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This is my 3rd post for Blaugust.

It’s been a year now since I quit World of Warcraft. For a while I thought I was done with Blizzard games forever, but apparently not quite. First there was Hearthstone, with which I’ve had a bit of a love-hate relationship ever since the alpha. And now there’s my new go-to game, Heroes of the Storm. In the 9 years I played WoW – between monthly subs, expansion costs, server transfers, and race changes – I’ve put quite a bit of money in Blizzard’s pocket. So, since I quit, I decided I was done giving them money. I would only play for free.

What I’ve noticed is that the FTP experience is completely different in HotS than it is in Hearthstone.  Last week, there were two good articles on Hearthstone that touched on the FTP aspects. On Polygon, the thought was that Hearthstone, now multiple expansions in, is becoming less friendly to new players. Steve at Multiball! is of the opinion that being a non-paying Hearthstone player and earning cards slowly isn’t the worst thing in the world, and is actually making him a better player. As someone who played Hearthstone quite a bit in Beta (and spent some money on packs at that time), then stopped playing until after 2 expansions had come out, I found the huge increase of new cards a bit overwhelming. While Naxx only introduced 30 new cards (along with a bunch of solo content), the Goblin xpac introduced 143 new cards. Going up against all these cards I had never seen before, never had a chance to play, made games difficult. The only decks I had luck with were budget, rush-type decks (which, incidentally, a lot of people look down their noses at). I got to work doing my dailies for gold and I think I was able to get the first 2 wings of Naxx, along with the cards that came with them. I was also able to craft some cards with dust, but I definitely still felt at a disadvantage. Plus, having to make the choice between spending my meager gold on the Naxx content vs. packs that would net me more cards and options, wasn’t really fun. Even arena mode, which doesn’t rely on crafted decks costs at least 2-3 dailies worth of gold. I got tired of it, and uninstalled. Again. Now that The Grand Tournament is coming out, with another 132+ new cards, it’s pretty much guaranteed I won’t be going back to Hearthstone. While the slow and steady approach to card collecting is certainly viable for some, I don’t find the rewards for the time and effort put in are enough for me.

Heroes of the Storm shop

So what about Heroes of the Storm? This is another FTP game that’s full of things you can spend money on, but you don’t really have to. Heroes need to be purchased, for either in-game gold, or real money, though there is a free rotation that you can play each week. There are also many ridiculously overpriced skins and mounts that can be purchased for real money only (for the most part), but since these have zero effect on gameplay I don’t consider these something I’m missing out on by not spending any money. Heroes is nice in that there are a few ways to earn gold. First, just completing the tutorial gives you 1000g, to help get you on your way. You also get a nominal amount of gold for each game completed (more if you win). There are also daily quests, which give between 200-800g each, when you reach level 5 on any hero you get 500g, and as you level up from 1-40 there’s another 16k gold to be had. So it’s much easier to gain currency, especially in the beginning, in HotS than it is in Hearthstone. There’s really only one type of content that is gated, which can be overcome with money or gold, and that’s ranked mode. You need to own 10 heroes before you can play that. The reason why I don’t mind this gating is that it makes sense. Due to the drafting process, you need 10 heroes in case the worst happens and every hero you like gets taken before you get to pick. It really makes sense that you need to own the heroes because then, ostensibly, you should know how to play them. This being a team game, you don’t want people trying out new characters in ranked mode.

Heroes of the Storm is a game I feel satisfied about not spending any money on. I don’t feel like it’s holding me back, or that the people who throw money at the game are having more fun or outperforming me because they spent money. My one concern, for the future of HotS, is that too many heroes get added. Right now there are 39 heroes which seems like a reasonable number. What I don’t want to see is over 100 heroes in the game, like LoL has. One of the strengths of HotS is the low barrier to entry, and adding dozens more heroes would negate this. In order to be really good at the game, you need to not only know how to play your own hero, but have at least an idea of the abilities of the heroes you’re up against, or playing with. 

What do you think? Do you play either of these games? How do you feel spending real money impacts them?

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  1. It’s a guarantee that Heroes will have hundreds of characters. They make so much money that way. People buy into the hype, either purchase a new hero for real cash or waste the additional 5k gold on being their day one. Either way, Blizzard benefits.

    Plus, since real money is involved, you can’t retire older heroes. They remain and clog up the game with bulk nonsense.

    It’s a lose-lose, but maybe eventually we will get enough characters to have a Diablo-only mode so people can focus on learning and facing only a few heroes at a time.
    Murf recently posted..#Blaugust Day 2: The Pain of Pleasure

    • Yeah, that makes financial sense… still disappointing though. I wonder what else they could make money from? I think greatly expanding the buyable mounts would be good (and not hurt the balance or barrier of entry of the game).

  2. Personally I think the more characters the better.

    League does have something like 120 characters at this juncture, and there were probably 80-90 when I started playing, so you can see the vast amount that have been added over the years. It is intimidating for a day one player I suppose, but the sheer amount of differences in each game due to this amount of champions can’t be replicated with a smaller pool.

    If you play any game regularly for a long period of time, you will eventually get to know all of the champions. This can be done quickly with a small pool, but you then also have the issue of becoming bored with what’s on offer. People who like HotS will theoretically continue to play for a long period of time, and will appreciate new heroes to try out.

    It’s probably not possible to be amazing at 100+ champions, but it’s definitely possible to have a working understanding of them all.
    Izlain recently posted..Early Access Check-In

    • I guess it depends on how much time you’re willing to commit to learning new characters and how much time you want to compete on the ones you’re already good at. I haven’t been playing HotS for that long, though I’ve been playing it quite frequently. I reached level 40 long ago, I’m at 50+ ranked wins, however, I haven’t even played all of the heroes. Abathur, for example, is a character I’ve never seen in the free rotation. Sure, I can try him out on try mode, but I find I have to play an actual match (more than one, really) if I really want to learn anything.

  3. I think you’re onto something, and that by adding too many (apperently the current development process is to add new content — either a hero or new map — every 3ish weeks.) they risk killing what makes the game so appealing.

    And that’s exactly what is happening in Hearthstone, which makes me sad. I am a massive advocate of the game, but with two card expansions + two content expansions and no catch up mechanism (Seriously, why are older cards/expansions not discounted or bundled yet?!) a new player better have deep pockets if they want to catch up.
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    • I was also surprised that Hearthstone hasn’t discounted the older expansions yet. When I briefly came back I was disappointed when Naxx wings still cost the same after the Goblin xpac was already out. For a “free” game, I find Hearthstone very expensive, and it’s quite difficult to earn enough gold to catch up in any timely fashion.

  4. I have many thoughts about this, I think I’ll use your post as a prompt for tomorrow’s entry!
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