Goodbye Cruel World (of Warcraft)

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 8 years. In December, I decided I had played enough. I would have quit then, except I happened to be the GM of my guild and didn’t want to leave them in a lurch or not finish off the final raid tier with them. Now we’ve killed heroic Garrosh a few times, our roster looks pretty solid, and I finally feel like I can stop without feeling like I’m abandoning the guild when they need me. Last night I did my last raid and handed over the GM keys.

Though I can’t say that playing for 6 months longer than I wanted to has left me with the sunniest of dispositions in regards to the game, I’m not going to bash WoW or blame Blizzard, complain about changes that have driven me away. The title of this post is just something I couldn’t resist the drama of. The game is fine, when it’s what you’re into. Raid encounters in Mists were good for the most part. Challenge modes were great. The expansion gave players a ton of new stuff to do. I’m also not going to complain about changes that are upcoming. The changes to healing sound great and much-needed, and the ability pruning hunters are getting is also a good thing. I’m not crazy about the all orc dudes all the time direction the developers seem set on continuing, but I’ve also never cared about the story in this game, so it’s not really something I can complain about.

The only grudge I hold is for the complete lack of action that has taken place to remedy the problem of having content rushed at the beginning of an xpac then leaving the last tier to fester for far too long. After 6 years and three expansions, you’d think some kind of learning would happen.

It’s not the game, it’s me. Priorities have changed. When deciding between playing a game I can finish vs. one that never ends, I’d rather pick the one I can play, enjoy, complete, then put down. I’d rather read a book, take my dog for a walk, or spend time with my boyfriend. Games should be an escape, but this one turned into an anchor.

Never say never I guess, but at this point I have no plans to purchase the expansion, or keep my account active any longer than I’ve got it paid up for. I’m pretty sure it would be impossible for me to be casually interested in WoW or play without raiding. I think the MMO chapter of my gaming life is over. I’ll miss everyone in Apotheosis, all the good times I’ve had in raids, dungeons, and RBGs with people I really enjoy playing with. Luckily most of the people who kept me playing this game over the few last years are either close by or just 140 characters away on Twitter.

I’ll miss blogging about it. Sometimes talking about the game could be even more enjoyable than playing the game. Cannot be Tamed is not going anywhere, but I don’t expect to have much to say much about WoW anymore. I have been really into talking about other games and gaming topics lately though, so I’m going to continue on with that. I’d love if you stuck around to talk to me about other games, but I’ll understand if you mostly came here for WoW info.

So thanks for all the good times, WoW. It’s been quite the ride.

13 responses to “Goodbye Cruel World (of Warcraft)

  1. I may not be the most frequent of commentators (truthfully, I’m awful), but I always enjoyed reading this blog – and I will continue to do so even if it will be about other games and stuff 🙂

    Sometimes it’s more about the writing than the actual topic. I enjoy your writing, so I just figure I’ll keep reading. Maybe not if you write about fish though. I don’t like fish. But most other things 😉
    Saga recently posted..Waiting for a new face..

  2. I can totally understand leaving a game if there are other things you want to do.

    That said, there are so many choices, which is the fun thing about playing games. 😀
    Victor Stillwater recently posted..WildStar for Less?

    • It’s true! There are so many other games to play, and I’ve been taking advantage of the extra free time to play more of them.

  3. Will miss your presence and posts.

    FWIW I’d point out there are many one night a week guilds which clear normal content and two night a week guilds which clear heroic content, so playing WoW casually AND finishing raids doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive.
    Balkoth recently posted..Sometimes I Just Have to /Facepalm

  4. As an infrequent commenter, I figure I should speak up.

    I will miss your WoW-geared posts. I’ve enjoyed your guides and commentary to no end. I’ve also enjoyed the cross-journal commentary between you and others. I’m going to hang around to see the other game related entries, though. So this is not a good bye.

    Enjoy the freedom,

  5. I am sad to see you go Jas, and I think the blogging community will be the poorer for it! But, I will still see what you’re up to on Twitter, so it’s not goodbye. Your blog has been an inspiration for years – or rather, you have been! And everything I ever needed to know about druids I’ve always found here.

    OMG where am I going to go for all my druid related needs now – I guess I’ll have to hang out on Icy veins more! All the best!
    Navimie recently posted..Our first Guildie with the Dark Shaman mog!

    • Aww, Navimie, you always say the nicest things.

      It’s true about Druid blogs. I used to feel like I was one of a hundred Resto Druid bloggers, but so many of them have stopped posting druid info. That’s kind of sad.

  6. I’m glad you’ll be continuing to blog about other games, I always enjoy your thoughts on games, be they WoW or other ones! 🙂

    • Thanks Rades!

      How about you? I know you’re still working on From Draenor, but are you doing any other non-WoW writing anywhere?