of how many people have taken the test. Some categories also don’t seem to have many questions that apply to them.

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