What I’m Playing This Week

Another long weekend, another few days full of games! Here’s what I’ve been playing recently.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

I never got into many games on the PS3 though I did own the whole Uncharted series, which sat unopened on a shelf for a good year. Finally this week I felt the urge to start the series. My feelings about Uncharted 1 are so mixed. It’s very cinematic and I like the combination of platforming, puzzling, and combat. However, the combat can be completely rage inducing. Raising your weapon puts your reticule not where you’d expect it to be, enemies are bullet sponges who never stop spawning and take 6 or 7 shots to take down if you don’t hit them right in the head, they often spawn behind you (how did they get there?), and Drake is very fragile. Plus, the game is super mean about where you respawn when you die. I’ve often found myself dying after taking out a dozen enemies, only to have to restart from the very beginning of the sequence. There were also a couple of jet ski sequences which were the opposite of fun. At one point I rage quit at the very end of the game due to being given only a shotgun with which to take out a bunch of enemies behind cover, at range. I did go back and finish later, when my blood pressure had stabilized.

Now, after all this complaining, I don’t actually dislike the game. It’s mostly a lot of fun, it just has some really annoying aspects. I really hope that combat is more enjoyable in Uncharted 2 though.

Divinity: Original Sin

This is what I’ve been playing most, I think I’ve sunk  almost 30 hours into this game over the last couple weeks. It’s amazing. It’s an isometric RPG, reminiscent of Baldur’s Gate, except it’s even better than BG. It’s almost as good as Planescape: Torment. There’s so much in the game to explore and discover, from the main quest lines to little secrets and sidequests. Combat is tactical and a lot of fun. There’s a lot of reading to do in-game, but the dialogue is often hilarious. If you’re into RPGs, I definitely recommend picking this up.

Divinity Original Sin

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

I picked up this game for free with my XBox Live Gold membership. It’s a fun little platformer. You play a boy attempting to rescue his little brother, and his special power is that he can build and erase platforms with his magic marker. It’s pretty, the controls are good, and it’s fun so far. It’s not particularly innovative, but at this point I’m pretty desperate for things to play on the XBox One so it doesn’t just sit on the shelf like a $500 brick, and Max is pretty good entertainment.

The Bridge

This is a fun puzzler with mechanics that focus on using gravity and momentum to reach your goals. The controls are simple, you can move your character left and right, or spin the entire puzzle in either direction. So far it’s been a lot of fun, and the puzzles are starting to get more challenging as new ideas are introduced. It’s also quite gorgeous, with levels that look like they were design by Escher.

The Bridge

I’ve also been continuing to pick away at Saint’s Row IV which is still ridiculously fun and I finished The Walking Dead season 2, which I reviewed.

What have you been playing?

6 responses to “What I’m Playing This Week

  1. I too am playing Divinity and it’s a blast, I’ve sunk so many hours into it. Being able to completely customize your party and the solid turn-based combat is definitely making it one of my fave RPGs ever.
    Rades recently posted..Times Change: Garrosh & the Warlords cinematic

    • I was worried at first that I would no longer have the patience for very text-heavy games without much direction, but that worry was unfounded. It’s so good. And it’s huge! I think I’ll be playing it for a long time.

      • Ha! at the patience for text-heavy games bit. 😛 I finished Analogue: A Hate Story last week which I still have to post about, but I loved it. Then again, I am still an obsessive reader, so a visual novel is right up my alley. I actually started to play TES: Oblivion late last year and spent 2 of my first 3 hours just walking into shops and reading all the books.
        Dahakha recently posted..WIP: Steam Challenge – A Valley Without Wind

  2. I’m playing Crysis and TSW at the moment. I usually don’t multi-play (play two or more non-MMO games concurrently) but I am playing Crysis on the hardest difficulty and it means I can die easily and often if I am not super careful, which makes for very slow progress and intense game sessions. So I am probably going to take a crack at breaking up my Crysis sessions with something less stressful. Dear Esther is the most likely candidate.
    Dahakha recently posted..WIP: Steam Challenge – A Valley Without Wind

    • I want to try Dear Esther, it’s one of the (many) games on my wishlist. I usually play a few games at once, so I have something to play on PC, new consoles and older consoles.