Gaming To-Do List

This is my 4th post for Blaugust.

Izlain came up with the writing prompt to create a gaming to-do list. I’m a big fan of lists, I’m making them all the time, so this seemed like a good blog topic to take on. In no particular order, here are the gaming things I want to get done.

  1. Post at least 1 video a week. I’ve actually been fairly consistent with videos, and have certainly posted an average of at least 1/week, but I occasionally miss a number of days and then catch up by posting 3 in a week. Further to this, I want to make sure I’m posting a retro review at least once every 2 weeks.
  2. Get back to my “Doing it Right” series. Games are full of not so great representations of women and a lack of racial and sexual diversity, but rather than always dwelling on the bad, I like to point out the good examples too. The problem is, they’re not always easy to find. I’ve got a video about XCOM floating around in my head, but need more. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
  3. Play some PC games. Between retro games and Witcher 3, PC games have sort of fallen off my radar (other than HotS). After the last summer sale my number of unplayed Steam games has been creeping up to an uncomfortable number. Yesterday I started Dead State, which unfortunately didn’t impress me much, but I’d like to finish at least 1 PC game this month and take a look at a few more.
  4. Finish The Witcher 3. One day.
  5. Get to rank 18 in HotS. Why 18? I dunno, seems like a good number and a realistic goal. For far rank 20 is the best I’ve done.
  6. Find an assassin hero I like in HotS. Right now, it’s basically Valla or nothing, and I’d like to be more adaptable when it comes to the ranked draft.
  7. Find a tank I like in HotS. I do like some warriors, but I don’t like being the tank. Somehow I’ve gotten away with never being forced to do it in ranked, but I’d like to be prepared.
  8. Figure out how to capture game footage from retro consoles. I have a Roxxio and a Hauppage, but so far have only used them with consoles that I can conenct with HDMI. There are a lot of games I’d really like to review on PS1/PS2 and Sage CD, but I haven’t figured out how to record them yet.
  9. Finish my unfinished games. Or make the decision that I’m done with them forever. Mirror’s Edge, which has sort of outstayed its welcome. Persona 3, which I played for about an hour (JRPGs start so sloooowly). Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, Invisible, Inc., Hand of Fate, Lone Survivor.
  10. Play Journey. It’s finally out on PS4. Time to play.

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  1. Congrats on Rank 18! I can’t play at the moment because I gave my graphics card to my husband, but when I was playing I was -bad-. Didn’t stop me from having fun, though!

    What are your thoughts on the Hero League ranking system in HotS? I watch my husband play a lot, and he gets absolutely shafted when he solo queues — so much so that he’s still stuck at Rank 30 even though he regularly gets dragged along with his Rank 1 mates.

    Great list 🙂
    Neri recently posted..The Guild Application Train Wreck

    • Congrats on rank 20* This is what happens when you comment without coffee 😛
      Neri recently posted..The Guild Application Train Wreck

    • Ranked is a bit of a mixed bag. I’ve been doing solo queues almost exclusively, I think I’ve queued with one other person for maybe 5 games. Sometimes I get great groupw who communicate, pre-pick and compromise on drafting, and others were no one talks, or only one jerk talks to tell everyone else they’re bad. Once I had a real bad stretch of games – I got to about level 30 and then lost 11 games in a row. I thought that meant I had gotten as far as I was meant to go, but I kept playing and was able to keep progressing.

      I don’t really understand the points. At my current rank I tend to win/lose 100 points per game, but when I queued with someone else and won I only got 30 points. I wish the game would tell you the ranks of the people you are playing with and against.

  2. For number 2), I seem to see it more in the newer games, so the industry does seem to be reacting, just that their reaction time is about the speed of an oil tanker attempting to turn.

    Blizzard’s new Overwatch seems to be a step in this direction towards a greater diversity of characters.

    I’d also suggest Evolve as a game out now that represents women rather well. I was, in fact, very surprised by the trailer that introduced the new Assault hero, all bulky power-armored musculature, and then the helmet retracted to reveal the very female, almost granny-like Lennox. After the initial double take, it was like, “Hmm, yeah, why not? Powered armor is a great equalizer, isn’t it?”

    The other female characters also don’t tend to dress up in extremely revealing armor, but practical stuff, as you might expect when going on a monster hunt.

    Working back from this front, perhaps Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, and possibly Mass Effect?
    Jeromai recently posted..Blaugust Day 4: A Mere Excuse to Post Dinosaur Pics (Trove)

    • There’s always a bit of good and bad, even in the games I choose. Overwatch looks cool, but 90% of the female characters conform to the tall, skinny, with revealing armor thing (at least last time I looked). I also thought about HotS. It seems like there are a lot of female heroes to choose from, but it’s really only about 1/4 of the heroes (and all the new ones just announced are male).

      Bioware generally does good work with diversity of characters. I find in Mass Effect there’s still a pretty huge difference in how males vs. females are presented aesthetically though. The male aliens – Garrus, Wrex, Mordin, Grunt, (Thane less-so) – all look like aliens. The female aliens – Liara, Samara, Morinth, Tali to an extent – all look like sexy humans.

  3. So you haven’t had to play a tank, and only Valla as an assassin?! o_0 That is incredible!

    I had a hard time finding a tank I liked too. I do enjoy Muradin, he is really a tough nut, and I love the playstyle of ETC but not sure about how tanky he is. I got frustrated by Johanna on free rotation, her lack of dps is an issue for me, even though she is incredibly durable. Arthas was fun, but I like having movement abilities to either escape or (help) finish someone.

    I won my last two games as Valla and did pretty well with her, but I am still very unsure of my abilities with her. I have games where it all just clicks, and then the next game with her I’m all over the place and keep dying stupidly. I think she is my third-highest-level hero though, so clearly there is something there.

    I briefly read about the tier rankings of heroes that the pro’s came up with – seems that Jaina, Kael’thas and Illidan are the T1 assassins, and Valla is on the border of T1 and T2. Meanwhile, I’m trying to play Nova, T4, as much as I can get away with. >_>
    Dahakha recently posted..Slow-rolling Character Development (Blaugust Day 4)

    • I can generally get either Nazeebo or Lili (Malf if Lili’s taken). I’ve played Raynor a couple times, but I really don’t like that his ability pushes things back. Once I played Nova because I was drafting last and no one picked a tank or healer so I was too busy cursing and the game auto-picked for me. I think she’s one I could play though, with a bit more practice.

      I like Anub’arak, but he’s not overly tanky. I think Muradin is the one I’d play if I had to, he seems the least squishy and I like his Ult.

      My win rate on Valla is actually terrible. I’ve realized I wasn’t very good at her, and was a bit too kamikaze for my own good. KT seems like a good one to know how to play, he’s so powerful in tight spaces but I don’t like how useless he feels in the early game. I have that issues with a number of heroes.

      • I actually got a bit of a god-complex with Muradin after the first couple of games, I started playing waaay too aggressively, as if he couldn’t die (because that’s how it felt in the first few). That brought me back to earth pretty quickly. 😛

        I have been a bit wary of wanting to play Journey, as I’ve heard you need to buy an accessory not included by the developer: a box of tissues.
        Dahakha recently posted..The HotS experience (Blaugust Day 5)

  4. Tanks are a bit weird in MOBAs since they are expected to initiate team fights, but need the backing of their team to be successful at it. Most of the time, your team doesn’t follow-up, you die miserably, and then people mock/complain about you dying horribly.

    It’s a vicious cycle.
    Murf recently posted..#Blaugust Day 4: Less a WoW Expansion Prediction, More a Demand

    • One of my biggest weaknesses when I started playing was that I was too aggressive, which meant I was also often dead. Now I constantly have “run away, little girl” going through my head in fights, and playing a tank doesn’t really jive with that.

  5. Honestly, the “finish my unfinished games” one is probably the hardest but also the most noble! I am a serial unfinisher; I have so many unfinished games it’s actually ridiculous.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should put together a schedule for myself. Is that sad? Haha.
    Kirsty recently posted..Streaming as an Introvert (Blaugust #5)

  6. Good luck with the goals! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the end result on the blog/youtube. ^_^
    Chestnut recently posted..Gaming Goals: August

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